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Is Bob McDonnell Moving From Leader to Follower?

An open letter to Governor Bob McDonnell.

Dear Governor McDonnell;

During your run for Governor last year I spent a lot of time researching your legislative record and your record as Virginia’s Attorney General. I spoke with your wife, Maureen and your daughter Cailin about your life outside of politics. I reviewed your academic credentials and professional life prior to entering politics.

And I came to the conclusion that you are as fine an example of a husband and father as can be found. And your political and professional life have been a shining example of integrity and honesty. I was impressed by your struggles to balance work, school and family at the same time and by how you excelled in all three as a young man.

And during your campaign for Governor, I watched as you fought the constant barrage from the left as they hurled salvo after salvo of vicious lies and distortions at you. I saw a true leader arise in battle as you stuck to your message, convinced that your vision for the Commonwealth was the correct path.

Virginians were so inspired with you and your leadership that we voted you into office with margins of historic proportion.

After your victory, you held a conference call with your supporters and asked that we hold your feet to the fire. At that point, I truly believed that would be unnecessary.

Sadly, I feel I must fulfill your request based on two recent events.

The first was the incident with Attorney General Cuccinelli. Although his opinion on special protections under Virginia Law is correct, and essentially the same opinion you issued while Attorney General, you released a craftily worded letter of appeasement that, while not disagreeing with the AG’s opinion outright, essentially undermined the office you used to represent.

Many think you threw Cuccinelli under the bus, and I do not disagree with that assessment. I truly wish I could.

One measure of a true leader is the ability to deal with controversy. I fully understand that this issue was fast becoming a national nightmare and a distraction to the important problems facing our nation and the Commonwealth, but I was convinced that you possessed the leadership skills to deal with a problem such as this without sacrificing our Attorney General.

I am still convinced you possess these skills, but I am disappointed that you decided to take the easy way out and not use the leadership abilities that put you in Virginia’s highest office.

And the second incident is the current Confederate History Month flap. The unfortunate manner in which you dispatched the Cuccinelli incident has left you vulnerable and weak, and the press and the Liberals are quite aware of this. And your immediate appeasement has now established a pattern that could very well define your legacy as Virginia’s Governor.

The strong leader that battled stiff resistance during the campaign is now gone. Replaced by a person that is afraid of criticism and no longer leads by conviction, but based on how much negative press he receives.

Surely you are aware what is happening, right? Had you initially recognized slaves in this proclamation, the press would have excoriated you for opening old wounds and the lefty blogs would be buzzing about how you long to return to the days of slavery. Now they will begin attacking you for not thinking things through and flip-flopping.

And these incidents will no doubt make your administration water down anything that could be seen as controversial and relegate you to 4 years of milk-toast, mediocre, gun shy leadership.

The press is now able to lead you by the nose on any issue. Your office has been neutered in 90 days and you allowed this to happen.

Perhaps your need to appease all who criticize you is a manifestation of your desire for higher office a few years from now. The trouble is, those you seek to appease would never vote for you under any circumstances. And those that would have supported you and followed you to the ends of the earth now must reconsider this allegiance.

You asked me to hold your feet to the fire and I intend to do just that. Virginia and America need strong Conservative leadership if we are to return this country to the land of Freedom and Opportunity that you and I, as Veterans, both fought to protect.

You showed the world what a leader is by conducting a focused campaign that inspired us and gave us hope.

Please don’t abandon us now. We really need you to be the leader we elected, now more than ever!

Tom White, Editor

Virginia Right!

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Is Bob McDonnell Moving From Leader to Follower?”

  1. Venu says:

    How did McDonnell “appease” the left with the Confederate History Month thing? McDonnell and his aides overlooked making an note of slavery in the proclamation (which I might add is only a minor issue in and of itself). The left pounced on the small mistake, and he corrected it. A coward may have clung to the battle for a political fight, but a true leader mans up, says “sorry, let’s fix this and move on to deal with REAL issues facing Virginia”.

    I really like what McDonnell’s doing. Many analyze this through a liberal or conservative lens to see what the actions and reactions of McDonnell are. However, I truly believe McDonnell is acting as a true leader should. He is doing what is right (or what he believes is right), regardless of the positions the left and right are taking. Some might call this approach non-partisan, and I say it is the action of a true leader to be indifferent of the political divides and just step in and take the side that needs to be taken.

    Cuccinelli tried to make a grab for power by saying Richmond and the legislature should be the one that legitimizes any University non-discriminatory stance.

    McDonnell made an honest mistake by not calculating the importance of making a note of slavery in the proclamation.

    Someone operating on a “Republican” lens may have done nothing at either problem to simply hold the political ground and appear to have “won” the battle. Someone operating on a “Democratic” lens may have pounced to once again appear to have “won” the battle. But McDonnell showed real leadership by simply standing up and saying what needed to be said and doing what needed to be done, indifferent to partisan divides and battles.

    • Tom White says:

      Governor Allen started it and caught a lot of criticism. Gilmore decided to continue Confederate History Month, but denounced slavery, and somehow that angered everyone, including Civil Rights Leaders and the NAACP.

      The last 2 Governors decided to not have Confederate History month.

      So, my point was, had McDonnell included slavery in the original proclamation, he would have been criticized (as Gilmore was). So he received criticism for leaving it out. Probably to avoid the controversy Gilmore ran into.

      I do not believe it was an oversight. McDonnell place himself in a no win situation. He should have known. I agree that “fighting” to leave slavery out was not an option. And I offered no solution, as I have none. But twice he has found himself in a controversial mess and twice he capitulated.

      My post is not about the content of the controversies, but about the pattern of ill advised moves followed by a weak move to make it go away.

      After being burned twice with unfavorable reactions to something the Administration had done, my fear is that the leadership qualities you find to be his strength (as do I), he will shy away from taking on tough issues and seek solutions that will appease everyone, yet not resolve our issues.

      The very things you and I see as great leadership will likely become watered down now, in an attempt to avoid similar incidences. It is not so much left or right, but now he is more likely to cave to pressure on Transportation, Budget, Health Care, and any number of issues.

      Once is an event. Twice is a pattern. The press has learned how McDonnell can be controlled.

      He needs to stop doing stupid things, and then try to rectify them with more stupid things.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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