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Executives Gone Wild

President Obama has blazed new trails toward tyrannical abuses of executive powers. What has he done? Well: a) The Targeting of political opposition using the IRS. b) Bullying of the “free press” through Obama’s Justice Department. c) Arming Mexican Cartel’s resulting in the death of an American. d) Refusing to aid an American Embassy in Libya. e) Unconstitutionally and continuously amending signature Congressional legislation. f) Use of the Federal Bureaucracy to attack individual persons, businesses, and industries. g) Encouraging a refugee crisis on the Southern Border. And, h) He almost went to war with the Syrian Government without Congressional authorization.

Then there are thousands of examples of bureaucratic abuses of power, none of which have resulted in anyone within Obama’s Administration being held accountable. How is this possible? Eric Holder. The Justice Department has served as an impenetrable wall between the entire Obama Executive and the United States Constitution. The Senate has refused to investigate a single event and continuously ignores criminal activity as “faux scandals”.

The consequence of this lawlessness cannot be measured and its extent will be unknown going forward. We now have the Governor of Virginia attempting the same kind of post-Constitutional governance over the Virginia Legislature.

As Virginians, we will now be completely dependent upon federal courts, packed by Harry Reid and the Obama Administration. This is nothing short of tyranny and eventually we will have to encourage our legislatures to act, to remove these lawless individuals, or to amend our Constitutions in order to take power away from the Courts (See Liberty Amendments), or to press criminal charges and throw these politicians, their staff, and their accomplices in federal prison.

When our executive branches declare war on our Constitutions, they are declaring war on “We The People”. That we haven’t reacted, or even overreacted, to these abuses as a nation has served to further encourage more unconstitutional acts. These are extremely serious issues that would have required serious men and women in Washington to prevent or deal with them. Alas, the Democrat and Republican Leaderships are too blinded by their own obsession with personal political power and jockeying for position, that an eroding Republic simply failed to capture their attention.

We threw Cantor out; still they are not paying attention. If the Republican and Democrat Establishments will not hold our Executive Branches accountable, then we must first remove the Establishments and we must absolutely refuse to nominate or vote for Establishment types for any office. Does any serious person believe that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have the intellectual capacity or political fortitude to restore the United States Constitution and the rule of law upon which the existence of our Republic depends?

Then why elect men and women who will support their leadership when they get to Congress?

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

2 Responses to “Executives Gone Wild”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Just when will we see an article on what the Republicans have accomplished since 2000? Both in Virginia, and at the Federal level?

  2. Robert Shannon

    I have written almost non-stop on the lack of any achievements in the last 8 years when republicrats had majorities and or ran ,in the case of Virginia the entire State for 4 years.

    The 21% who identify with the TEA Party , but voted for Cantor last week are a major hindrance to our efforts since many of these folks belong, and are often in leadership positions with some of these local TEA Party groups.

    I have often referred to them as “republican party apologists” willing to turn a blind eye to almost anything if someone with an R next to their name is the offender. Call it denial, call it ignorance, doesn’t matter. These are the folks who must be purged from the TEA Party or we continue to be hindered by their obstructionist stances, their almost blind allegiance to a party, for no better reason than ” they aren’t the other guy”

    Many have commented that , for example Cuccinelli lost last year because some TEA Party folks ( myself included) endorsed and supported Rob Sarvis. What is almost humorous if it wasn’t so pathetically stupid is these folks ,( again as expected ) ignored the ethical questions raised about the candidate, ignored his predecessor raising 6 billion in new taxes and lacked any real legislative achievements to crow about, and was on his way possibly to prison as his term came to an end…….and they criticize those who’s conscience dictated they could not support Cuccinelli. They expected us to just fall in line like lemmings and march into the booth and vote for a candidate that was “not McAwful”. That mentality won’t advance solutions to our problems. To the contrary electing anyone just because they are not as bad as the other guy/gal is a very stupid practice not helping at all.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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