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A Libertarian Solution to a Republican Problem

From 2004 to 2012, the Republican Party lost around 3 million voters. While Romney scored big with Independents, something the Republican Establishment has always believed was central to their success, he lost the uninformed, 9 to 5, taxpayer who have neither the time, nor the inclination, to follow politics and political theater. Pollsters and analysts seem to believe that a majority of these voters who didn’t show up in 2008 and 2012 were evangelicals. Thus, they conclude, that we need a social-conservative as a nominee in order to regain those 3 million votes. This obsession with evangelicals and independents demonstrates a remarkable error in analysis.

It is fundamentally untrue that in order to win Independents, you have to campaign as a moderate, and if you want to win the Evangelical vote, you have to campaign as a social conservative. In fact, I don’t want to vote for anyone running a campaign aimed at getting the votes of one or the other specific groups of Republicans. You have to run on a consistent political platform the average American can understand and get excited about. President Obama won with Hope and Change. He won by playing on the fears and the dreams of the American People. It was a farce. His Presidency has been a disaster, but he defeated McCain and Romney, who were supposed to be the only Republicans that could win.

Unfortunately for the GOP, hypocritical, dumbed-down, toned-down, and uninspiring moderate campaigns don’t win. Furthermore, neither are social conservatives gaining steam with religious or social rhetoric. So what kind of rhetoric works? Well, there’s the problem: the Republicans and the Democrats have exhausted much of the rhetoric they’ve continuously used to win votes, but never delivered on. No one believes anything they identify as rhetoric, because they know, the second they hear it, that its balderdash.

My advice for Libertarian candidates is the same advice I have for Republican candidates, and that advice is as follows:

First, abandon the rhetoric, phrases, and premises associated with the common themes which have really run their course in American Politics. Talk about the issues Americans care about in a way that they haven’t heard before. As soon as the American voter hears a politician say the same thing every other politician has said over the last 30 years, their minds slam shut, and its Wawawawah Blah Blah Blah Rapateta.

Want to talk about immigration? Don’t use the words Mexican, or illegal, or undocumented, or criminal. Talk about the costs of immigration, the effects on the US economy, culture, and on our communities. Talk about the melting pot and assimilation. Talk about the history of immigration and about those periods where we were not accepting immigrants. Mention that immigration itself isn’t the problem, and use the topic to discuss the fact that we have the largest prison population in the history of the world and that we have a massive entitlement system which is the primary instrument in creating these overwhelming and unsustainable costs associated with immigration.

Want to talk about “Big Government”? Don’t use those words. I do it all the time and it never works. Immediately the Democrats stop listening and the Republicans stop listening and everyone gears up for why government is good and useful and necessary and blah blah blah, but nothing I say afterwards ever really sinks in, and I lose the opportunity to make an argument to my audience. Instead, we should be talking about the costs associated with entitlements, the unfunded liabilities which are so great that no nation could reasonably expect to survive economically when face to face with these amounts of expenses. Talk about the cost of employing the bureaucrats that run these institutions. Talk about the special interests that get involved and all the money that is wasted lobbying for unsustainable federal programs. There a myriad of reasons why our bureaucratic oligarchy is inevitably doomed to fail. Let’s address those and begin talking about using technology to reduce the federal workforce, streamline federal efficiencies and efficacy, and then discuss the importance of getting Americans off of Welfare and back to work.

StatueLibertyWhy can’t we get them back to work? Well, now we have an opportunity to discuss the costs of regulations and laws. We can talk about the cost of starting businesses and the cost of hiring workers and the cost of meeting arbitrary federal regulations. The same theme should be running topic to topic. We can’t afford thoughtless, unregulated, unrestrained government. We’re all for immigration, but the federal government is making immigration the bane of society, and not the boon it always was. We’re all for education, but the federal government is inflating the cost of education and taking money out of the productive private sector in order to pay for bigger college campuses and higher administrative wages at universities that are graduating young adults that can’t find jobs in a starved and over-regulated economy.

I want Americans to have wonderful lives, all the liberty they can handle, and all the happiness they deserve, but we’ve turned over our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness over to a greedy, corrupt, inefficient, ineffective, serially dishonest government that only benefits those who can purchase the political pull of the politicians in office.

We can’t afford our government. Let’s talk about how much money gets donated to our politicians. Do you know why so much money is donated to your Representatives and Senators? Because they are responsible for ensuring that much, much greater amounts of tax dollars flow back into the pockets of those big donors and lobbyists. These groups aren’t donating money because they believe in something. They are investing with the intent to make a profit. And unless you have hundreds of thousands or millions or tens of millions of dollars to purchase the political protection of your Representatives and Senators, then you really don’t have any real representation in your government.

And who is telling you that we can’t afford to cut anything? The politicians selling their political pull and the lobbyists purchasing that pull. They threaten you with catastrophe every time you suggest they behave more responsibly with the taxpayers’ money. In reality, we need politicians to begin talking about what it will take to solve the problems this country suffers specifically because of its’ politicians.

We don’t have to talk ideology or philosophy, we don’t have to carefully craft rhetoric. You want to get people back to the polls? Tell them the truth, talk about the costs, talk about how things really work in Washington D.C. and Richmond. Talk about how, regardless of what these politicians and special interests promise you, everything they do will be designed to benefit the politicians and the special interests and you will be stuck with the bill.

You believe all this talk about the environment has anything to do with the environment? Talk about how much money these politicians have invested in “green technology” and how much money they make when the federal government subsidizes those companies with the taxpayers’ money. You aren’t saving the environment. You’re making politicians rich and you are allowing companies that cannot make a profit, because they have nothing productive to offer the American People to continue to operate at your expense. Why?

I am still astonished that Republicans who oppose federal waste and the gigantic cost of government continue to favor incarceration over treatment for drug addiction. They are willing to cut everything, except the drug war and the waste, fraud, and abuse at the Pentagon. Why?

Listen, we have real problems and everyone knows what they are. We have to address each problem we face with solutions, but also by demonstrating the cause and nature of those problems, which can all be tied directly to our State and Federal governments, to special interests like the Chamber of Commerce and to the very politicians we voted for. Now, if you see a candidate who calls out the Ruling Class, then you’ll see someone who gets the attention of the average, 9-5, but not terribly interested in politics voter. They see a politician who wants to fight all those other politicians in Washington DC, and that’s a candidate the people will get interested in.

It’s not populism. It’s simply responsible government.

But remember, it can’t just be carefully crafted rhetoric. We’ve got to talk about the facts, about the costs, about the spending, the debt, the taxes, the corruption, and the special interests that spend millions on our elections, but receive billions in taxpayer dollars.

Anyway, that’s my Libertarian solution to a Republican problem. Most Republicans will vote Republican and the Democrats are quickly losing independents on their own. You don’t have to win them over. You’ll have them by default. What you, the Republican Party, needs to do, is to reach out to those Americans disgusted with the corruption, the waste, the fraud, and the abuse, that they are forced to pay for out their own pocket at the point of a gun. You bring them to the polls and we’ve got a ballgame. Fail to bring them back into the political system, and you’ll have to pray to God that the Republicans have more to sell than the Democrats (which is unlikely).

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Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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