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A Self-Righteous Lecture

I am aware that most people do not have a “philosophy”; that instead, most people have a religion or an arbitrary collection of ideals, or a gaggle of very opinionated friends one doesn’t want to offend.

I am a Christian, so what I am about to say is not an attack on Christianity. It is an attack on a lack of philosophy. I am also a materialist. So what I am about to say actually is an attack on idealism and those who would attempt to thwart reality in the pursuit of ideals.

I could not care less about Mankind’s good intentions. I won’t listen to bible verses or tales of socio-economic woe as justification for contradictory or otherwise poor reasoning. Ideals aren’t worth much in the long or short run. It is easy to have ideals, but it apparently IS hard to think. But, let’s look at some ideals and see how difficult they are to hold. Democrats quote the bible in their pursuit of a Marxist (anti-Christian) ideal.

I WANT WORLD PEACE: Well, I guess if you do anything to upset this ideal, then you must be an evil war-mongering savage. I WANT EQUALITY: Which means if you allow any level of individuality to exist, you are essentially allowing nature to enforce its own earthly segregation on Mankind. SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! From what? Itself? We’re a part of the environment. Like cows and chickens, and like the birds that poop on your car on the way to church on a sunny Sunday morning during the Beatles Hour, we all pollute. Living is polluting. Environmentalists, as idealists, are essentially in a race to stop everything from living, because living things breath, defecate, create waste, and kill other things (animals, grass, broccoli, whatever).

Libertarians… my people… my friends… You say, GIVE US LIBERTY OR GIVE US DEATH, and then support abortion, the forced death of people with no ability to defend themselves against mothers and fathers that would rather see them die, then have to pay for the responsibility of their birth. Philosophy. Consistency. Who Cares?

Democrats. You say that democracy is key, right? But then majorities all over the country vote to define marriage as a religious relationship between a man and a woman, and DEMOCRACY BE DAMNED! We have a Constitution all of a sudden.


Republicans. You say we need a “rule of law”. But then you aren’t doing so well with the Hispanic constituencies. All of a sudden rule of law isn’t so important. No, we need anti-rule-of-law. We need Amnesty. So, you know, we see that you don’t really have a philosophy. You just say what you need to say to keep the power you think you need to keep. Very well. We get it.


Virginia, we cannot fix this country unless we stop dealing in propaganda, idealism, and political force. We’re going to have to develop a consistent political philosophy, and that isn’t hard to do. You just decide that you want to be free, that you’ll support the freedom of those who disagree with you, and to live under a constitutional republic, and that means that the States, and not a centralized, imperial, federal, communist, Marxist regime, get to make the rules. We need local government. We need individual responsibility. We need individual liberty. We… need… to… be… free. That means that we don’t force ourselves on each other, or take each others money, or interfere with each others business, or impose our moral standards on our neighbors.

If you are a Christian, then I would like to offer this thought. Governments have done more harm than Satanists.

If you are a Satanist, then I would like to offer this thought. Governments have done more harm than Christians.

If you are an Environmentalist, YOU ARE KILLING THE ENVIRONMENT! Read a book, for Earths’ sake!

No Ideals. No Politics. Just Intelligent Self-Government. Let’s be free again.

Can I get an Amen?

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

24 Responses to “A Self-Righteous Lecture”

  1. LorI BethV says:

    I would like to point out one point of view you made. You said about Libertarians are about “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death” speech given by Patrick Henry on the Governments taking control of lives and giving the right to defend and protect the rights of Patriots, next sentence is all about Abortion! I am Libertarian and don’t believe in abortion in my personal morals, but can see where it is with in the realms of others morals. Point, Government should not be in the middle of personal morals including Abortion, Marriage, and religion. The far right thinks if abortion was illegal than ppl would not get them, well murder is illegal too, but that never happens! (insert sarcasm) It is like the gun control issues. So, in my style I will pose a question to you! If an expected mother try’s to commit suicide and fails, but her pregnancy ends a month later is she a Murder or a young girl who is confused?

    • Karen Steger says:

      Both! If her suicide attempt caused her baby to die.

    • I have been pro-choice most of my life. Until recently. The reasons I was pro-choice was because I felt that this was an ingrained cultural option that women feel is a right and for which society really doesn’t seem to have a non-religious, non-moral argument against. Which is sort of what I’m hearing in your argument.

      But I think that killing our babies is not a moral issue and it isn’t a woman’s right and that, frankly, its a form of insane barbarism. How can we be against murder after birth and for it pre-birth. It just doesn’t stand up to any level of philosophical consistency. And right now, more than anything, I am endeavoring to become philosophically, politically, and ethically consistent. I believe we need to be in order to fight off the hordes of marxist movements in this country. I think we need to take a public stand on abortion and to oppose it.

      We could make the argument in three steps. There should be no federal right to abortion. Let the States decide. Let’s oppose it in our states.

    • Lori BethV says:

      So, Karen is willing to put the young confused girl on trail for committing murder, and she is just a child herself. What is ignored is the fact with a ten minute search on the internet she could found out if she takes 3 of her friends birth control pills than she could abort the pregnancy or at less have an morning after option. It is a moral choice, but who’s choice and who’s morals? I agree with it being a State issue and not Fed funded, but ppl act like ppl have not been aborting pregnancies since the dawn of time! Just rather not see the back ally Dr. setting up shop, and I don’t want to see scared young girls feeling ashamed and confused by the far right. I know girls in the 1980’s who was so scared of their parents and the “Rath of God and Hell” do some very devastating “shedding a tear” life ending things!

      • Lori Beth, I admit that there are negative consequences to banning abortion, specifically the situation you bring to the table. Yet, I find it impossible that those negative effects are worse than the consequence of tens of millions of people being murdered before they are even born.

        Also, think of the position women are put in today. Abortion is their choice and their choice alone. There is no one to feel the guilt, but them. There is no one to suffer the adverse side effects, but them. They are alone. Now, they may think at the time that there will not be terrible side effects, but reality doesn’t bare that out.

        Let us instead consider those situations when an abortion would be permissible. If a pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. That’s a great state issue right there. I think most, if not all, states would vote to allow abortions in those circumstances.

        What I’m uncomfortable with, is the idea that we need to legalize the violent death of babies so that Jane Doe doesn’t have to deal with the consequence of sexual intercourse. I find that reality to be unbearable.

  2. LorI BethV says:

    PS, Best sentence in your article!!!! Virginia, we cannot fix this country unless we stop dealing in propaganda, idealism, and political force.

  3. Mark says:

    You get a big AMEN from me on this article.

  4. Lori BethV says:

    If you haven’t spent anytime in an American High School being a fly on the wall, for that matter Middle school these days and just listen to conversation and the interaction of today’s youth and you will see a different next generation. One thing I hear is most believe and practice prevention of pregnancies mainly because their parents generation experienced or had friends with unwarned pregnancies. So these parents have pounded into their children’s head not to get someone or themselves in that condition. Yes, I even (I as a parent) gave my son’s condoms when they started getting to that age where girls are coming into the pictures. With most households having two working parents and teens having more time alone to feed those raging hormones, plus our society feeds sexuality in all corners including TV, video games and the internet. You can’t change that, you have to educate and teach children to protect themselves if and when they make those choices. Most don’t date and have one boyfriend or girlfriend, everything is in groups and known as FWB (Friends with Benefits) Yes, parents even you little angle knows what that means by Middle school. Scary, but prevention and education is the key to reduceing abortions.

    Now, Steven You said it was ok to allow abortions in the case of rape, incest and those matters. You didn’t mention Mothers life or Mentally disable persons. I do believe in father’s rights and know they get the short in of the stick on not having any say, I have always said you should be careful what you sleep with! With that being said, Your own words “GIVE US LIBERTY OR GIVE US DEATH, and then support abortion, the forced death of people with no ability to defend themselves against mothers and fathers that would rather see them die, then have to pay for the responsibility of their birth.” When does life start and when does the innocent child that can’t defend himself sacrificed? Second part is how many women would cry wolf or cry rape? You think men have it bad now!

    • Lori, I was in a relationship with a girl in high school that ended in such a way. I’m not naive or ignorant, or even unsympathetic. What I object to is a freedom to kill. It’s the most anti-libertarian principle there is. Are there situations worth considering? Exceptions? Issues worth working on and talking about? Absolutely. At the State Level. And if threatening men with women lying is supposed to frighten men, then you are trying to scare the wrong type of men. 😉

    • And Life is conception. Which is the biological definition of life, I know, it isn’t the political definition, but we Libertarians cannot afford to be political. We’re supposed to be the realists, the scientists, the intelligent ones. We don’t define things on theoretical terms, but on scientific terms.

  5. Lori BethV says:

    PS. Using abortion as birth control is wrong, especially when preventable ways are out there. Believe it or not Abortion rates have dropped in the last 10 years. Education and prevention!

  6. Lori BethV says:

    “We’re supposed to be the realists, the scientists, the intelligent ones. We don’t define things on theoretical terms, but on scientific terms.”

    Well, last I remember Hitler used science to make a better gene pool! Human compassion determines life and the existence of it. Life is defined by what the masses deem acceptable” Examples- Death Penalty, Abortion, Defending yourself from harm or death. All is a lost of life by definition. What about the science to clone yourself? Is that life? Science is good and evil.

    • I oppose abortion and the death penalty for the same reason: I don’t trust the federal government to sanction death. War, if declared on us requires war. But there is a difference between an individual that we can cage for life and not feed so well, and a nation or a movement or a religion hell bent on killing us all. I believe in life in prison.

      Judges and lawyers are imperfect and therefore should not have a right to decree death. I feel the same about mothers and doctors. Both are terribly unpopular positions, I know, but at least I’m consistent.

  7. Lori BethV says:

    PS- on the example- Gladiator’s, Jesus, and we can include our own horrible past of lynching.

  8. Lori BethV says:

    Hats off, your consistent! Enjoy your blogs and I am ok to Agree to disagree! I am a Conservative turned Libertarian, so I like to be devil’s advocate at times!

  9. Gene Lefty says:

    Mr. Tucker, mentions killing “our” babies. Let’s stop and talk about that line of reasoning just for a moment.

    Why have people let the media convince them that these days someone’s personal business is everyone’s else’s business?

    Why doesn’t Mr. Tucker worry about his “babies”, instead of what other people are doing with their “babies”?

    For those who seek the truth out themselves, the Bible in Genesis, is very clear about when life began, and when it begins. This is reinforced in the Bible in Exodus.

    Do you really believe that a fetus has a living soul? Where is your evidence in Scripture Mr. Tucker, that life begins at conception?

    As I am sure Mr. Tucker surely knows, there is no fame , glory, or more importantly, money, in minding one’s own business. Also, there may be even less of the three in being a realist?

    The only way to change our government is to take the money out of it. Why not talk about that Mr. Tucker?

    Very simply put, you want to put people to work, bring jobs back to America, then it’s very simple, take the money out of government.

    But you would rather keep the abortion, gay rights, race, and death penalty debates going now wouldn’t you Mr. Tucker?

    Because that’s where your fame, glory, and money is, now isn’t it Mr. Tucker?

    • Killing people, in my opinion, is wrong. Yes, I believe unborn babies are people. Thus, I think abortion is wrong. I understand that this isn’t popular, especially with my libertarian brethren, but it seems pretty obvious to me. This billion dollar mega business around aborting pregnancies seems barbaric and uncivilized. Now, I understand the fear factor, no one wants to talk about abortion. I’m just Incapable of being afraid of other people’s anger, and I’m right, and I’m not sorry about that.

    • LIBERTY says:

      What about “our” babies and “his” babies right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Decisions have consequences regardless of one’s age.

      Mr. Lefty is so good at talking out of both sides of his mouth, it’s amazing! Take money out of government, Vote Democrat, take the money out of government, Vote Democrat even though they are all about debt and raising taxes.

      He should be a barker.

  10. Kenneth Hawk says:

    All the people I know that are pro-choice/pro-Abortion have already been born.

  11. LaToya Brown

    Let the record show that our president, BHO, when a U.S. Senator from IL voted not once but four times to NOT save the life of a born alive baby during a botched abortion procedure.

    Now that’s what I call SICK!

  12. Molly Fitzhugh says:

    All the people I know who are pro-choice/pro-abortion have already been born.

    Let the record show that Pres Obama as a Il Senator voted not once but four times to allow a baby to die on the table if it was born alive during a botched abortion.

    Now that’s what I call SICK!


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