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Cruz Campaign Capitalizes on Carson’s Inexperience

Senator Cruz continues to capitalize on Dr. Ben Carson’s inexperience, gaining ground against Carson in Massachusetts. In October, Massachusetts polling data showed Trump with 48%, Carson with 14%, Rubio with 12%, and Cruz with only 5%. In one month, Trump has dropped to 32%, Rubio up to 18%, Cruz at 10%, and Carson dropping all the way to 5%. Now, this early polling in Massachusetts isn’t a good gauge of anything in a vacuum, but considering what we’re seeing in other polls, it appears that Senator Cruz is directly siphoning off votes from Carson.

AP_ted_cruz_jt_150321_16x9_992Obviously, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson share the same constituency; so whichever candidate’s campaign seems the most formidable will likely be the campaign with all the votes at the end of the day. While I have tremendous respect for Dr. Carson and while his campaign staff has proven to be remarkable fund-raisers, they have done a very poor job crafting a clear message. Rand Paul, whom I also respect and support, has suffered from the same lack of message. Over the last few weeks the Rand team finally looks to have simplified its message and to have begun demonstrating why Senator Paul, and no one else, ought to be the Republican Nominee. Too little too late I’m afraid.

The success of the Cruz Campaign can be found in its’ consistency. Republicans are looking for a conservative candidate that walks the walk, and that’s Ted Cruz. That’s been his message from day one. Why is Ben Carson running for President? Why is Ben Carson the best candidate in the Republican field? No one seems to have an answer to those two questions, least of all the Carson Campaign, which is a serious problem. Carson’s support is still strong nationally, because he’s a brilliant man with an admirable character and it’s just hard as heck not to love the guy. However, as he delves into the policy alongside the Governors and Senators, he looks inexperienced.

Why is this important for Cruz in Virginia?

Surprisingly (and I’ve heard few people discussing this) a Mary Washington University Poll in early November showed Carson leading the field in Virginia with 29% of the vote. Trump is in second place in Virginia with 24%. Rubio had 11% and Cruz had 10%. I would imagine, if the same trend holds true in Virginia as it has in Massachusetts and Iowa, we will see Senator Ted Cruz skyrocketing in Virginia. Rubio, Cruz, and Trump could actually be very close together come the next round of Virginia polls. So keep an eye out.

Unfortunately for Carson, candidates who begin these steady, across the board, decreases in their poll numbers, rarely survive. Voters write these candidates off and quickly jump to their next favorite candidate. In both the case of Donald Trump and Ben Carson, the number 2 favorite is typically Senator Cruz. With the Republican and Democrat Parties and everyone in the television and print medias targeting Trump, it is hard to imagine Trump hanging on. That isn’t right, by the way. No candidate should lose support because of what the Political Parties say or how viciously the media goes after them. If you agree with a candidates policies, what do you care what the media says? However, this has been the trend over the past several elections. No candidate has survived the blitzkrieg The Donald is facing. Of course, no other candidate has been Donald Trump.

We’ll see what happens. The holidays will speed us through the rest of 2015 and come January 2nd, the primary season will be in fifth gear. Should be fascinating.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

4 Responses to “Cruz Campaign Capitalizes on Carson’s Inexperience”

  1. Mark Latham says:

    Carson’s inexperience? We know he practiced Medicine for 38 years in one of the World’s foremost Health Systems- Johns Hopkins where he chaired Pediatric Neurosurgery.

    Senator Rafael Edward Cruz ( Ted so you won’t know he’s Hispanic) supported the TPP and TPA in the Senate which effectively gives away America’s sovereignty. He supports a 500% increase in H1B visas which will not get the 94 million unemployed Americans back to work paying into the Ponzi Schemes of Social Security and Medicare. Experience! He, like Obama, was in the US Senate for a minute when he decided to run for President. Obama’s inexperience has been a disaster played out on the world stage.

    Before you vote for Ted Cruz, you should read the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” about the FED and learn about its ties to the Council on Foreign Relations. Heidi Cruz was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations- she is an employee of Goldman Sachs. You might just change your mind about voting for the son of an atheist ( says was saved in 1973 when Ted was 3 years old) who Fought for the Godless Communist Castro in Cuba and despite living in the United States since 1973 didn’t become a naturalized citizen until 2005 when it became politically expedient for his son’s political career to do so.

    The last time Americans voted for president without vetting him we ended up with 8 years of Barry Soetoro Obama.

    Carson is the real deal and Ted and his father created something that will be challenged by the Democrats in the Supreme Court while Hillary is elected President.

    • Your comments are interesting but I will need to check them out. I have read The Creature from Jekyll Island and this book should be number one on everyone’s reading list. This book will make Rand Paul look good for the top spot. However this will not happen. As to Carson, he will be destroyed by the Republican establishment. Carson is now being supported by Karl Rove. Nice strategic move by the Bush team. Increase Carson’s polling numbers and thereby decreasing Trump and Cruz. Time to bring the establishment Republicans, the wealthy elite, the Chamber of Commerce on board for Bush. A brokered convention that will usher in Bush by all of the establishment delegates not having to vote for their states primary choices. If this doesn’t work then he will follow in his fathers foot steps. No one wanted Bush senior to be the party’s choice so he takes the number two spot and ended up being elected after Reagan’s two terms. He became the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately Reagan did not have the benefit of the blogosphere, talk radio, and Fox News. It is a poor argument to hold Cruz’s father being an atheist as a means of deminishing Ted. I know many that have grown up having no faith and no exposure to a God or any religion and then becoming strong in their faith. I have a question for you. Are you aware of the war raging at very level in he Republican Party? That is local, state and national. Secondly are you involved in any political party. I could be wrong but I feel the answers would be no. Incidentally my first choice is a Trump and second is Cruz and Third is Paul.
      David Jackson

  2. Mark Latham says:

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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