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In The Wake of Our Ideals

When the advocate for force, for unfettered democracy, or for the rule of any mob or ideal over the entirety of a nation, justifies the force required in curbing that human nature that opposes their ideal, they are required by necessity to ignore any argument from experience that justifies the liberty and right of nature, human or otherwise, to exist outside the realms of force.

That the idealist wishes that all men would freely submit to the ideal and that no force should be required to achieve it, is irrelevant to the reality of the conflict arising necessarily under any condition wherein an object, an animal, or a man is asked to behave in contradiction to its nature. That I might wish a square peg penetrate a round hole, this desire has no actual power over the physical reality which prevents this from ever occurring. In this, the pursuit and mission of every idealist is in opposition to reality, and thus necessarily requires the use of force to achieve its’ ideal. The square peg must, by force, be sawed and sanded into a round shape before fitting into the round hole.

This unnatural aim and the requisite use of force is presently the business of every government operating on our planet today. We might ask, “What terror exists within human nature that a will could be created within that nature to defeat itself, to, through force reshape itself, such that this terror would be subdued and Man might live comfortably within his own skin”?

The elements of man are unregulated by nature. In this fact rests the depth and breadth of all our fear and loathing. The cliff will not prevent me from leaping. Fire will not avoid burning me if I fail to avoid entering its deadly ring. Therefore, to prevent tragedy, we seek to invent material, psychological, and social constrictions to prevent bad things from happening. We establish rails to prevent men from falling from high ledges. We write and enforce laws that threaten retribution for murderous acts.  We tell our children to honor their father and mothers, lest God be displeased.

Yet, in itself, this is Man’s weapon in the world. For Man, the application of his reason and his ability to learn from his experiences, are as effective and powerful as the muscles that make some creatures fast, the sharp teeth that make some creatures dangerous killers, the poison, the camouflage, and the instincts that help other creatures survive.

It is only when we begin to impose material, psychological, and social constrictions predicated upon ideals, as opposed to reason, that Man harms Himself by the faculties of His mind. This is the state in which we find ourselves. We are ruled by idealists who impose laws, not based on reason, nor upon human experience, but on their ideals or on the selfish interests of the few. When the interests of the few or the many are allowed to determine the liberty of the individual, the liberty of the individual does not truly exist. When the ideal carries with it more force and vivacity in the minds of a society than their own rational experience, then there is no means to protect oneself in the world. In fact, we often find that in our pursuit of bettering ourselves, we come up against the wrath of an ungrateful society, which does not view our good as justified.

Until America embraces a rational existence predicated upon experience and abandons its’ attempt to live according to truly impossible ideals, there is no hope for expecting anything or predicting any progress in the pursuit of our “good”.  Ideals necessarily require man to stand in opposition to his own nature. We cannot be and not be. The laws of nature do not bend to our desire. We can either learn the laws of nature and to deal with them rationally to progress, or we can continue trying to achieve the impossible and the imagined.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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