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A Recovering Republican’s Views of Cuccinelli’s Va Run for Governor

As I mentioned yesterday, my Congressman Eric Cantor and his War on Conservatives has convinced me that all is lost on the National Front with the Republican Party. As Speaker John Boehner and Cantor, two Progressives pretending to be Republicans purge Conservatives from every committee, the result is not only a total and complete move away from free market economics into full blown support of the Keynesian Economic model like their fellow Progressives pretending to be Democrats. The War on Conservatives is also discouraging true Conservatives who might otherwise consider running for Congressional seats.

What is the point if Boehner and Cantor are simply going to place you in a corner?

And the final result of this War on Conservatives will be the return of Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker’s Chair as Conservatives continue to stay at home on election day rather than vote for one of two indistinguishable parties.

But as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there are still some redeemable characteristics of the Republican Party at the state and local level.

And Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the best example of that. Cuccinelli is running for Governor of Virginia in the next general election.

I first met Ken Cuccinelli, then a State Senator, at a “meet and greet” in Ashland, Va. almost 4 years ago. I was not sure what to expect, and I had a couple of questions for the candidate for Attorney General that I thought really needed to be answered before I considered supporting him. The questions all had to do with votes he cast as a State Senator.

We spent perhaps 30 minutes talking and in that time, he not only answered my questions, he impressed me as one who stands on his beliefs and principles but is somehow able to separate his personal beliefs from the law. In a time when others trample the Constitution based on often irrational emotional, knee-jerk reactions, Cuccinelli is able to clearly and definitively draw a line between personal beliefs and the law.

In my chat with Candidate Cuccinelli I found that he has a background in engineering, which completely explains the logical way that his mind works. Most Politicians are more concerned with saying the right things and are good at avoiding or evading questions on topics they think will get them in trouble.

That is not Ken Cuccinelli.

If you ask for his personal view on any topic, that is what you will get. If you want his legal opinion, you will receive an honest opinion based not on his personal beliefs, but on the law.

As a former Nuclear Engineer and current Computer Engineer, I am able to follow and completely understand the logical way Cuccinelli’s mind works.

Most Liberals and Progressives are completely incapable of separating emotion from their politics even when they are in direct conflict with the law or the Constitution. And they assume everyone else lacks the same ability. And the result from the left has been a predictable belief and assumption that every opinion issued by Attorney General Cuccinelli that runs counter to the Liberal Social Agenda is somehow tainted with personal bias based on his Religious and Conservative principles.

Everything those on the left do, think or say is certainty tainted by their Socialist and Progressive philosophies.

But they couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to Ken Cuccinelli.

It is a rare quality to find honesty in a politician. It is even more rare to find logic.

I had to shake my head early in Cuccinelli’s term as Virginia’s Attorney General in the “dust-up” with Virginia Commonwealth University’s internal policy that sexual orientation was a protected class when it comes to job discrimination. That is not Virginia policy and VCU is a state school. In fact, not only is sexual orientation absent from protected classes of individuals, it was specifically voted down by the General Assembly time and time again.

By including “sexual orientation” in the school’s “protected individuals” list, the state is on the hook to defend any such cases that may arise out of this renegade policy arbitrarily included against the policy of the state.

Of course the emotional gays (that’s a pretty redundant term) went ballistic and threw such fits that Governor Bob McDonnell decided that it was best to throw Ken Cuccinelli under the bus and make gays a protected class as a matter of directive, saying “he believes Cuccinelli’s opinion was misinterpreted” and directed state agencies to not discriminate:

“I felt that it was necessary to make sure that every Virginian, every state employee knows that we will not tolerate discrimination in Virginia based on any of the factors in the Human Rights Act, or any other basis, including sexual orientation, parental status, anything else.”

So where does McDonnell leave Virginia in running over Cuccinelli’s (absolutely correct) opinion?

Most of us thought that VCU already discriminates against straight people in favor of homosexuals, and the risk of VCU discriminating against a gay person was as likely as Congress actually cutting spending. And while Cuccinelli was correct that VCU’s policy might somehow cause the State to foot the bill to defend the school for being anti-gay, the odds against that happening were remote. Nonetheless, removing the emotion, Cuccinelli was absolutely correct. VCU was putting the State in a position of defending a policy that has been rejected by the Legislature on many occasions.

Well, now it looks like Governor McDonnell’s acquiescence hoping to gain political favor from gays (as if a liberal gay would actually vote for McDonnell) is likely to cost us some money.

VCU decided not to renew the contract of the Volley Ball coach who was openly gay and he has filed a discrimination lawsuit.

So will the State’s top lawyer now be required to defend the Law or Bob McDonnell’s directive? It is an interesting question that completely validates Cuccinelli’s 2010 concerns and statements.

Not to mention the fact that adding “sexual orientation” to job discrimination will open the flood gates to lawsuits every time a gay person is laid off, dismissed, fired or non-renewed. It may become the same as the charges of racism that any criticism of a black Obama official brings.

Cuccinelli identified VCU’s policy in direct conflict with the law as a potential mess. McDonnell has more than likely made things worse, or at best far more muddled.

And there have been many other examples with issues that Cuccinelli has been accused of having a personal bias that were simply points of law. Valid and absent bias or emotion.

As the political season progresses and the 2013 election unfolds, Cuccinelli will receive a lot of bashing by the usual suspects – The Washington Post and other liberal media outlets – accusing him of bias, far right wing ideology and even bigotry.

And none of them will have an ounce of truth to them.

The reason Republicans lost the presidency with McCain and Romney are because they turned their backs on Conservatives and many stayed home.

My friend and fellow Blogger  at Bearing Drift puts it this way:

First, he’s [Cuccinelli] probably the only candidate in Virginia who can unite all of the various sections and camps of the Republican Party into one.  He has the respect of establishment Republicans like me for his political skills and his ability to win.  He was one of the first elected officials to embrace the Tea Party movement – the first time I recall seeing a Gadsden flag in Virginia politics was at the 2009 Republican convention when Ken’s troops marched into the arena with yellow shirts and giant flags and the place exploded.  And he’s even earned the respect of the libertarian wing of the party, no small feat for anyone holding elected office.  Base turnout is not going to be a problem in this election.

Yes, Virginia. There is a Conservative Republican. His name is Ken Cuccinelli.

And he will be Virginia’s next Governor.

And it is people like Ken Cuccinelli that make me believe that Republicans are still viable at the State level.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

5 Responses to “A Recovering Republican’s Views of Cuccinelli’s Va Run for Governor”

  1. Larnie C. Allgood Jr. says:

    Cantor is all we have left. All the others have lost. We should listen to Eric Cantor. Politics is not an all or nothing business.
    In politics if you get seventy percent of what you want it is a great sucess. It is much better than 100 percent of what we do not whnt.
    The all or nothing my or the highway attitude has gotten us the highway. If you want to win in 2013 learn from 2012. Do not ask a politician to commit political sucide before the ellection.
    If we do not learn and update WE HAVE TO LEARN TO BE A GOOD LOOSER
    Larnie C. Allgood Jr.

    • Tom White says:

      So somehow we should all be thankful for Cantor’s plan to only spend $3 Billion a day more than we take in as opposed to Obama’s plan to spend $3.5 Billion a day more than we take in.

      Conservatives put Cantor in the Majority Leader’s chair and sat Pelosi down. And what do we get for our efforts? 4 Conservative Congressmen were removed from their committee posts because they believed ideas like calling one’s self a fiscal conservative for only spending $3 Billion a day more than we have was complete BS.

      In all honesty, we may as well have Nancy Pelosi rubber stamping Obama’s plan rather than the pretend fiscal conservatives like Cantor.

      I have defended him and supported him for the last 4 years and this was the last straw.

      Boehner, Cantor and the rest are not interested in fixing the country. There is not one iota of difference between Cantor and Pelosi. And until more Republicans wake up and realize that Liberal Lite will only lead to Democrat control of both Houses again, we are lost.

      Somebody has to call a spade a spade. And Eric Cantor is a big spending liberal spade.

    • Jack Lee says:

      Cantor’s been up there going on ~14 years and voted to raise the debt ceiling ~13 times!

      “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.
      — Thomas Jefferson

  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog post seems to be angry at a problem that does not exist. Virginia has seen impressive growth vis-a-vis national standards, has had a remarkably high level of trust and confidence in the state government and has seen a distinct lack of huge partisan battles. Much of this is due to McDonnell’s Center-Right policy that’s largely non-confrontational. It’s like Mark Warner’s tone meets Jim Gilmore’s politics in a quite compelling time in Virginia’s government.

    Ken Cuccinelli would categorically change that. For what it’s worth, Terry McAuliffe probably would to. They’re both “in your face” guys that really don’t care much about working together and would rather have self-inflicted losses to “prove a point.” If Bill Bolling had a shot of winning as an Independent – which he doesn’t – I would be clamoring for Bolling 2013 right about now.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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