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Democrats Have Changed; GOP Still Needs to Adjust

The Democrat Party has never been fond of free market capitalism, constitutional republicanism, federalism, or individual rights; but over the last decade, the Democrats have gone from a Progressive-European model of lite Democratic-Socialism, to a party of full blown totalitarian Statists. There is nothing American, moderate, independent, or virtuous left to the Democrat Party. Ever the party of sick ideas, from slavery to segregation, to infanticide and welfare-state dependency, the Democrats have evolved beyond the realm of irresponsible idealism. They are now a threat to the very existence of America as a Nation.

dcMeanwhile, the Republican Party is still playing the same game they played in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, stubbornly addicted to representing the foggy framework of a pro-business, pro-government brew contrived behind closed doors and masked by time-tested, media-approved messaging. To their astonishment, as republican voters have watched the Democrats perfect and master the republican art of using Wall Street and K Street to increase their treasuries, maximize their power, and defend themselves against the will of the people – these republican voters now see through their leaders pretentious rouse. As a result, the GOP Leadership has no base, no followers, no support. They can’t get anything accomplished, because not only are they trying to fight the Democrat Party, they are also taking on the majority of their own republican constituency. Mired in confusion and a stubborn refusal to change course, the Republican Party Leadership has become impotent, left unable to perform or impress.

Yet, the rising tide of patriots desperate to prevent the loss of the last vestiges of their liberty have sent wave after wave of Republicans to Congress, foolishly, according some, expecting results. Donald Trump has proven that even without substance, without principle, without intelligence, a politician can capture the adoration of the people, merely by representing them on the issues for which they are most passionate. Why the GOP has refused to get on board, to bask in the will of the people as Newt Gingrich did in the 90s, is strikingly absurd.

The problem is, that most of the Republican Leadership are career politicians. They represent the federal government, not the people. They use money, fear, and absurd propaganda to pander to the uninformed regular voter. They’ve kept their power, but they’ve lost everything else. I cannot imagine a better time for a change in leadership. If the Republican Party doesn’t adjust to the rising dangers presented to this nation by the Democrat Party, they will never again be able to function effectively. In a month, the Republican Party is going to increase the debt limit. Can you think of a more ridiculous and irresponsible position to take at this time? Yet, they don’t know what else to do.

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich are all struggling in the Republican Primary, primarily because they sicken the majority of Republican voters. They have no new ideas. They are merely hanging on to their old ones. The American People, even the Democrats, are looking for real solutions and real leadership. On September 16th, CNN will be holding the second debate at the Reagan Library. They picked the 11 strongest Republican Candidates (and they actually picked the right ones in my opinion). What is Jeb Bush going to say that he hasn’t already said a thousand times? What’s Christie or Kasich going to say to appeal to the people looking for a change in Republican Leadership? Believe me, if we cannot unwedge McConnell and Boehner, there is no way that Republicans are going to put a Boehner or McConnell ally in the White House. That’s just not where the electorate is today.

The Republican Party has to change. They don’t have to become like Trump. They just have to show leadership. They have to move bills through Congress. They have to take it to the Democrats on multiple battlefields. They have to go on offense and make the case for liberty (if the Republicans even remember what liberty is). If they fail to do so, the party will die. 50% of voting Americans aren’t going to continue to support these old, self-serving, unenlightened relics of an era of politics better buried and forgotten than sustained on permanent life-support.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “Democrats Have Changed; GOP Still Needs to Adjust”

  1. Rick Ryan says:

    I am a hard sell Steve Brodie Tucker. WOW!

    I hope that McConnell, Boehner, Nancy and the rest of the relics read and understand your essay. It is in the best interest of the nation ( and in that of the relics ) to embrace ( and believe in ) the Republican creed and turn their backs on the cronies. Dave Brat ran on the creed and proved the 7th was ready. I believe the rest of America is ready also.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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