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100 Reasons Why Cuccinelli is Absolutely Right to Demand Accountability for Virginian’s Money from UVA

Attorney Gerneral Cuccinelli

Attorney Gerneral Cuccinelli

Virginia Right! has 100 reasons why Cuccinelli is right in requiring UVA to release information on climate change involving bad boy scientist Michael Mann during his tenure at the institution. First, there is Virginia grant money involved. Second, and most compelling, a simple request was not sufficient for Virginian’s to see what their money bought them.

See the 100 reasons why Cuccinelli is right!

The left would have us all roll over and just accept their version of the changes in the earth’s climate and, specifically, man’s involvement in these changes. However, those watching the left know that you must be very skeptical of anything they do. It is a well established fact that the left is suspicious of anything that the right does, so a mutual skepticism is probably a good thing. Checks and balances if you will.

If man is behind climate change, (and the question remains unanswered despite the claims of settled science from the left), then action must be taken to mitigate possible harm caused by the planet’s inhabitants.

But a skeptical view must be cast on left wing politicians who believe there is opportunity in every crisis. This opportunity always involves growing control and power for the left wing politicians and massive amounts of money flowing their way. Follow the money.

Prior to the discovery of the leaked data and emails from East Anglia Climate Change Unit, there was great skepticism by rational scientists who simply wanted proof. They wanted access to the data used to “prove” man is causing the earth to warm. Normally, scientific data and research is published and the raw data is made available for “peer” review.  In the case of Climate Change, peer reviews took place, but as it turns out, none of these reviewers were given access to the raw data. They simply accepted the conclusions made by others. This is hardly a “peer” review. It is a rubber stamp. And finding a peer reviewer that did not accept money from those standing to make massive profits from the new laws and mandates that are sure to follow is impossible. Earth to Al Gore!

There is a long and shameful trail from the UK to the USA that is littered with Freedom of Information Act requests denied, data that was manipulated by “tricks” and temperature monitoring stations moved and manipulated to produce the preconceived conclusion that man is the reason the earth is was warming. Data “tricks” were used to hide the the fact that Mann’s “hockey stick” graph is simply a graph of the upward slope of a normal earthly cycle. The latest data tells us we are now on the downward slope, so the graph should actually resemble a camel’s hump, when you look at the complete picture. These “Global Warmers” noticed this a while back and have been busy hiding the truth. They even changed the name from Global Warming to Climate Change and are busy explaining how Global Warming is actually causing an ice age.

Two buzz words the “warmers” use that are a dead give away that they are lying are “peer reviewed” and “consensus“.

A Peer review is only as valid as the data they are given to review. The data used to produce the current theory of global warming has been lost, which renders any peer review invalid. At best, it can only be based on the conclusions drawn from the missing data. Those conclusions simply cannot be verified and the reviewer must accept the conclusion of their colleges. The basic foundation of the final conclusion – that man is causing the planet to warm – is not available to review, rendering the basis of any peer review nothing more than faith.

The other buzz word, consensus, simply means there is no scientific proof, only agreement by some scientists. When you consider that prior to Christopher Columbus’ voyage to America, the overwhelming scientific consensus was that the earth was flat, you can see why warmers claims must be met with a great deal of skepticism.

Attorney General Cuccinelli simply wants to make sure that Virginian’s are not carbon taxed into oblivion by a Global Warmer’s “get rich quick”
scheme, and that these “warmers” are not simply a sister organization of the Flat Earth Society.

And to this end, left wing groups like the ACLU writing to demand UVA fight yet another request to get to the bottom of this smelly situation actually make a compelling argument that they are hiding something. Otherwise, why would they care.

Can’t we all just see the truth?

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