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This is the amazing blog of Michael Scheuer, the former head of the bin Laden unit at the CIA, supporter of Ron Paul, and author of several books including Imperial Hubris.  This is his blog and here’s a few highlights from recent posts:

On Syria:

U.S. avoidance of direct involvement in Syria is a good example of how non-intervention can benefit America. A year on and thousands of dead Syrians buried and not one American has lost a job, had a house foreclosed, or incurred any other problem here at home.  *  *  *  In the foregoing context, then, the military intervention called for by Krauthammer and McCain — and silently approved and appreciated by Mrs. Clinton, et. al. — will do what interventionism by America’s bipartisan governing elite always does: undermine U.S. national security; strengthen America’s Islamist enemies; deepen the nearing-mortal wound inflicted on our country by the federal debt; and get more of America’s soldier-children killed.

On why war with Iran is foolish and unnecessary:

…Iran’s U.S.-based intelligence apparatus and that of its Hizballah ally will attack in the United States. These attacks will be carried out by Iran and Hizballah, but they will possible mainly because of the unconstitutional picking and choosing of which federal laws to enforce that has been done Obama and all other presidents in the last 30 years, an illegal practice that has left our borders open and — with millions of undocumented aliens in the country — our domestic security in a shambles.

President Obama’s apology to the Afghan people:

So at day’s end, FOX’s always silly “terrorism expert” was wrong in damning Obama’s apology. What he should have said was that Obama’s apology was misdirected toward the Afghans and, instead, should have been made to Americans.  *  *  *  These men and women [from the Bush and Obama administrations] — who know only how to lose wars, waste American lives, and intervene in other peoples’ business — were morally and legally required to know the Afghan context into which they were trying to wedge their damnable Western fantasies. They failed to do their home work or, worse, believed history did not pertain to them, and as a result of their arrogant negligence America has lost the Afghan War and many American parents are grieving for the wasted lives of their military youngsters,…[killed so female Afghans can vote in elections].

I am not sure I agree with all of it.  But I respect who Scheuer is and what he has done not to be a new fan of his blog.  You should read it too.  As a great man once said:  We just don’t plain mind our own business!”


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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