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A Party of Purists?

So they say that the TEA Party is a party of purists. They say a lot of things and this doesn’t make any more sense than the rest of their noise. There is nothing ideological about the United States Constitution, nor Capitalism and its functions, nor any of the common sense lessons regarding liberty and economics that we’ve derived from centuries of experience.

I suppose the first thing we must do is ask ourselves what they mean by the term “purist”. Do they mean that we are unwilling to deviate from our Constitutional Republic or sacrifice any of our God-given liberties? Do they mean that we are unwilling to compromise with those who seek to undo the Bill of Rights? Do they mean that the Freedom Movement and the TEA Party needs to cut the Republicans some slack, to look the other way as they serve the bastards of K-Street? I mean, what is it that the TEA Party and the Freedom Movement are supposed to compromise on? If its our liberty and our republic, then, OK, I guess we’re purists.

I listen to these despicable Senators like Ron Johnson and Kelly Ayotte, who have dedicated themselves to endearing their offices to K Street, to McConnell and McCain, attack the TEA Party that essentially got them elected. I listen to the Eric Cantor supporters over at Bearing Drift, who are either absurdly dishonest or utterly naive, talk about how great the Republican Party did between 2000 and 2006, as if they completely missed the record spending and record debt, the fiscal chaos and economic collapse, the millions of newly unemployed, and the loss of the both the House and the Senate to the Democrats. Is this what Bearing Drift considers a success? Is this the glorious legacy upon which Eric Cantor and John Boehner justify themselves?

So, to the TEA Party and the Freedom Movement, I say this: When these elected officials and their sycophants in the Blogosphere tell you that you need to compromise, they aren’t asking you to do a give and take on a particular policy issue. They are asking you to either give up your liberty or to allow them to tread just a little more recklessly upon the Constitution and the Republic. They are asking you to compromise food with poison, and whatever happens next, it’ll be the poison that has the final say.

The one thing that Eric Cantor and the Republican Establishment know is how to work the government to benefit themselves. They don’t care about their constituents. They care about their own wealth and power. The people that support the Republican and Democrat Establishments are no different. They are not conservatives who are willing to tolerate a little despotism. They are despotic themselves. They don’t want the government coming after them and they think that the most intelligent thing is to control the levers of power, to benefit themselves, and to ensure their own protection from the weapons of bureaucracy.

I say, let’s dismantle the bureaucracy. I’ve had enough of the Democrats using the IRS to target opposition and the Republicans using the IRS to reward their corporate sponsors. I’ve had enough of the Department of Education ruining education and crippling the impressionable minds of America’s youth, and I’m tired of the EPA and the BLM, HUD, and the FCC meddling in our affairs.

The bureaucracy has become the weapon our government uses to interfere with our lives and strip us of our freedoms. They cannot be trusted with a bureaucracy anymore.

These Republican Elites are right about one thing. The Republican Party cannot get anything accomplished if its’ divided. This means we have to get all of the establishment types out of the party (after all, this is what they are trying to do to us); then and only then can we take on the Democrats. Until then, we’ll do all the hard work trying to get good men and women elected, only to have them silenced and suffocated by Cantor and McConnell, McCain and Graham, once they reach Washington DC.

There is no point to victory if Eric Cantor is the beneficiary of that victory. We must take back the Republican Party, then fight the Democrats. Until then, I do not see any means for peace within the Republican world. They declared war on the TEA Party. They don’t want to tolerate the Freedom Movement? Fine. War it is. War it will be.

Or am I overreacting? McConnell said he would crush the TEA Party. Any good military mind will tell you that your enemies define the rules of engagement. If one side has to be crushed in the Republican Party, then it must be the Establishment that gets crushed. Otherwise, these Republicans will run the economy into the ground once more and the Democrats will use the catastrophe to again strip the people of the liberty we have left.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

2 Responses to “A Party of Purists?”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Once again Steve nails it. You can not compromise when compromise means or is defined by ..higher taxes…more spending…bigger government.

    The village idiots within the Patriot movement ( and their are still quite a few) who have continued to advocate ” but Bob, we gotta win” can never answer the very simple question when asked what result came about when the Patriot movement gave the republicrats 80 new seats in Congress in 2010 ? Republicrats ran Virginia for 4 years—what did we get besides a 6 billion dollar tax increase and party leader perhaps headed to prison ?

    I received an e-mail from one of these folks Monday highlighting the endorsement of Ed Gillespie by the National Right to Life as if everything else about Gillespie should be ignored. That mind set–to simply replace Warner with Gillespie is the type of mind set that particularly holds back any real progress being made.

    If you can not distinguish between winning and progress, please get out of the way for those of us who can. As Laura Ingraham said herself at Dave Brat’s event , ” do you want to continue to support a party establishment run by and for the “donor class”

    If you can’t understand that, you just don’t see the big picture. Take upcheckers or chess , you can win all you want without doing the Nation the harm you are doing with placing winning over the principles Steve alludes to.
    Bob Shannon

    • I know I live in a world with people that disagree with me and that compromises will be made: But NOT when it comes to the United States Constitution, or our Republic, or our economic future. As Ayn Rand said, “in any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that profits”.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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