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Won’t Be the Same Cakewalk Here, Spanky

terrorism photo   If anyone doubts the wisdom of President Trumps travel ban and the need to dramatically vet immigrants coming here from certain known incubators for evil you are beyond reasoning with and nothing anyone says could change your point of view. You might also live long enough to rue the day you held such naïve views or possessed such a childlike understanding of human behavior.

The world is composed of a varying and often times quite perverse political and social mindsets.  I have no interest in telling anyone else anywhere in the world how they should live, how they should interact with one another, what faith they should practice or with whom they might find worthy alliance with.  If European nations see fit to allow their own borders open without restriction, then that is the business of the Europeans who might still cling to this foolish practice.  I can’t speak for any other than the conventional mind set here, at least those in the circle I swim in.

Americans  unlike our European friends are still afforded the protection of our 2nd Amendment, in spite of the restraints placed on us in certain sections of the U.S where elected idiots have enough legislative clout to place said restrictions . For those inclined to harm innocents, those that by design kill in an intentional manner little girls or people simply out for an evening to enjoy America’s freedom—please take this to heart.

You can jump a curb with a vehicle and begin mowing people down in an indiscriminate manner, you can walk into  a shopping mall or public place and pull your heathen weapon and begin stabbing people, but know with absolute certainty this is not London or Paris. Know with absolute certainty there will be one like me who avails him or herself of those 2nd Amendment rights we treasure who is going to withdraw a weapon and send you to the express lane for your vaunted 72 Virgins.

The readers who abhor talk of this nature might elect to consider a change of heart on the Presidents Travel Restrictions, and or a change of address. Europe could always use another fool.

Bob Shannon   King William

2 Responses to “Won’t Be the Same Cakewalk Here, Spanky”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What do you mean it “won’t be” a cake walk? The U.S. has already *had* several terror attacks far larger than any of those experiences in Europe. Yes, if a terrorists came at you with a van or a knife, I’m sure Mr. Shannon would be quite well suited if he had a gun in defence. But terrorists don’t attack in the U.S. with knives or blades. They mow people down with the guns they can easily acquire.

  2. Bob Shannon

    Everything is relative, and in this instance we need to examine scale. Yes indeed I am quite aware of the attacks that have occurred…equally important WHY. It is the poisoned atmosphere of political correctness that has permeated the daily operations of both our intelligence agencies as well as law enforcement.
    We prize ( rightfully so) the protections afforded U.S citizens, and as such as the old adage goes we carry this too far.

    The intelligence and law enforcement agencies for example knew in advance the two brothers in Boston that carried out the attack had recently traveled abroad to known areas of the world where this type of activity flourishes, yet somehow failed to have them under constant surveillance. It isn’t lost on anyone that almost immediately after any attack raids and arrests of others follow within hours….this is a result of law enforcement already knowing the plotting , but equally disturbing those involved in it. Their documented failure to act prior to the act itself is driven by the nonsense of not wanting to offend a group or the condemnation associated with clearly defining who the enemy is—all for political purposes

    Tracking visas , who apply for them , where they travel to alone doesn’t prove anything, but it is clearly an indicator of individuals who need to be moved to top priority as to monitoring their movements. The resources wasted in patting down babies and 85 year old women at airports is one of the most telling examples of how PC hinders effective enforcement and protection of the public.

    The same can be said about the point regarding the easy access to firearms. If you recently traveled to Yemen or Afghanistan then you are red flagged when you go through the background check at the time of purchase . The technology exists that could link visa applications with the agencies that perform the background checks done when firearms are purchased, they are not and we all understand why.

    Use your names and stop hiding behind the anonymous blather
    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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