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Being Conservative is Like Being Pregnant: You Are or you ARE NOT!

Exactly what does it mean to be Conservative?

Let’s start with the definition of Conservative. Merriam-Webster defines Conservative as:

believing in the value of established and traditional practices in politics and society : relating to or supporting political conservatism

But the word itself means “to preserve” or save.

What exactly is being preserved?

For that answer we need to turn to the founding father’s vision for America. For it is these beliefs and traditions that are at the heart of every true Conservative. The mindset that our rights come from God and are not simply granted by government is paramount to understanding the meaning of Conservative.The foundation on which our Republic was built includes the mandatory acknowledgement that God has granted man inalienable rights. By definition, inalienable rights are those that are unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor. And by virtue of being an American citizen, you are the possessor of certain God-given rights. And it is important to note that these rights cannot be taken away and you are not allowed to give them away.

Now it is not a contradiction to have a country founded on freedom of religion and inalienable rights to also allow Atheists the same freedom. Atheists don’t have to believe in God, they just need to know that the freedom they enjoy comes from God and shall not be given away or taken away.

So in order for Progressives to get a toe hold on big government control, they must first erode the very foundation of America – God. And they have come a long way, with the help of the Supreme Court, in kicking God out of the government and even the country.

This Republic will not work in a secular environment.

You are not required to believe in God or anything. That is optional. But the Constitution of the United States is rendered inert and useless in preserving our liberty without the firm belief that our rights come from God. The Constitution did not grant these rights, it only acknowledged them as already existing.

And I will step down from my pulpit now. But it is important to understand what Conservatives are supposed to preserve. And the basic answer is that our rights come from God and the Republic can only exist if that belief is preserved.

What prompted this soap box sermon was an email sent out by my friend Michael Lowry who also happens to be the Director of Young Guns, Virginia, the group that Eric Cantor has set up to attack and neutralize (and in some cases bludgeon into submission with parliamentary tricks) true Conservatives.

In his newsletter to the Cantor faithful, Lowry writes:

Virginia is at a point in time where there is a very clear delineation between liberals and conservatives in the Commonwealth and their respective agendas. Liberals have had a great deal of success statewide while struggling to connect with the Commonwealth’s citizens at a more local level as evidenced by the strength of conservative representation in Virginia’s House of Delegates. Conservatives have the opposite problem as evidenced by the fact that folks, who would not be called ‘friends of conservatism’, now hold all five statewide elected offices from the U.S. Senate to the Governor’s mansion.
Those are the facts. So what’s absurd about the situation? Instead of working together to fight the liberal agenda, many of our fellow conservatives are spending their time and energy attacking them. They’re not ‘conservative enough’ or ‘fighting hard enough’ or some similar complaint. Now this may not be shocking because the media has taken great joy in reporting on our seeming dysfunction. But let me explain it from one conservative’s perspective as it relates to the fight to stop Obamacare expansion in Virginia.

Let’s look a few portions of this email.

Virginia is at a point in time where there is a very clear delineation between liberals and conservatives in the Commonwealth and their respective agendas.

By Liberal, Lowry means Democrats. By Conservative, he is intending to refer to Republicans. And while the Democrats are a fairly uniform block, Republicans are not. Some are Conservative, some are not.

The Democrats are the ones that favor big government and the elimination of God from America.The Republicans who are not Conservative favor big government achieved by “reaching across the aisle” in an effort to “compromise”. Or in other words, those Republicans inclined to ignore the fact that God granted us all inalienable rights that they cannot compromise away, nor can the people give them the right to compromise away.

The Conservatives have only one agenda: to preserve the Constitution and it’s underlying foundation – God. Conservatives established this agenda when the nation was founded.

And Lowry also tries to blur the differences between Conservatives and Republicans. They are not the same thing. But only by pretending that they are synonymous can Lowry and Cantor (and John Boehner, McConnell, McCain, et. al.) advance their agenda of being moderates.

You simply cannot take away someone’s inalienable rights and be Conservative. But apparently you can, in Virginia, subvert inalienable rights and call yourself a Republican. Lowry’s boss has voted for bigger government at the price of human liberty for 14 years. By definition, any government takes away liberty. Now before I am accused of being an anarchist, let me refer you to the US Constitution. It clearly grants powers that the founders found necessary and convenient to a central government, but it left everything else to the states and the people.

And every dollar in debt this country amasses, liberty is lost to a government that cannot live within our means. And Cantor is directly responsible for this erosion of liberty at least 14 trillion times – his portion of the debt under his watch.

That first paragraph above goes on to note that Virginia is mostly Conservative, but that is not true. Not even close. Northern Virginia and the larger inner cities are comprised of voters who will vote for Democrats no matter what. The only reason the House of Delegates is overwhelmingly Republican is that each district has boundaries that were drawn to favor Republicans. When we vote as a state, like the elections last November, Democrats won because they went to the polls in greater numbers than Republicans statewide as a whole. There is no correlation between the number of Republicans in the House and the political affiliation of the state. But I am pretty sure Lowry knows that. He was just trying to blur the lines between Conservatives and those who are not.

Lowry’s next statement is the one he and Cantor want you to concentrate on:

Those are the facts. So what’s absurd about the situation? Instead of working together to fight the liberal agenda, many of our fellow conservatives are spending their time and energy attacking them. They’re not ‘conservative enough’

Ok. They really were not the facts as I discussed. But here is the main argument from the Republicans who pretend to be Conservative that they use against Conservatives (like me) that hold our ground and dig in when they try to take away our inalienable rights.

What Lowry and his boss, Eric Cantor, realize but don’t want you to know is that there are no degrees of Conservatism. By “not conservative enough” what Lowry is really saying is “not conservative”. You simply can’t take away a few of my inalienable rights and still call yourself Conservative. You can’t be a little bit Conservative or a little bit pregnant. If you take away my rights by growing government, you did not have my permission. I can’t give you permission. And you do not have the right or the authority, from me or from God.

From a Conservative perspective, the Democrats who want to grow government and the Republicans who sign continuing resolutions to fund Obamacare, government growth and a continued unconstitutional erosion of liberty are synonymous. The threat to liberty transcends party labels. And we must not allow people like Eric Cantor or his staffers to blur the lines between Republicans and Conservatives.

Nor can we fail to call them out when they talk about degrees of conservatism. And any attempt to compromise with someone that is intent on striking God from the Constitution and the Country is like taking poison. No amount is safe.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

13 Responses to “Being Conservative is Like Being Pregnant: You Are or you ARE NOT!”

  1. We’re trying to save our country. This is what I don’t understand about Cantor, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Graham, and McCarthy. The evil conservatives that aren’t going along with the Republican Establishment are being forced to fight the Republican Party because the Republican Party isn’t fighting the disastrous government choking off our industries, our liberties, and our traditions. In Fact, they are using the weapons the Democrats have written into law to enrich themselves, to raise money, to… what? What do they believe in? What are their principles? They seem to represent their own incomes and power first, big business second, and the government third. Where do their constituents come in? Last? Next to last?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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