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George Allen Just Secured the Republican Nomination for US Senate

When I read the Press Release from George Allen a while ago announcing the endorsement of a number of Virginia TEA Party Patriots (over 100) that have endorsed Allen for US Senate, I said “WOW”!

And when I began reading the list of names that were included in the release, my subconscious began crunching the numbers. I know a good number of those folks, and while some are TEA Party group leaders, others are simply members. But together they comprise the heart and soul of the grassroots portion of the Virginia TEA Party movement. The names on this list are all conservative activists.

And while this is not a TEA Party endorsement per se, this list includes a great many of the “movers and shakers” within the movement. And as such, it is very significant because it precludes support for the other candidates without which they cannot win.

I have written a number of times that the path to the Republican Nomination for anyone not named George Allen was through the TEA Party. Allen has already captured the support of “Establishment” Republicans (though I really hate that term, as it no longer means what it once did). Most of the Virginia Republican politicians have been on-board with the former Governor and US Senator from the beginning. In fact, they never left.

But as I see it, journalistically speaking, the only path for any other challenger to reach the nomination is through the support of the TEA Party. And it will take ALL of the TEA Party support! And I question if even that would be enough in a Primary type election where the winning candidate will need name recognition in every corner of the state to win – not just one region.

And when the primary election rolls around, if there is more than one challenger to George Allen, the “not George Allen” vote will necessarily be split, leaving a George Allen victory the only probable outcome.

The only path to victory for any candidate  other than George Allen is for there to be only one challenger with strong and unified support from all of the TEA Party crowd. And that door was just nailed shut by the Press Release from the Va. TEA Party Patriots today.

Of course we are still months away from the primary, but this one is no longer even close. There is no path to victory here for anyone but George Allen.

The Associated Press called this one a while back by virtue of their debate invitations to Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine exclusively. At the time, the nomination was not quite an inevitability.

It is now.

George Allen will be the Republican Nomination for US Senator from Virginia in the 2012 election.

Any other outcome is simply not logically probable.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

18 Responses to “George Allen Just Secured the Republican Nomination for US Senate”

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr says:

    That you are so easily swayed by press releases from amorphis groups like some Tea Partyish kind of group, and that the Republican machine has once again declared George Allen the winner before the people have had a chance to weigh in on the topic tells me that you easily swayed by nebulous press releases.

    Look. I haven't even looked at the candidates in depth yet. I'm not in anyone's camp as the process is just beginning to begin. It's 2011 and the first debate is several months away.

    And you fall for a press release?

    What do you say we let the process play out? Do we have to hand the nomination to Allen because he demands it? Or requests it?

    You're probably right that the Allen Tsunami is too great for challengers and the machine to quell, and that may be fine, but listening to self appointed king makers is distasteful at best.

    I'm sure that the AP is looking forward to dissembling your king.

    • Tom White says:

      Easily swayed? Hardly! I did the math a long time ago. If the field trims down to Allen and one other candidate, there is a possibility, albeit remote, that a single candidate could muster enough support among those who are not already supporting Allen to make it close.

      If – and only if – that second candidate can grab the support of the grassroots TEA Party folks – all of them – then the race may be close.

      In a field of 3 or more, George Allen wins. Period. He has a lot of built in support that is not going anywhere. In a field of 2, I believe there is a chance.

      Did you read the list of names on the list? I know quite a few of them. I know that you also know some of them. These are grassroots workers. The significance is that the TEA Party will not be uniting under any other candidate.

      Perhaps your thoughts are just turning to this race, but I have been covering it for almost a year. And my observation is not based on the candidates. We actually have several really good candidates, any of which would be better than Tim Kaine.

      No matter how you want to rationalize it, this press release says that there will be no single TEA Party candidate that will receive the complete support of the TEA Party. Without that, game over.

      Are you telling me that you see a path that some other candidate could win? Not one that you might prefer to win, but one that could actually pull in the primary numbers?

      For me, this was the final piece of the wild card picture.

      George Allen just intercepted the Hail Mary pass and returned it for a Touchdown.

      That's what this means.

  2. Daniel Cortez says:

    While Jamie Radtke must be respected for her effort and a great number of us pray she runs for an office fitting her experience in the future, it is clear the movement will unite under George Allen. It will now be up to the sage leadership of Vance Wilkins to whisper to Radtkeites like a good dutch uncle, that it is time to "make the deal" and support Allen to save face and preserve the movment. His rebirth will be complete and he once again becomes the "force" of the conservative movement and the Tea Party in Virginia.. Wheather Allen wins or loses next year Wilkins remains the big winner and Radtke is saved from being compared to Christine O'donnell. But to be sure….today was a big Tea Party day for George Allen. Allen has divided and conquered.

    • corruptionsucks says:

      Since when is lying civil Daniel? Some of the people you listed were listed as members of tea parties that are hundreds of miles from their homes. Fake tea party is one thing, FAKE conservative, is another. Just who is the Macacaw here?

  3. bonnie1 says:

    The Virginia Tea Party Patriots did not release a statement endorsing Allen. Allen posted a list of supposed endorsements on his campaign site. But some of those names are people who do not endorse Allen and were not even asked. Look at those endorsements again. They are from Richmond Patriots, Abigail Adams and some that claim to be Tea Party Patriots. But none are from the Virginia Tea Party Patriots. And how many names are erroneously listed? Bringing the number of supposed Tea Party endorsements down to …? And out of over 40,000 members that comprise the federation of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots, the math would say 100 does not a Tea Party candidate make.

  4. Walt Fitzhugh says:

    CORRECTION: VA TEA Party Patriots Federation NOT endorsing George ALLEN!
    Mr. White, you might want to have The Richmond "Republican" Patriots remove your blog related to Allen being endorsed by the VA TEA Party Patriots since it is erroneous.

    • Tom White says:

      These are members of the TEA Party, Patriot Groups and various grassroots organizations. Virginians, TEA Party and Patriots. Nowhere does it say "Tea Party Patriots FEDERATION". There are a number of similarly named groups, that's just how things happened. The word "Federation" is unique to the VTPPF as far as I know. The Allen camp did not use their name, nor did I. Although it is likely correct to say that some of those endorsing Allen are members of the Federation individually. This is a red herring designed to minimize the impact of the fact that a number of TEA Party folks are supporting Allen. Nothing more.

  5. Kerry Scott says:

    My name is Kerry Scott, leader of the Alexandria Tea Party. I did not give permission nor do I endorse George Allen but my name was used. Joann Abbott, who is a very strong activist and well known in DC and NOVA, and has been interviewed multiple times by the major media, also did not give permission for her name to be used. Many of the people in NOVA that are listed are suspiciously listed as being a part of the "NOVA Tea Party". NOVA Tea is a tea party in Loudon county. Northern Virginia Tea Party is in Fairfax, where all of these people live. They are not one and the same. I was listed as being an activist as well from that group. Now, the operatives in the Allen campaign who are apparently infiltrated in "tea party groups" that are not a part of the Virginia tea party federation will tell you that there must be ANOTHER Kerry Scott, and ANOTHER JOANN ABBOTT, and that these people are not us. But, we are listed right there with many, many people, and I know all of them. This is dirty politics. I will never support Geoerge Allen because he doesn't align with my tea party principles and because of this. Both Joann and I have demanded retraction of our names from this press release.

  6. virginiaconservative says:

    It seems that every couple of weeks someone proclaims that the Senate nomination is over. For example, when Allen secured the debate against Kaine in December the race was "over". Then, when Allen's fundraising numbers trumped the other candidates the race was "over". Now, we hear that supposedly the movers in the Tea Party itself have come out in support of Allen and thus, again the race is "over".

    What some people fail to realize is that not one person speaks for the Tea Party, so far most all Tea Parties have not endorsed a candidate, and not a single vote has been cast in this race. I know that it is advantageous for the Allen supporters to claim the race is "over" like Gilmore folks did in 2008, but it simply is not true at this point. Does Allen still enjoy a huge advantage? Of course. Only the politically naive would think otherwise. But over? The race is still many months away and a lot can happen between now and then.
    My recent post Hobbes & Occupy Wall Street

  7. Curly says:

    Nice Try you Guys……..Laura….behave yourself!

    • les gabriel says:

      I do not consider the race over. Even if there were no chance for anyone other than George Allen to win, there are numerous reasons that having a real campaign with more than one candidate on the ballot is a good idea. I have been saying for almost 20 years that every voter deserves a choice and every candidate deserves an opponent. Why do we believe that in every other aspect of life that competition drives us toward excellence, but when it comes to politics competition becomes a dirty word. I plan on participating in the process, and as such, will consider myself committed to supporting the nominee. Part of that support is telling the candidate the truth, and the truth is that ignoring the grassroots and ignoring the people will not be tolerated. I hope those people on the list who actually are supporting Mr. Allen extract some binding commitments from him on the principles that we all share so we can hold him accountable should he move to the Senate. We have had several years of Mr. Webb and Mr. Warner doing their own thing and not listening to us.

      • Tom White says:

        The race is not over, it is only the outcome that is certain at this point. There is no way anyone will beat Allen without united grassroots from the only alternate machine in town – the TEA Party.

  8. Walt Fitzhugh says:


    Former Senator George Allen engineered the biggest government land grab of private property in recent times. AND he wants to become Virginia's Senator again. If you were thinking of voting for George Allen in the June 2012 Republican Primary, think again! George Allen is not a friend of the average Virginian landowner. Here's the proof.

    Washington, D.C. – Nearly one year after the U.S. Supreme Court's shocking Kelo v. New London decision touched off a firestorm of bipartisan support for stronger property rights protections, some anti-property rights groups are receiving support from a surprising source: Senator George Allen (R-VA).

    Senator Allen is the chief sponsor of legislation that would create a massive federal "National Heritage Area" that would stretch from Charlottesville, VA, through Frederick County, MD, and end in Gettysburg, PA. Such areas are best described as heavily regulated corridors where property rights may be strictly curtailed.

    Read the entire article:

    For people who live in mostly rural counties like Hanover, it's easy to be swept up in the idea of preserving the environment and local heritage, but do not be deceived. Heed the following message …
    Proponents of Heritage Areas are using our great love of history as an emotional sledgehammer to impose a massive federal pork barrel scheme that enriches the pockets of private advocacy groups by helping to impose draconian controls over the dreams of average American homeowners.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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