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If you liked Kwasi Kwarteng, you’ll love Sajid Javid.  I want to have lunch with all the new young Tory MPs who will be a force for the right in the future in the UK!  Here’s some info about the new MP from Bromsgrove (Warning: it’s enough to cause me to have a midlife crisis!):

Sajid Javid is the first Muslim elected as a Conservative MP.  He was a bank Vice President at 24 (Chase Manhattan Bank) and was “headhunted” (that is no more a word than “fundraised”!) by Deutsche Bank.  I assume that means Javid was recruited.  He left DB as a “senior Managing Director”.  Javid has left banking but was quoted as being a “businessman and private investor.”  Javid was born in the UK (the son of a bus driver), is  married and has four children.  He also went to Cambridge and studied both economics and politics.  He already knows more than many officeholders in the USA!

His beliefs and platform are nothing short of extraordinary.  This this nugget from Javid’s article “Capitalism is Essential to our Properity and Liberty”:

 Critics of “Anglo-Saxon capitalism”, like President Sarkozy, claim that the Thatcher and Reagan reforms of deregulation and privatisation laid the seeds for the current crisis.  If this idea continues to gain ground, it will become harder for us to sell the public sector reforms we need, in order to create choice in, for example, education and health.

The reality is, of course, that it is these very reforms that led to 30 years of wealth and freedom on a huge scale.  Even after accounting for the current recession, British and American people have left the last decade a lot wealthier than when they entered it.

My readers might like this too!

We need to cut wasteful government spending and get the budget deficit under control, to re-discover that cutting taxes can lead to a rise in tax revenues, and to reduce regulations faced by businesses.  Crucially, we need to take powers back from the EU – because if we don’t, we may find that no matter how hard a Conservative government works to promote open markets and choice, we’ll find state intervention coming in through the back door.

How about this:

More reasonably, critics can argue that modern finance contributed to the crisis.  Some banks took extreme risks, and the balance of risk and reward was skewed throughout the financial chain.  Yet, these failures can’t be blamed on deregulation alone.  We all now know that the US, UK and European central banks deliberately kept interest rates too low for too long, leading to a boom in virtually all asset prices.  The wall of money looking for a home from Gulf and Far East foreign exchange reserves pushed up asset prices too.

But heavier regulation is not the answer.  Countries, such as Japan, with more highly regulated financial systems did not manage to avoid the crisis. Instead of more, we need smarter regulation.  George Osborne’s plan to end tripartite banking regulation, for instance, is on the right track.  The proposed EU financial reforms are on the wrong track.  (emphasis mine)

Can we trade some of our liberals for Javid and Kwarteng (and the other young turks I’ll write about)?  Wow!  Even though Javid defended the Lehman Brothers bailout, he still argues that capitalism is the best method to allocate needed resources.  Try these items from his web page:

I BELIEVE in freedom for responsible individuals, guaranteed by the rule of law and administered by an independent judiciary. Over the last 13 years, many of our hard won civil liberties have been eroded. As a result, we are not any safer, just less free.

Amen!  (If I can say that about a Muslim!)  Want more – there’s more:

I BELIEVE in free enterprise, fostered by a low tax, low inflation economy – with sterling as our national currency.

Javid rejects the euro; not bad for a former DB executive! 

I BELIEVE that we should build a world class education system that gives every child the best possible start in life. We need to restore school discipline, adopt a grading system that actually means something, teach our children British history as well as the basics, and rid ourselves of the “everyone must win a prize” culture.

Amen again!

I BELIEVE in a responsible immigration policy. Immigration can be of real benefit to the UK, but only if properly controlled with its impact on the economy, public services and social cohesion taken into account. We should have an annual cap on the number of immigrants based on our need, and adopt a far tougher approach towards illegal immigration. People who settle here should respect the British way of life, culture and traditions, and be required to learn our language. For too long we have championed an ideology of multiculturalism which has created divides rather than broken them down.

The bold and italic emphasis is mine!  Hurrah!  I hardly think his opponents will call Javid a hater.

I BELIEVE that we are a sovereign nation with a proud history, and that we must fight all attempts to undermine our national independence. I support a free trade relationship with Europe, but I am against the Lisbon Treaty and want to see the return of these powers back to the British people.

Let’s hope his party does not sell him out!

Savid Javid quoted his heroine, Margaret Thatcher, in saying the goals of good government is to “roll back the frontiers of the state.”  Go for it; it takes great dreams to achieve great things.  Watch for this guy; he’s going places.

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