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Following the Timmy Kaine Money Trail of Shame

So, what is Timmy Boy Kaine up to these days?

Well, after leaving his job as Virginia’s Governor and abandoning the state with largest budget shortfall in history, costing the Democrats any hope of winning much of anything in Virginia for a long while, Timmy was “promoted” to the position of Chairman of the Democratic Party where he promptly presided over a historic defeat in the US House of Representatives and helped Republicans draw closer in the Senate to regaining control.

So Tim decided to put his political hat back on in the hope that Virginians had forgotten the ruinous aftermath of what we like to call Tim Kaine-sian Economics. That is where you take a perfectly good economy, blow wads of money on useless programs and end up in such dire financial straits that Virginia didn’t have a pot to pee in. (Literally! He had to close the State’s rest areas.)

So, with Timmy stepping down, the Democrats thought long and hard on who would be able to step up to the level of Tim Kaine’s achievements and the name Debbie Wasserman-Schultz sprang to mind. (Please – I am not joking!)

So, with the equally talented Wasserman-Schultz hoping to carry on as the latest puppet for the Food Stamp President Obama, Timmy Kaine was free to run for the Senate where he could finally talk in big money deficit terms. No longer stuck in a dead end job managing to spend only a billion or so more than Virginia took in, Kaine is ready to play the Trillion Dollar Loser game with his BFF Barack in the Major Leagues inside the Washington beltway as a US Senator.

Of course, as one can expect, all the Progressive lefties lined up to pay tribute to what they hope will be the Senator who finally teaches the world what comes after a Trillion.

Unions, of course, are all in.

Now, we already followed Tim Kaine’s donations from the arch enemy Bain Capital, Mitt Romney’s former employer. And it is not really a shock to see the League of Conservation Voters in the donation column for Kaine. While pretending to be fair and balanced, the LCV is a far left extremist group that is out to push the Democratic agenda. They are really big on politicians who vote for things like giving millions and millions of Taxpayer dollars – actually, they won’t technically be Taxpayer Dollars until we pay China back for the loans, to pillars of clean energy achievement like the bankrupt solar energy company Solyndra.

So, in digging through Timmy’s Federal Election Commission filings, I came across some interesting tidbits.

The first shows a couple of strange disbursements:

Feel free to click on the image to see one large enough to read. But what we see is that Timmy paid the League of Conservation Voters $218.46 on 12/18/2011 for “Conference Call Expenses”. The second item on this page shows $140.67 going to the LCV for “Contribution Processing Fee” on 12/31/2011.

A second item that caught my eye was the donation on 12/31/2011 to the Kaine Campaign from the LCV for $2500 as you can see below (click to enlarge):

Not a lot of money, but when you combine these three items with the fact that the LCV just so happened to name the presumed Republican nominee George Allen to their “Dirty Dozen” list, well, it’s enough to make even Tim Kaine raise an eyebrow.

I can imagine how that conference call went. I could just envision Kaine dialing into the conference bridge and punching in the code number the LCV sent him to join – who knows how many left wingers – in a strategy planning session.

LCV – “Hey, Tim. We got a great idea. Hows about we donate a bit of money to you and pretend that you are a wonderful green energy advocate and then we name George Allen to our “Dirty Dozen” list?”

Timmy – “I like that idea. Who else will be on the “Dirty Dozen” list?”

LCV – “Umm. Well, nobody. Just Allen.”

Timmy – “Doesn’t a dozen mean twelve, not one?”

LCV – “Well, Obama seems to spend about twelve dollars for every one he takes in, so one is the new dozen.”

Timmy – “Well, that is Kaine-sian economics. I like it! In fact, I like it so much that I’m gonna pick up the tab for this call. And if it costs you anything to make that donation to me, I’ll reimburse that as well.”

LCV – “Yea. Just wait until voters see Allen’s name on the “Dirty Dozen” list. That will make them think twice about supporting someone who pushes energy from Nuclear Power, Virginia Coal and Natural Gas and that nasty petroleum. Voters will know that Allen was not part of the green revolution that has done so much for Virginia and the rest of the country.”

Timmy – “Well, I hope that works. But I am a bit confused. Exactly what has all that money invested in green energy done?”

LCV – “Well, Solar Energy has a lot of promise. The tax money invested will pay off with green jobs and clean energy! It’s gonna be swell!”

Timmy – “You mean solar companies like Solyndra? They went belly up.”

LCV – “I see your point. But the taxpayer investments in the Auto Industry pumped billions into a failing company and bailed them out so that they can produce cars like the Chevy Volt that get 60 miles per gallon!”

Timmy – “Yea. But they catch on FIRE!”

LCV – “I see your point. So, do you not want to do this? It looks like it will only bring attention to the fact that George Allen supported an energy policy that actually produced energy. Not failure. The voters might realize what idiots we are to support these unproven technologies. This might actually make Tim Kaine look pretty bad.”

Timmy – “Naw. Voters are stupid. They put Obama in office, right? Who cares if there is only one name on the “Dirty Dozen” list and things the LCV supports and advocates either catch on fire or go bankrupt. We will just tell them that you can heat your house with a Chevy Volt fire very economically. I say let’s run with it. Besides, it’s not like I can run on my record as Governor. Or as DNC Chairman. Or Obama’s Puppet. Does anyone else have a better ides?”

LCV – “I got nothing.”

Timmy – “Dirty Dozen it is.”

Now, I wasn’t actually on that call, but I couldn’t see it going a whole lot different from my fictitious version. What else does Tim Kaine have to offer?

But I would like to dedicate a song to Timmy in honor of his work for Obama and personal prowess with debt.




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