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Arab Spring? Are we Headed for an American Spring?

Things are bad in America. Really bad.

Obama is lying to the people. We have not hit a “bump in the road” as the President has been telling anyone that will listen. Have you noticed that he has stopped using the “wheels in the ditch” metaphor? Ever wonder why that is? Well, most of us know it is a pretty quick and simple matter to call a tow truck to pull us out. America has been waiting nearly 3 years for Obama to hook up the tow truck and pull us out of the ditch he claims we are in. Even AAA is not that slow.

So now, despite trillions of dollars he has dumped into the economy, we are still in a ditch. In fact, his efforts to dig us out have actually turned the ditch into a ravine. And it is fast becoming a canyon. Or a chasm. It is hard to tell the difference while you are falling.

We are over $14 Trillion in debt due to, in large measure, far too much social spending.According to a story today in USA Today (hardly a Conservative leaning source), with Medicare and Social Security spending out of control, we now have $61.6 Trillion (with a ‘T’) in unfunded liabilities. This means we are obligated for that much social spending that we have no way to fund. This equates to over half a million dollars per household.

From USA Today:

The federal government’s financial condition deteriorated rapidly last year, far beyond the $1.5 trillion in new debt taken on to finance the budget deficit, a USA TODAY analysis shows.

The government added $5.3 trillion in new financial obligations in 2010, largely for retirement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. That brings to a record $61.6 trillion the total of financial promises not paid for.

This gap between spending commitments and revenue last year equals more than one-third of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Medicare alone took on $1.8 trillion in new liabilities, more than the record deficit prompting heated debate between Congress and the White House over lifting the debt ceiling.

So, what is Obama doing about this?

He’s making things worse. ObamaCare will add to the already impossible problem. If you look at any social program the Democrats have pushed, they all add to the nation’s debt. And ObamaCare will eventually grow to be an even bigger problem than Medicare and Social Security combined. And for anyone who believes that a massive government takeover of Health Care will save us money, seriously, you need help. Quickly!

Paul Ryan has been the only voice taking the problem seriously. He understands the obvious: If we don’t get this under control, both Medicare and Social Security will cease to exist. Th option to do nothing has long since passed us by.

So what are Obama and his Democrats doing to confront this problem?


Actually, worse than nothing. They are attacking Republicans for realizing these social programs will end for everyone and we must do something to preserve them. Democrats have put forth not one single idea or plan to address the collapse of Medicare and Social Security. And they are beating back every single effort to save the programs, using the issue scare the elderly into voting against the mean Republicans.

But what they are doing is guaranteeing that Medicare and Social Security will soon meet their demise. There will be nothing at all to pay for medications, doctor’s visits and hospital bills for the elderly. And there will be no monthly check from Social Security.

Apparently, Democrats are just fine with killing old people as long as they vote Democrat.

And then what?

As long as the elderly allow Democrats to demonize Republicans for actually trying to fix the problem, as long as Granny believes the Democratic lies, it is sad to say, but Granny is assisting in her own suicide.

Death by Democrat.

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

People have reached a boiling point with Obama. This country has more anger growing than in the turbulent 60’s. Obama is lying to the people about… everything.

Take unemployment.

According to CBS:

About 6.2 million Americans, 45.1 percent of all unemployed workers in this country, have been jobless for more than six months – a higher percentage than during the Great Depression.

Welcome to recovery summer #3. Another Obama lie.

And how about those bailouts? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac cost taxpayers only $130 Billion according to Obama. Another lie!

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO):

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the real cost of the federal government guaranteeing the business of failed mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is $317 billion — not the $130 billion normally claimed by the Obama administration.

Consider this:

“Chrysler has repaid every dime and more of what it owes American taxpayers for their support during my presidency.”

— President Obama, June 4, 2011

Another lie, according to the Washington Post:

Let’s look at the claims in the order in which the president said them.

“Chrysler has repaid every dime and more of what it owes American taxpayers for their support during my presidency — and it repaid that money six years ahead of schedule.  And this week, we reached a deal to sell our remaining stake. That means soon, Chrysler will be 100 percent in private hands.”Wow, “every dime and more” sounds like such a bargain. Not only did Chrysler pay back the loan, with interest — but the company paid back even more than they owed. Isn’t America great or what?

Not so fast. The president snuck in the weasel words “during my presidency” in his statement. What does that mean?

According to the White House, Obama is counting only the $8.5 billion loan that he made to Chrysler, not the $4 billion that President George W. Bush extended in his last month in office. However, Obama was not a disinterested observer at the time. According to The Washington Post article on the Bush loan, the incoming president called Bush’s action a “necessary step . . . to help avoid a collapse of our auto industry that would have had devastating consequences for our economy and our workers.”

Under the administration’s math, the U.S. government will receive $11.2 billion back from Chrysler, far more than the $8.5 billion Obama extended.

Through this sleight-of-hand accounting, the White House can conveniently ignore Bush’s loan, but even the Treasury Department admits that U.S. taxpayers will not recoup about $1.3 billion of the entire $12.5 billion investment when all is said and done.

So, Obama’s lies combined with reality are stoking a rapidly rising anger that Americans have not seen in a long time. Today marks the first time that polling data shows Obama beatable by a Republican, albeit an equally liberal Mitt Romney. According to the Washington Post: Among all Americans, Obama and Romney are knotted at 47 percent each, and among registered voters, the former governor is numerically ahead, 49 percent to 46 percent.

Yes, America is turning on Obama, including the liberal press. Even James Carville, the Ragin’ Cajun’ sees cause for alarm and the potential rise of an American Spring not unlike what we are seeing in the Arab world.

In the Daily Caller, Carville says:

“You know, look — this is a humanitarian — you know, you’re smart enough to see this,” Carville said. “People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

It is extremely disconcerting to even entertain the thought of the type of violent anger and armed revolt sweeping the Arab world could come to America. Hopefully Carville is off base on this, but the root causes that serves as the catalyst overseas are present in America. Government forcing the people to bend to their will and constantly lying.
The news that Obama could be beaten by Romney should be seen as a good reason to rise above the barbaric actions in the hotbeds of the world and steel Americans resolve to make a correction in leadership the American way – at the ballot box.
But America today is fast becoming a powder keg. Thankfully, the usual antagonists that would start such an action are all aligned with the big government National Socialists like the current president.
But there is no doubt we can see the tipping point from here!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

15 Responses to “Arab Spring? Are we Headed for an American Spring?”

  1. No we are not at this time headed for an American Spring, we are on the edge of a winter time that shall be hard, and will force us to make hard choices in the short term. Yet after the winter there will be a true spring and summer like we have not seen in this land for a generation or more. We need to push for the higher ground, and restore the freedoms we have given away. The best days of America are ahead of us; not behind us.

  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Sooner or later. There are factions trying to create riots/community organizing. Since this is being controlled by the left I suspect they are holding off so they don’t make Obama look any worse then he already does. It wouldn’t take much to change that. Certainly by the next election the left will trundle out the “grass roots” mobs to anger and confuse the voters. But there are a lot of things between now and then that could bring the nuts out of the woodwork.

    • Indeed, it would only take one nutcase to start a incident that the adminsitration wants to crack down across the board of all of America. It is as they say ‘never let a perfectly good emergency go to waste.’


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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