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Democrats, The Islamic State, and the NFL

Bad Air!

If you’ve watched Fox News or ESPN, then surely you have tasted the same sour flavors of our age, the taste of which I can’t seem to get out of my mouth. Democrats are beside themselves with aimless energy toward the realization of a Brave New World, poised to destroy all those who stand against their insanity with weightless judgments regarding our character and constitution. They want a $5 minimum wage hike for women, but I am too sexist to agree. They want open borders, but I am too racist to abandon our rule of law. They want the benevolent masterminds of government to control the economy of my health care, but I am too selfish and greedy to relinquish my liberty. They want more imperial power for Barack Obama’s Presidency, but I am too much of an anarchist to see the wisdom of their ways.

Bad Air Over Seas!

The Islamic State has appealed to the hearts and minds of men and women across the globe. They have appealed to something in our nature too subterranean, too horrible and grim for us to admit its existence. The same desire that fuels our way “FORWARD” in America, fuels the rise of an Islamic Fascism overseas, which has not met with what I thought would be the obvious international retort: vengeance! Why? Because the crux of this sickness has infected every nation on earth. Man’s desire to sit in judgment of His fellow Man is insatiable, widespread, and ingrained in every social movement we see laid bare before us.

A woman goes after her man, slapping and spitting and screaming. They trap themselves in an enclosed elevator, stare each other down in mutual resentment, and together embrace the insanity of a mutual tragedy. He slugs her. Her head slams into a railing. She loses consciousness.

Hooray! What excellent circumstance! For now as a nation we may, as individuals and as a mob, pass judgment upon this man and this woman, upon those who employed the man, those who wore his jerseys on Thursday night, those who stood for The State and failed to pass a sentence that pleased us, and announce to ourselves and to all the world that “We’re angry because violence is bad!”.

Is this all we have in life to lift our spirits and to embolden our self-esteem? That we are able to proclaim that a man knocking his wife unconscious is wrong? What horrifies me is not our psychotic need to state the obvious, but our infatuation with the pomp and pretension of a media turning one family’s sin and tragedy into a circus and into a cause.

I say again, Bad Air!

I am reminded of a passage by Friedrich Nietzsche, from his “On The Genealogy of Morals”. The following passage awakened me to the nature of those around me who baffle me. Nietzsche’s prose can be difficult to understand and sometimes even harder to stomach, but the vivacity with which he saw into the soul of man and held down his nausea long enough to describe it is enlightening, to say the least.

“It is on such soil, on swampy ground, that every weed, every poisonous plant grows, always so small, so hidden, so false, so saccharine. Here the worms of vengefulness and rancor swarm; here the air stinks of secrets and concealment; here the web of the most malicious of all conspiracies is being spun constantly – the conspiracy of the suffering against the well-constitutued and victorious, here the aspect of the victorious is hated” (Nietzsche, 122).

We see in this the resentment that our poor feel for those who have worked hard to develop marketable skills, to offer beneficial goods and services to their fellow men at a price acceptable to both parties. It is here that we see our government swoop in to serve as justice for the poor, to, through force, even the heights to which any man is allowed to grow.

“And what mendaciousness is employed to disguise that this hatred is hatred! What a display of grand words and postures, what an art of ‘honest’ calumny! These failures: what noble eloquence flows from their lips! How much sugary, slimy, humble submissiveness swims in their eyes! What do they really want? At least to represent justice, love, wisdom, superiority – that is the ambition of the ‘lowest,’ the sick” (Nietzsche, 122-123).

Is there any question as to why we marvel at the self-righteousness employed by those who trample our rights out of their “good intentions”? That proverb which states that “the path to hell is paved with good intentions” certainly refers to the same ruinous flaw in our nature addressed by Nietzsche.

“And how skillful such an ambition makes them! Admire above all the forger’s skill with which the stamp of virtue, even the ring, the golden-sounding ring of virtue, is here counterfeited. They monopolize virtue, these weak, hopelessly sick people, there is no doubt of it: ‘we alone are the good and just,’ they say, ‘we alone are hominese bonae voluntatis'” (Nietzsche, 123).

Hominese Bonae Voluntatis is latin for “Men of Good Will”.

Is that not what our Democrats proclaim themselves to be? That all their tyranny and the wake of failure and misery behind them is justified precisely because they are “Men of Good Will”? Reality and truth don’t factor into this. For it is their intentions that justify them, and not the consequences of their actions.

The following sentences are the real gem in Nietzsche’s insight. I suggest that you reflect upon the following when you feel baffled by the insanity of liberals in this country or by the cruelty of the Islamic Fascists overseas.

The walk among us as embodied reproaches, as warnings to us – as if health, well-constitutedness, strength, pride, and the sense of power were in themselves necessarily vicious things for which one must pay some day, and pay bitterly: how ready they themselves are at bottom to make one pay; how they crave to be hangmen” (Nietzsche, 123).

This is what we are witnessing when we look into the eyes of those who seek to destroy our right to live as free, independent, rational minds whose right it is to deal with nature, with reality, as best we can, justified in every choice we make so long as we do not take or act through force, coercion, or theft, as parasites living off the effort or weakness of our fellow man.

“There is among them an abundance of the vengeful disguised as judges, who constantly bear the word ‘justice’ in their mouths like poisonous spittle, always with pursed lips, always ready to spit upon all who are not discontented but go their way in good spirits” (Nietzsche, 123).

Does this not describe the Democrat Party? Does this not describe perfectly the venomous rubes who populate MSNBC?

“Nor is there lacking among them that most disgusting species of the vain, the mendacious failures whose aim is to appear as ‘beautiful souls’ and who bring to market their deformed sensuality, wrapped up in verses and other swaddling clothes, as ‘purity of heart’: the species of moral masturbaters and ‘self-gratifiers’. The will of the weak to represent some form of superiority, their instinct for devious paths to tyranny over the healthy – where can it not be discovered, this will to power of the weakest!” (Nietzsche, 123. )

In these final words, I can see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi before me, with their not-so-veiled desperation to tear down everything strong and virtuous and honest, only to reassemble the pieces as a meaningless prize for the resentful whom they represent. The Democrat Party does not exist to solve problems. The Islamic State does not exist to help Mankind draw nearer to God. The pedestals upon which these organizations stand aren’t built on sand, but excrement! And I can’t help but smell it.

So once again, I say, BAD AIR!


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “Democrats, The Islamic State, and the NFL”

  1. jemes pondit says:

    Islam isn’t just at the heart of the terror threat posed by the Islamic State. The religion is also contributing to the other major crisis plaguing the globe: the spread of Ebola.

    Washington and its media stenographers won’t tell you this, lest they look intolerant, but Islamic burial rituals are a key reason why health officials can’t contain the spread of the deadly disease in West Africa.

    Many of the victims of Ebola in the three hot-spot nations there — Sierra Leone and Guinea, as well as neighboring Liberia — are Muslim. Roughly 73% of Sierra Leone’s and about 85% of Guinea’s people are Muslim. Islam, moreover, is practiced by more than 13% of Liberians.

    When Muslims die, family members don’t turn to a funeral home or crematorium to take care of the body. In Islam, death is handled much differently.

    Relatives personally wash the corpses of loved ones from head to toe. Often, several family members participate in this posthumous bathing ritual, known as Ghusl.

    Before scrubbing the skin with soap and water, family members press down on the abdomen to excrete fluids still in the body. A mixture of camphor and water is used for a final washing. Then, family members dry off the body and shroud it in white linens.

    Again, washing the bodies of the dead in this way is considered a collective duty for Muslims, especially in Muslim nations. Failure to do so is believed to leave the deceased “impure” and jeopardizes the faithful’s ascension into Paradise (unless he died in jihad; then no Ghusl is required).

    Before the body is buried, Muslims attending the funeral typically pass a common bowl for use in ablution or washing of the face, feet and hands, compounding the risk of infection.

    Though these customs are prescribed by Shariah law, they’re extremely dangerous and should be suspended. Mosque leaders must step in to educate village Muslims about the dangers of interacting with corpses.

    Ebola victims can be more contagious dead than alive. Their bodies are covered in rashes, blood and other fluids containing the virus.

    “Funerals and washing dead bodies in West African countries have led, to a great extent, to spread the disease,” a World Health Organization spokeswoman recently warned.

    WHO has issued an advisory to Red Cross and other relief workers in African Muslim nations to “be aware of the family’s cultural practices and religious beliefs. Help the family understand why some practices cannot be done because they place the family or others at risk for exposure.”

    The document added: “Identify a family member who has influence with the rest of the family and who can make sure family members avoid dangerous practices such as washing or touching the body.”

    The warning appears to be falling on deaf ears, however.

    Last month, Red Cross workers in Guinea were attacked by family members while trying to bury Ebola dead safely. In Sierra Leone, moreover, a family took Ebola-ridden bodies secured in body bags from the Red Cross, opened them up and exposed all members of the family to Ebola. They all contracted the disease.

    The UN warns that if the spread of Ebola can’t be contained within 60 days, it could turn into a global plague. The West African infection rate is expected to jump from 1,000 a week to 10,000 a week.

    President Obama argues that suspending travel with these West African nations would do more harm than good.

    But the practice of these religious customs is even more reason to do so.

    Even Saudi Arabia, the center of Islam, is now barring pilgrims from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea from traveling to Mecca for fear of them bringing the virus into the kingdom.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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