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Accepting the Reality of Republican Dysfunction

What is the Republican Party? The Establishment is comprised of the K-Street and Wall Street wealth-redistributors, but the base is comprised of Constitutionalists, Conservatives, TEA Party, and Libertarian constituencies. I’m beyond apologizing for my libertarian-bent and I refuse to accept that I have no right to a voice in the Republican Party or the Republican Party in Virginia.

This Republican Congressional unit in Virginia, comprised of Eric Cantor, Rob Wittman, Bob Goodlatte, Gerald Connelly, Robert Hurt, Jim Moran, Bob Scott, Frank Wolf, H. Morgan Griffith, and E. Scott Rigell: have all been under the power of Eric Cantor and Speaker Boehners’ Leadership. Now that Eric Cantor is gone, these Congressmen have an opportunity to reconnect with their districts. Congressmen Wittman seems most adept at this feat, but what about Goodlatte and Scott, Connelly and Hurt? What are they doing?

What do you need to hold power in Virginia? It appears you need to secure subsidies for farmers, for the military, and for local governments. I know how the Libertarian and TEA Party folks feel about this, but what about everyone else? Are farm subsidies going to continue to be overlooked in Virginia? Are we really going to humiliate ourselves with the hypocrisy of opposing subsidies for the poor, but supporting them for contractors with the Defense Department and local Farmers? Does the local farmer deserve better treatment than the local restaurant? Wittman seems bent on supporting subsidies and listening to and responding to those that oppose them. I can’t tell if I want to run against Wittman or apply for a damn job.

Congressmen Wittman, my Congressmen, drives me insane with his on again-off again relationship with the GOP Establishment. He supports the Fair Tax, while local TEA Party groups refuse to get behind him and support him. A principled stand such as the Fair Tax requires overwhelming constituent support if a Congressmen is going to show leadership on the issue. The 1st District has been rather clear that they aren’t that supportive of their Congressmen’s principled stand. Why, I have NO IDEA.

I think it is about time that constituents become as political aware as their congressmen.

In the 1st District, this job falls squarely on the TEA Parties, who are the only ones trying to educate the public. The TEA Parties of Mathews, Lancaster, West Moreland, and King George, know just how hard it is to educate voters deprived of a quality education. The 7th District is shot until January for 2015, after Dr. Dave Brat defeats his Randolph Macon colleague, and becomes a force in the House of Representatives.

We have the Gillespie/Warner decision that I understand most TEA Party, most Constitutionalists, and most Conservatives have already made up their minds on: we’re electing Gillespie. Great. It’ll be the Libertarian Wing standing alone, voting elsewhere, opposing the next John McCain, from entrenching himself in Virginia.

I know we can’t all get along all the time and I know the Republican Party is divided and I don’t expect the K-Street Crowd to support the Libertarian Crowd: But it seems like we’re all ignoring the fact that we’re all fighting each other and that this fight is going to continue. I’m tired of hearing people tell me that the Libertarian Wing of the Republican Party isn’t wanted, or watching the TEA Party crowd get ripped by the Establishment, or watching the Conservatives pretend like we can govern if and when we throw out the Establishment types.

The Statists are ruling America. That means the rest of us are stuck together opposing it. We don’t have to love each other and sing each others’ praises, but we do have to accept that we, as different as we are, are the opposition. I don’t expect the TEA Party to oppose Gillespie and vote for Sarvis, even though that is what the Libertarian Wing is going to do and do on principle. I don’t expect the K-Street Republicans to get behind Dave Brat. But let’s be honest about what the Republican Party actually has become.

It is a party of Corporstists, constitutionalists, conservatives, TEA Party, and libertarians. We have to get used to this uncomfortable reality and arrangement, and just be honest with each other. Maybe Shak Hill would have been nominated if the Republicans felt they needed the Libertarian Wing of the Party in November, but the fact is, the Republican Party probably won’t need the Libertarian Wing in November and we Libertarians, who would have stayed home without Sarvis on the ballot, just need to accept the fact that we’re not needed in every battle. Maybe we just have to accept the reality of a Republican Dysfunction and muscle through it, without hating each other and blaming each other for everything. The Republican Party has become a dysfunctional mess, because so many of us are opposed to the rise of Marxism and Liberalism and want to defeat it, and want to defeat it our way.

So, we’re a mess. Fine. Let’s just accept it and each other, embrace the fights we must have with one another, and move on.

I have just one suggestion: to the establishment that supports McConnell in “crushing the TEA Party”, forget crushing us. You crush us and we have crushed you. Fine. We hate each other. Fine. We Libertarians will get all the blame if the K-Street Gillespie loses to Warner. Fine. But we’re going to be together for a long time and we’re going to have to deal with each other.

Let’s just accept it, unpleasant and aggravating as it all might be. Let’s just accept it and move on. I’m going to need the K-street crowd one day. I’m going to need the TEA Party. I’m going to need Rob Wittman. I’m going to need the Mark Levin crowd. AND You’ll need me. Eventually.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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