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Congressman Rob Wittman & Virginia’s Historic First District

about_robWhile the Virginia 7th has awoken, caught fire, organized, and led the way toward liberty, the historic Virginia 1st has been in perpetual hypersleep, guided blindly by a status quo equal to the interest of its special interests, but bereft of spirit, passion, and freedom.

A district designed for a Republican able to appeal to three specific lobbies: the attorney, the military, and the farmer – Virginia’s First District has never been represented in such a way as to pay tribute to the average family, hourly-wage earner (our butcher, our gas-station clerk, our waitress), salaried manager, stay at home mom, or small-businessman. In fact, these neglected pieces of the 1st’s puzzling majority have never connected themselves with one another. Instead, we assume that whatever is in the interest of the attorney (in our small towns we all know them well), the farmer (the backbone of our communities), and the military bases (economic and national necessities for our region), will one day, if not today, somehow and in some way, benefit us.

Congressman Wittman is not a villain, warranting the same catastrophic defeat as our ex-Majority Leader Eric CantorĀ  suffered earlier this year – but he is not fighting for the average family in Virginia’s First District. Congressman Wittman ought not be demagogued as a powerful character of this defunct Republican Establishment, as he has not risen to the heights of an Eric Cantor or a Bob Goodlatte. Were Wittman more of a pawn he would surely have risen higher in the ranks – what with all the military bases he represents.

That said, a growing fog of dissatisfaction spreads throughout the district. I hear it from the south, in Hampton Roads and Mathews County, and from the north in Manassas and Fredericksburg. I’ve heard it in the Northern Neck, from White Stone to Montross to King George. This dissatisfaction, which has metastasized to nothing and no one, lingers without an antagonist, without a martyr, and without an avenue for self-expression. These are voices that rise in unison during TEA Party meetings, hushed by the vacuum between King George and Montross, Montross and Lively, and Lively and Hampton Roads.

Frustration abounds and liberty desired: Congressmen Wittman holds it together by his ability to serve the interests of our special interests, without surrendering his soul to the Establishment or offending our districts’ conservative sensibilities.

Yet I wonder if this is enough. The 1st District wasn’t there for the primary challenge issued by one Dr. Dave Brat to one Majority Leader Eric Cantor. They didn’t see what liberty unleashed felt like and sounded like and meant to those who showed up and threw the bum out. They are still going about their business, assured that Wittman is no villain, assured that he’s no Cantor. To be honest, he is not.

But to the average family, and to the clerk, the manager, the stay at home mom, and the small businessman, I ask, are you satisfied?

Are You Satisfied?

Yes, of course our Congressman could have risen higher in the ranks were he willing to sell us out and hold us in as much contempt as Bob Goodlatte or Scott Rigell hold for their Republican Constituents; shouldn’t we be thankful?

Well, shouldn’t we?

I say, No we should not.

We are facing a Constitutional Crisis in Congress and not being as awful isn’t good enough anymore. Congressman Wittman will never fight against the Republican Establishment . Conservative Review ( scores Congressmen Wittman as poorly as they score Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. There are areas where we ought to appreciate Congressman Wittman’s principles. Unlike most of the Republican Establishment, Congressman Wittman is not willing to open our borders and has an excellent conservative record on Immigration Policy – but we are facing catastrophic debt and government growth, and when you dig into Congressman Wittman’s background on Welfare and Spending, you will find that he is your prototypical Big Government Republican.

We deserve better. Now, our Congressmen is not beyond redemption and deserves a brief opening for reformation. I promise, that if he stands up to Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell, I will do everything I can to see him reelected and advanced. But friends, I have to see it – not hear it. We are faced with a President that intends to spend the last two years of his Presidency as a Tyrant. I want to see our Congressman, Congressman Rob Wittman, on the news with Mike Lee and Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ready to wage a WAR AGAINST TYRANNY! I want to hear him tell his district that we have a Republican Representative willing to fight for the existence of our Republic!

Let us give him time, but let us put him on notice: Fight for us or we will find someone who will.

Like the 7th District, whomever challenges Congressman Wittman in two years or four years, if they win, they will go to Congress to work side by side with Congressman Dr. Dave Brat, Congressman Thomas Massie, and Congressman Justin Amash to restore liberty and Constitutional values in America.

I know: I know that the attorneys, the farmers, and the people working at our military bases will tell you that, “this we cannot allow”. My friends, what good are attorneys in a country where there is no Constitution? What good are farmers in a country where there is no freedom? What good is a military that defends a government that despises the country that they govern?

Let us not remain asleep. I am not calling for a revolt against Congressman Wittman today. I am calling on Virginia’s historic First District to petition their Representative to represent all of us – not just the attorneys, the farmers, and our military personnel. I love our attorneys, our farmers, and our military. I love them. Right now, however, they are short-sighted. Right now they are more worried about their own jobs and security than that of our country as a whole. I love them! Without them I would be enslaved, hungry, and without council. I love them! But I’m not willing to lose my country because I put them and their short-sighted interests before my beloved country as a whole. That would not be patriotism. I intend to be a patriot.






About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

10 Responses to “Congressman Rob Wittman & Virginia’s Historic First District”

  1. Leslie Schaeffer says:

    Horrible article. Stop trying to write like Shakespeare.

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    I absolutely hate being compared to the greatest author in history.

  3. Robert Shannon

    If all a critic has to say is someone else’s attempt at shedding light on an important topic is horrible they should keep that to themselves, or make an equal effort to share their thoughts on Steve’s point.

    I have lived in the 7th since 1998 and have followed Wittman’s voting record and how he has conducted himself as a U.S representative since his elevation to Congress. Steve is kind, and fair only in how he respects the office and Wittman as a human being. As I have told the Congressman in person “their are a number of ways one can be a public servant besides elective office.

    Mr. Wittman could return to his community and lead a TEA Party group, one that he has no reservations every election cycle visiting and panning for votes. The difference in service in Congress and service in the Patriot movement is as follows. No $175,000 salary with a Cadillac benefit program, no 60-90 days off a year, no annual appropriation of $1,000.000.00 for staffing, no unlimited expense account , no hero worship followers, just back breaking hard quiet work in the effort to restore some sanity to a Nation spinning out of control, faster by the day.

    I won’t waste the readers time on Wittman’s traditional path to Congress, readers with any level of interest already know how he got there, for the sake of this writing I will just focus on his actual dereliction of his duty and his typical political cobbling together of just enough of a constituent group, a loyal following comprised of those sucking at the federal government teat to keep him going back every election cycle. Anyone who has read his mailers knows what I am speaking of.

    Perhaps the best example of Wittman’s cowardice is his handling of the Pigford Scandal , namely his refusal to sign onto Congressman Steve Kings bill several years back in an attempt to stop payments in what was the most obvious and glaringly disgusting fraud perpetrated against American taxpayers in recent memory. Google Pigford Fraud if you don’t know anything about it.

    In this example black farmers ( even some who never farmed a day in their life) filed class action litigation against the Dept. Of Agriculture and the Federal Government claiming they had been discriminated against in their effort at acquiring loans given other farmers from the Dept. of Agriculture. What started out as a class action lawsuit that initially was estimated to perhaps ultimately end up costing taxpayers some 100 million to settle, actually mushroomed ( thanks to our glorious trial lawyers) into some 2-3 billion and counting since the other alleged ethnic/gender groups have yet to get their beaks wet at the trough. Before anyone starts with the racist non-sense please let me tell you in advance I don’t run from that word. Facts are facts and this litigation , brought for very legitimate reasons and justification was hijacked by the trial lawyers and turned into a circus, a very profitable circus, all the while taxpayers being raped to the tune of billions in clear documented fraud.

    I led a protest at Wittman’s Tappahannock office on his refusal to sign onto Steve Kings bill, wrote letters to local newspapers, conducted presentations for several TEA Party groups in the 7th district detailing the fraudulent conduct and the stealing of taxpayer funds—-all the while Wittman remained absolutely SILENT on the topic.

    I understood the media’s reluctance to spend more time and energy on this, for all of the obvious reasons, starting with the two prominent ones, race, and the fact that in DC these days the pilfering of 2-3 billion is pocket change in their eyes., perhaps rightfully so given what goes on there. But what puzzled me was why Congressman Rob Wittman remained so SILENT on the issue ? It was his constituents money that was being stolen, we asked him to help Steve King, we protested at his Tappahannock office, wrote letters, surely Wittman was aware of our cries for this fraud to be halted……..what was his reason for his indifference ? He receives very little of the African American vote, so it wasn’t that, what was it…….

    To allow the subject of fraud, relating to black farmers and many who never farmed a day in their lives, along with their trial lawyers to literally steal all of this money…..what drove Wittmans intransigence ?

    To openly attack Pigford , eventually someone would have certainly pointed out the federal farm subsidies going to white farmers gaming the same system, only in a slightly different way. Does anyone reading this approve of subsidies going to farm households with annual incomes between $250,000—$1,000,000 a year ? Wittman knew it ( pursuing an investigation into Pigford ) might open up a broader discussion on the other fraud being perpetuated by many of his biggest backers, and that is the only logical conclusion one can come to on this matter. It does however provide ample evidence, hard evidence of why Wittman needs to go.

    He is an intelligent man, he understands these issues need addressed, but he cares more about remaining in his cushy position as a U.S Congressman than he does about addressing his nations problems, problems that left unaddressed much longer will bury this nations future generation in debt they will be crushed by.

    To remain in that cushy position he must continue to allow the ongoing raping of taxpayers with his refusal to tell farmers that subsidies must end, to tell seniors that Medicare must be reformed, to tell Veterans ( I am a former Marine ) that Tricare must be reformed, civil service pensions must be reformed, higher education funding must be eliminated all together and forced to compete for student/family monies like any other free market endeavor.

    We all know why he won’t. He cares more about his staying in Congress than he ever has about being a leader. I’m just not as nice as Steve is about this. I have 3 adult children and now 12 grandchildren who’s very future is at stake. We don’t have the luxury of being nice…..time is running out and Rob Wittman needs to go, the sooner the better.
    Bob Shannon King William

  4. Catherine Crabill says:

    Rob Wittman is a bald-faced liar. (Rob, if you’re reading this SUE ME, please!)
    A finger-in-the-air, self-preserving coward. How anyone can have a front row seat to the threatening tyranny, lawlessness, corruption and UNMITIGATED DANGER of this administration, after having sworn a SACRED OATH to uphold and defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES, foreign AND DOMESTIC, and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop, derail, hinder, thwart or expose it, is INEXPLICABLE.

    And you cannot, with all due respect Steven, declare that he has not sold out to the Establishment because he hasn’t risen higher in the ranks of the Republican Party! He hasn’t risen in the ranks because he is a patronizer! A fawning sycophant with no gumption, courage or character.

    Evidence of the aforementioned are MEN like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Steve Stockman, Walter Jones. They aren’t waiting for permission to be heard, to speak out, to stand up and FIGHT! And they don’t give a damn what treasonous men like John McCain or Mitch McConnell, et al, think about them.

    History will show, at the exhumation and examination of the wreckage in which America is pedal-to-the-metal heading, that it was the plethora of God-less, feckless, craven, invertebrate traitors posing as our representatives that sealed our fate.

  5. Gene Lefty says:

    In the case of Congressman Rob Wittman, he attracted well over 60% of the vote in his District. 62.9% to be exact. Winning by not to far south of a margin of 2:1. Winning by 15% is generally considered a landslide, Congressman Wittman won by nearly twice that amount? And you write about how he has got it all wrong????

    Translated, the Congressman does what his constituents want him to do in Washington, and, they overwhelmingly show their approval at the polls every 2 years, per the Constitution. I am proud to say that I voted for Congressman Wittman. I can assure you that he listens to ALL the people in his District.

    Instead of listening to people in the North, South, and at Tea Party meetings, why don’t you listen to all the people in the District Mr. Tucker? 62.9% yea’s?

    Why don’t you quit taking Politics 101 from the Tea Party, or Tom, or Bob, or Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity and open your eyes and make your own decisions? I nibbled at their bait (BS) for a short period, but thankfully saw what was really going on before I was hooked. You simply do not know what you are tallking about, and listening to whoever you have been is not going to fix your problem.

    If you have a problem with the way Congressman Wittman votes in Washington, then take it up with his constituents, because he is doing the work of the majority in the 1st District. You are simply upset that you and that phone booth sized political “mafia” like bunch that you run with cannot pick and choose when it comes to our Constitution. A political “mafia” like organization that seems to want to trash the Constitution by contesting the will of the majority of the voters in the 1st District?

    Regarding Mr. Shannon’s remarks, in my opinion Mr. Shannon is upset because Congressman Wittman represents ALL the different demographics in the 1st District, instead of just those who view the lies, spins, distortions and deceptions of Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh as if it were “manna from heaven”. In my opinion, Mr. Shannon is upset because Congressman Wittman is a real leader, who will not join in their Tea Party Follies, nor be intimidated by the radical rhetoric spewed by a few political thugs who’s peanut sized meetings could be held in a phone booth, where they preach what amounts to fear, Limbaughism, and conspiracy theories. No answers for anything.

    Congressman Wittman has shown that he is a leader, who supported Capitalism, when he voted NO to the Bush Bailouts in 2008, NO to HR1424. No to Bush 43′. No to Wall St. Yes to Capitalism! Upset about that Bob now are you?

    Bob, why do you seem to enjoy the spending habits of Liberal Speaker HB2313 Howell and Safari Sen. Norment, who intend to tax and spend Virginia back into the stone ages? Mr. Shannon, why does it seem like you come charging in a day AFTER the Virginia taxpayers have again been looted by the above, and litter the minds of people with what amounts to anti-constitutional, minority rule rhetoric, followed by films that leach fear in the form of conspiracy theories into the minds of the unsuspecting. A good example being anti-McDonnell signage AFTER the damage is done? If you are taxed enough already Mr. Shannon, why didn’t YOU ask Safari Sen. Norment recently about his part in the largest tax increase on the middle-class in Virginia History, HB2313, when he was at the KWTP meeting? Why didn’t you?

    And then, to top it all off, Mr. Shannon proceeds to tell us why those in Washington who listen to the people in their District, and win their election by nearly 30% should be replaced? Replaced by who? Prisoner-Elect Tea Party McDonnell? Tea Party Cuccinnelli? Tea Party Jackson?

    Yea, right. Quit pretending like the Tea Party and grassroots were the only reason that Brat won, because there is another side to that coin.

  6. Robert Shannon

    One can at least admire Gene’s sticking to his rhetoric and slogans that he thinks suffice for intelligent dialogue. Points on consistency, it’s just the substance that is hard to follow.

    Referencing the Constitution, and Wittman’s supposed adherence to the will of his constituents alone shows the absolute dearth of even a basic understanding of the Constitution, or for that matter what the TEA Party is about. Adherence to the Constitution would require Wittman and others in Congress to stop funding much of what DC funds.

    Much of the spending that goes on in Congress is unconstitutional and that is where rubber meets the road and your discombobulated message falls completely apart. Where is it authorized that Congress may fund federal farm subsidies, or health care for anyone ? Where in the Constitution Dear Scholar is it mentioned or permitted that the Congress should be subsidizing higher education ? Why is it you always are loath to specifically address the points raised in what apparently sets you off into one of your rants ? I didn’t hear a word about the Pigford Fraud and how Wittman dodged it for the reason I mentioned ? I wasn’t addressing Speaker Howell and Senator Norments votes or records, the topic was Congressman Rob Wittman. One topic at a time. Besides anyone who knows anything about me ( you apparently don’t read the Tidewater Review much ) already knows my consistent opposition to spending at every level of government being out of control. You diminish your message by spending so much time and energy attacking my positions that are very well known and established after 6 years of what I have been doing. From bloated School budgets , to Land Use Tax exemptions shifting the costs of local government to everyone else left, to my highly publicized battles with Del. Chris Peace over hundreds of millions given to higher education ( one of the greatest ongoing frauds) to my endorsement last year of Rob Sarvis—suggesting I am some republican apologist, or am reluctant to attack Virginia legislators is almost too funny. You were there the night Tommy Norment spoke at our meeting, and no doubt you might have read the following week the article the Tidewater Review printed on my assessment of Senator Norment. I am not sure how any rational person could make an intelligent argument that Norment got kid glove treatment. I hammered him both at the meeting and in the press.

    In a recent response to VaRight I mentioned not having seen you at the budget hearings , some 18-20 I have attended the last 3 years . I have seen you at perhaps 3 of our meetings the last 2 years, yet you claim to know so much of what we are about or what our message is, or our goals are ? You actually know little of what you speak about, I admire the willingness to engage but you need to sharpen your knowledge a bit if you want taken seriously.

    As for the 61% Wittman received you have a valid point, but I am not sure if you realized you only strengthened my own. He( Wittman ) like many members cobble together within their districts just enough of those feeding at the federal gov’t trough to remain popular enough to continue their re-elections cycle after cycle. I specifically mentioned the farm subsidies, the money thrown at higher ed, the pandering to Veterans, the unwillingness to address the entitlement train and the inevitable wreck coming soon as a result of the out of control spending.

    You reference our “phone booth ” size meetings as if that somehow diminishes what we are trying to do or what we represent. Follow this logic Gene.

    For over a decade Winston Churchill was reviled in his own Country, the British press and political leadership tried to destroy the man, literally. Churchill stood alone, never wavering from his positions, that ultimately the rest of Europe came around to seeing were the correct positions. Churchill was clearly in the tiny minority……but he stuck to his principles as do the TEA Party movement. Other than the TEA Party their is no organized effort that I know of to stave off the eventual demise of the United States, and the ensuing economic destruction of my 12 grandchildren’s future, a future that isn’t pre-determined so long as we act. I listen to folks like you and your criticism and half baked logic of why we are wrong. I often ask our critics if they can do basic math ?

    We stand few in numbers, you are correct. But as John Adams said some 200 years ago.
    ” standing on principle means sometimes standing alone”

    Our numbers have diminished for actually very good reasons. We have run off the folks who wanted welfare cut ( except their own of course) we have run off those that want smaller government ( except of course the programs they benefit from )

    I’ll stand on principle and wither the rather self serving attacks from people who show time and time again they really don’t know what they are even talking about. Standing on principle means I have to withstand these types of attacks. I am not paid, I have no government programs I am benefitting from, I have no desire to run for elective office & my only source that drives me is knowing our positions are sound, and ultimately as was Churchill will be proven correct.

    Bob Shannon

  7. Gene Lefty says:

    Let us dissect your rant one post at a time Bob.

    First, let’s talk about this obsession you seem to have with Pigford, Bob. You mention a total of $2-3 Billion in your rant. Pigford made it onto at least one of your Anti-Wittman signs just west of Tappahannock a few years ago.

    Now, while you were fuming about Pigford, the Treasury department was shipping $85 Billion a MONTH to Wall St. in “QE”, year after year. Trillions of dollars going out the back door to Wall St. while you fume about $2-3 Billion going out the front door to minority farmers????? Nothing but Welfare and Food Stamps for Wall St.. Where was the Tea Party signs about “QE”?

    The total Pigford payout equaled about 1 day of one month of “QE”?? QE went on for years. And you were silent for those years. What do your signs say about silence Bob? You have constantly refused to mention, or give Congressman Wittman credit for his NO vote on the Bush Wall St. bailouts in 2008, HR1424. Why is that Bob? Are you in bed with Wall St.?

    It is long overdue for you to explain your lack of support for Congressman Wittman’s support of Capitalism. Why are you hiding that from your disciples?

    Another thing, why is the Bush Prescription plan any different than a payment to some minority farmers who were done dirty? Except, the prescription plan is an eternal entitlement that will cost us forever? Why are you not calling for a repeal of the Bush Prescription Entitlement? Nothing but a thank you to the drug companies.

    When I stood up at the meeting at the fire house in I believe past February, and told those there that the limited tax base in KW could not support all the bells and whistles that Hanover and Chesterfield schools could offer, did you stand up and support me? Did you Bob?

    Back to you buddy!

  8. Robert Shannon

    The Pigford Fraud was a recent example, the QE that you seem so obsessed with was and continues to be a program supported by both political parties. I seem to recall meetings we had for a running total of some 6 months that dealt with QE and cited example after example of how Wall Street received truck loads of money, again championed by leading members of both political parties. The whole mess that brought about the economic collapse of 2007-08 was precipitated by the expansion of leverage to what we now know was up to 40-50 times these institutions capital base. They leveraged themselves knowing if things went south Congress would bail them out, they own Congress. Never having lost sight of what fueled this nonsense, this obsession with everyone owning a home crap, allowing the underwriting of loans to be undermined by this social policy of home ownership for everyone, regardless of credit worthiness or ability to re-pay. The financial tools used to finance this and spread the risk would never have previously been allowed, prior to Congress deciding “home loans for everyone”

    Many sectors made a lot of money by this type of speculation, and certain members of Congress would kill off any discussion that popped up when concerns began to surface. How many times in the 2004-06 time frame did the Bush administration raise alarms over Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac , only to have Chris Dodd and Barney Frank kill the discussion ? It is well documented , remember the VIP loans to Chris Dodd by Country Wide Financial ? Too big to fail isn’t a policy , it was a pre-written bail out, and both parties played the game.

    As for the Prescription Drug Benefit , you apparently have not been to many of our meetings. I have told the story over and over and over that when Bush signed that into law in 2004, I left the republican party. It was clear to me that he cared more about a second term than he did about doing the right thing. Do not overlook your own point that many seniors want this type of benefit, and conveniently ignore that it isn’t Medicare paying for their prescriptions, it is their own grandchildren that will ultimately pick up the check. Medicare is paying out around $2 in benefits for every $1 that was paid into the program ( and that includes employers matching contributions ), so my calls for repeal of the Prescription Drug Benefit have been there all along for anyone who has regularly attended our meetings. Congress must lead, they must tell seniors these programs are in need of reform, the reforms are out there and have been for some time. I told Rob Wittman face to face 5 weeks ago in Lively Virginia in front of a crowd, ” we know Congressman what the remedies are, how to fix these problems, what is lacking is the leadership, the courage to walk into a room like this and call farm subsidies going to households with $250,000—1 million dollars a year in income welfare” Their were no doubt wealthy farmers in that room. I had the courage to say what I said, Rob Wittman won’t—-that’s the difference. Now if you want to defend subsidies going to households with those levels of income……I don’t know what to say.

    I understand your point about Pigford and scale, of course it pales in comparison to some of the other frauds being carried out even today, it was the flagrant nature, the sheer audacity of the majority of the claims which were manufactured , and the evidence was abundant how shameful it was. I never objected and I made that clear in my Presentations on the subject that farmers , legitimate farmers, not someone who had a potted plant on their window sill, had every legal right to seek redress in the courts for any discrimination they faced in getting loans from the Dept. of Agriculture. The U.S Census Bureau even cited that their has never been more than 29,000 black farmers in the entire nation , and yet their were claims somewhere in the neighborhood of 85,000 ????? One trial lawyer alone, exposed on 60 Minutes made 100 million dollars in fees. Trial lawyers, right behind legislators are destroying capitalism, they share in the stealing that goes on, whether it be QE, or Pigford, Farm subsidies, bloated entitlement programs, or the money they send to higher education each year—it is and has consistently been on my agenda. To suggest I am a stooge for Wall Street only undermines your own credibility. I have spared no one, certainly not Wall Street.

    Bob Shannon

    As for Wittman, yes, every vote he has taken hasn’t been a vote we would not have supported. He has voted correctly numerous times. What is lacking is his voice , at least publically for the reforms I often discuss.

    Many members of Congress, as Catherine Crabill pointed out speak up, they don’t care what their party leadership thinks of them.

  9. Gene Lefty says:

    This is classic local Tea Party deception, what you say is simply not true.

    Which political party controlled all 3 branches of the US Government from 2000-2006 Bob? The Republican Party? You say the Bush admin. raised the alarm, but members of the minority Party blocked any change? Yea, RIGHT!
    Sorry Bob, that is not how it was, nor how it works. Bush 43′, or the Republican Leadership in the Republican controlled House or Senate could easily have stopped what was going on at Fannie/Freddie from 2000-2006. Why didn’t they? Because their Corporate backers were rolling like a Pig in Slop in cash ripped off from the middle-class. A portion of this cash was coming back into their Campaigns and PAC’s to ensure that the Follie continued.
    The Republican’s led by Bush 43′ had total control of Government from 2000-2006. They were in charge, and need to take reponsibility for what happened to this country on their watch. Quit deceiving people by telling them Frank an Dodd ran this country into the ground when their Party was in a minority in DC Government. It is simply not true.
    Now, you say Wall St. knew Congress would bail them out? Well, there was one member of Congress who would not bail them out. The good Congressman Rob Wittman from Virginia’s 1st District. You continue to refuse to give Congressman Wittman credit for being a courageous leader in 2008, with his NO vote to HR 1424, the Bush 43′ bailouts. Why is that Bob? Again and again, why is that Bob?
    You mention Wall St. and truck loads of cash? Well tell me this Bob? Those overpriced health insurance premiums that gave us ObamaCare, just where did they end up getting “dumped”? Those annual double digit increases in the cost of healthcare before ObamaCare, where did they get “dumped”? Wall St.?
    You say that you want to go back to the pre-Obamacare days? As if government wasn’t involved in regulating healthcare then? The DC and State Lobbyist’s paid key members of government to stack the deck against the people before Obamacare. That is exactly why we have ObamaCare.
    Without Obamacare, the government will still be involved in regulating health care and health insurance to make sure that Wall St., the providers, and insurance companies take as much of the middle-class paycheck as they can get their greedy little hands on.
    Where do you think that higher education entitlement money is being “dumped”? Stop the guarantee of student loans, stop the rise in the cost of higher education. Take healthcare out of the employers hands, slow the rise of healthcare. Neither is possible with the lobby.
    I have told you time and time again, face to face, that you cannot change Washington without taking the money out of government. You have agreed, but what have you done about it? If you think the bunch that you want up there is going to be able to do that you are 100% wrong.
    I will be watching the Dave Brat experiment under a microscope. You say now that you are not a Republican? Is this a warning so that if things go wrong with Brat, you will be able to wash your hands of Republican Congressman Brat? I wanted Cantor out of office for years. Brat was the vehicle to get that done. He is not in House leadership nor my District. But I will be watching just to see if this is another Tea Party candidate failure.
    The day after Brat won, he said ” I do not have a well crafted response at this time” when asked a question about minimum wage by Chuck Todd. He also threw his winning campaign manager under a bus soon there after. No loyalty what-so-ever to the one that helped get him there? NO LOYALTY. Has he already thrown you people under the bus also?
    And just for the record, I do not trust any economist as far as I can throw them. I also think minimum wage needs to be at least $12.50 per hr.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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