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Arm Yourselves Against ISIS Because Obama has No Plan and No Clue

While people like the gun grabbing billionaire Michael Bloomberg go around the country trying to disarm Americans, these short-sighted liberals are completely clueless about what is about to happen. Every time a tragedy occurs, especially if it involves children, the gun grabbers ascend on the area like Al Sharpton at a race-bait opportunity. They demand more laws that take away liberty from law abiding citizens completely ignoring the fact that the perpetrator du jour ignored existing laws in order to commit the crime the Bloomberg’s of the world are pretending to try to stop.

GunFreeZoneAPThey make claims like “you don’t need an assault weapon or automatic or even semiautomatic  weapon for protection.

Well, pardon me for pointing out the obvious Bloombers, but my assessment of the threats we potentially face indicate most of us are severely unprepared and inadequately armed for the challenges on the horizon.

While no one wants to see another school shooting or theater massacre except terrorists, the only defense is to arm yourself as the first line of defense until authorities can respond, which takes time. A gun is like a fire extinguisher. They are often necessary to prevent greater damage. And like the old saying goes, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

But with the revelation last week from Barack Obama that we do not have a plan or a strategy to deal with ISIS – the new Islamic State – that has declared war on all non-Muslims combined with the wide open borders that Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama have created, logic tells us that the isolated school and theater shootings are about to become insignificant.

ISIS can easily slip across our southern border whenever they wish and our government is doing nothing to stop them. They are not even trying to slow them down. The obvious reason is that Hispanics vote for Democrats and the next part of the plan is US Citizenship. And it is impossible to screen future Democrats from current terrorists without tipping a racial preference hat. And now that identification is no longer required for entering the country there is absolutely no way to even pretend we are secure.

And you don’t have to be Nostradamus to understand the abundance of soft targets we have here in America.

buffalowildWhile Bloomberg is working to disarm America, ISIS is no doubt slipping across our borders, perhaps even buying Fast and Furious weapons before leaving Mexico (provided courtesy of Eric Holder).

And what are our soft targets? And how can a potential terrorist tell?

Easy. Any gun free zone is a soft target ripe for maximum casualties before anyone can stop them. And like idiots, we proudly display this invitation on the doors to places like Buffalo Wild Wings, who recently made news for their anti-gun policy. And this illogical paranoia over guns has opened legal questions and challenges against the anti-gun businesses.

In Aurora, Colorado, the scene of the theater shooting by yet another psychotic gunman (which is usually the case) Cinemark, the owners of the gun prohibited theater is finding out that if you do not allow patrons to protect themselves that you are in all likelihood you may be held responsible for the actions of a killer like  James Holmes. There is a court case pending a verdict in the Aurora theater case. And depending on how that verdict comes down, businesses that have outright banned customers exercising their second amendment rights or even simply requested that customers disarm before entering the premises may be forced to rethink the equation. If the responsibility is on the owner to provide protection when they do not allow weapons or face a lawsuit in the event of an incident, the losses due to offending customers are only a small part of the financial calculation.

But gun free schools and establishments like Target, Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings are not the only soft targets.

Malls, concerts and even airport ticket counters on busy days are all soft targets. And when the terrorist is unconcerned with his or her own life, the threat is not something we are used to dealing with in America.

The fear of dirty bombs and the material to make them walking boldly across our border is a real concern and a clear and present danger. The larger cities are prime targets, but every city and town in America is threatened by these crazed Muslims intent on inflicting damage to America.

And how will this change everyday life?

The inevitable fallout from a terror attack on US soil will be the same as 9/11 or every attempt since. Less freedom and more government.

Prior to the 9/11 attacks you were allowed to carry box cutters on a flight. The terrorists found a weakness and exploited it. So the security personnel doing the screening on 9/11 didn’t fail to do their job. The government failed to have a plan that analyzed the potential threat of these same Muslims that are still out to kill us today. But even though the security failure was not due to security itself, but to the government policies that allowed box cutters we scrapped the private security and created the Transportation Security Administration – the TSA. Ironically, government failure led to the 9/11 attack and the answer was more government in the form of the TSA. We rewarded failure and now must subject ourselves to intrusive searches and humiliating procedures just to catch a flight.

So when terrorists cross our border from Mexico and open fire in a school, mall or other “safe” place, will the government get the blame for failing to have an ISIS plan?

Hell no! In all likelihood the TSA will be expanded into the National Security Administration charged with running naked scanners and cavity searches at every mall in the nation. We always cover up our government failures with more intrusive government.

And the outcry will finally be loud enough to finally secure the border with even more government troops.

And people like Bloomberg will continue to disarm Americans, making the only real deterrent to terrorists – an armed, locked and loaded citizenry –  a fading threat to terrorists worldwide.krry

And just like the school and theater shooters, terrorists will ignore any and all gun laws to kill us.

So if anyone tells you yo do not need high powered weapons to defend yourself, all I can say is wait until the terrorists that Obama is letting the southern revolving door have their say. And that day is fast approaching. A leaking and wide open border, a president that pretends Islam has been “hijacked” by a few radicals and is otherwise a peaceful religion, an Attorney General who is not concerned with any crimes that do not involve a white man shooting a black man and a Secretary of State that is more interested in kiteboarding than protecting America.

And of course the most important thing to the current can find to do is play golf and give speeches to urge massive increases in the minimum wage.

If the Obama strategy is actually to make America so much of a joke that terrorists will see no reason to attack us, he is possibly succeeding in the first part of the plan.

But I don’t doubt the resolve of the terrorists and I understand that our government cannot and will not protect us. Why should they? After the inevitable disaster happens they will see larger budgets, more government workers and far more power.

And those of us that survive the attacks to come will be victims of both the terrorists and an intrusive government.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

23 Responses to “Arm Yourselves Against ISIS Because Obama has No Plan and No Clue”

  1. Bob Shannon

    Our enemy is much more sophisticated that we give them credit for. They instinctively understand they can never defeat us in the conventional military sense, but strike economically and they can do more harm than any bombing or chemical/biological attack . The weak fragile state of the U.S. economy, the debt levels soon to set off some unpleasantness leave us in a particular economic vulnerability that opens the door for a opportunistic strike designed specifically to hurt us economically.

    The “soft targets” ready made for the shock value they crave, (the beheadings as an example ) leave mass casualties at a Mall, a large outdoor arena such as a sporting venue, a Fourth of July parade ( think Boston ) and they know since many of their leaders were educated in the West the psychologically important value derived from the element of creating mass terror in the mindset of it’s intended targeted populace. Stop commerce on a large enough scale and you achieve more than you ever could given their limited military capabilities.

    Our national leaders seem unwilling to confront this fact, at least as evidenced by their behavior. The U.S, under this administration has decided to take a “wait and see” approach.

    An immediate revocation of the passports and subsequent deportation of any U.S citizen who joined in the fighting forces of ISIS is a practical first step. Please don’t harp on due process as an impediment to implementing these steps, try telling the victims after the fact about “due process” . Our enemy is setting the ground rules we play this dangerous game by, not civilized rational people in any sense. It is time we recognize that.

    Close our borders before we learn that fact too late. Find our where in the hell the estimated 30,000 students here on expired visas are at, and why they are still here. We know many of them have dropped out of school, so why are they here ? Deport them when they are located back to their native lands.

    We have spent billions of dollars in new federal agencies after 9/11 and to what or where do we turn if this does not suffice ? Spend billions more, create another layer of federal law enforcement on top of the 31 or so agencies we now have.

    We kill them , or they will surely continue to attempt to kill us. Sometimes things are as they seem, simple.

    We will pay dearly if I am right, and I personally pray I am wrong.
    Bob Shannon

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    Where are we going to get the troops? Bring back the draft? Could it be that the reason to end “don’t ask, don’t tell”, and allow lesbians in combat is/was because of a shortage of able bodied young men, who can pass a physical? And who are willing to join the military?

    Bob, did you mention the real enemy? What do all these terrorists have in common? Come on Bob, say it?

    Without a strong economy, how can we have a strong military? Who has our jobs? Did you have anything to say about the sale of Smithfield to the what amounts to the Communists?Which Virginia Del. is a consultant for Smithfield Foods? Does that mean he is on the Communists Payroll?

    The Tea Party likes to talk about spending cuts, I like to talk about them to. However the reality of the situation is that there is a better way to improve the economy. That would be by putting people to work which would increase revenue and we wouldn’t have to cut spending for the military. How do we put people to work? We bring our jobs back from the Communist’s that’s how. Creating minimum-wage and low-paying jobs is BS.

    If we put boots on the ground in the Middle East like we did in the past just what do you think Russia and China will do? Well I’ll tell you, they’ll test us like we’ve never been tested before. We no longer have the troops or the economy to control the world.

    No jobs means a lot of things besides people just people being out of work. Low-paying jobs and not increasing the minimum-wage means that we cannot afford the high price of gasoline that just happened to occur during the Bush administration. Wasn’t he an oil man?

    Who was it who lied to us about weapons of mass destruction? Who was it who started wars that destabilized the Middle East and gave us the current situation?

    As long as people have to spend the majority of their paycheck on overpriced health care, overpriced gasoline, ever increasing Republican taxation, and ever increasing runaway Republican controlled budgets, there is no money left for people to spend to buy things that create a demand for American produced products which would improve our economy.

    With what is left of the middle class, the money they have left over after paying for those things, the only products we can afford are cheap Chinese communist produced products.

    First thing to do is you take the corruption out of our government, by that I mean money. Second thing to do is to send all the illegal immigrants home. Third thing to do is to stop any legal immigration until we have enough jobs for our own people. Then bring back the draft. Let’s let the rich people and the politicians siblings have a piece of the action and have some skin in the game, draft them!

    You want to blame everything on Obama. What you’re really doing is blaming Obama for not being able to straighten up the mess created by one person, and his administration. That person would be Pres. George Bush 43. The Republican Party along with George Bush 43 destroyed the United States as we once knew it.

    I know where quite a few of the 30,000 people here who are missing are. Our colleges and universities are making a fortune off of them in tuition for an overpriced education. Most likely on our nickel.

    It is too late to clean up the Bush disaster. Some things just cannot be undone.

    The Republican Tea Party cannot grow without changing their demographics. How do you convert people when all that show at meetings up are already converts?

    What about compromise? The Constitution that the Republicans want to throw under the bus is a majority document. It is about compromise.

    Disrespecting the office of a President to the extent that the Republican Tea Party does is wrong. The majority put him there. Compromise or keep losing. Constantly showing films mocking our President is not low class, it is no class. It is a lack of respect for the office, and a lack of respect for the majority of Americans who put him there. It is anti-constitutional. You get your turn to change that every four years. Start supporting that for which the Constitution stands.

    And on another note, how many hours does the “Safari” Sen. Norment lecture at W&M for that $60,000 a year? And again, how many of the 140 legislative assistants in Virginia are veterans????

  3. wm lentz says:

    Can carrying a prayer stop sudden death? Yes Whoever reads this prayer or hears it or carries it will not die a sudden death, nor be burned in any fire , drowned poisoned, captured or defeated in battle. So I sent 100,000 copies to the Marines in Iraq. No deaths of Marines for six months. There were so many miracles that chaplain Carey Cash wrote a book about them. Rockets curved in mid air rather than hit a marine. I read the five auto racers in 94 died sudden deaths so I sent it to the drivers, They had bad wrecks butno deaths for three years.One had a fractured skull and a 5% chance to live. He raced again.
    I read that there are 30 million people in danger from isis. It would costless
    the two cents a piece to prevent their capture or sudden death, I figure
    500.000 dollars or less with a discount for quantity or charity. a corporate
    sponsor could cover the cost. This prayer needs to be spread by computer too.
    because most people die a sudden heart attack death or die on the highway.
    It is the Saint Joseph prayer written by the apostles. Saint Joseph took care of Mary and the baby jesus.Muslims believe in Mary. but all you have to do is carry it. On the back of the business card I put the promise and the first line of Psalm 91.

  4. Clifford Ishii says:

    If you cannot get a gun then arm yourselves with a Jo staff

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