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Mechanicsville T.E.A Party Leader is Clueless


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In a fawning (almost sickening ) letter in the last edition of the Mechanicsville Local,  the  Leader of the M.T.P praised Congressman Rob Wittman for his vote to lower taxes. Given Wittman’s decade long tenure in Congress he has a record , and not one that most conservatives get excited about. Did you know for example that two years ago a bill that would have cut the fat subsidies Amtrak receives….the good Congressman voted NO ? What spending would Wittman cut, if not this low hanging fruit ? It’s a fair question. Back to the letter.

The leader of the M.T.P stated that  “MY 401K was rising, MY taxes were lower”….leaving me to wonder as I read it , did this guy ever  understand what the Patriot movement was about ? Has the National debt decreased ? Has any spending been cut ? Did he ever have a clue of the magnitude of the fight we are engaged in ?

Leadership requires a willingness to fight, to stand firm on principles that you refuse to compromise on. This isn’t about our generation, ( or our 401K’s )but what kind of country our children and grandchildren will inherit, and he clearly demonstrates he doesn’t even begin to  see the damage he does with this type of hero worship baloney.

This guy is the typical republicrat establishment good old boy who places a priority on winning, and everyone getting along, more than he does getting something of substance done. You can’t sit back comfortable in your personal good standing with the local republicrats and pretend you actually achieved anything.

You can only ride the Brat wagon for so long. Anyone paying attention to Hanover county government already understands the harm that has come to the citizens of Hanover under this guy’s absolute pathetically weak leadership. Has Hanover cut spending or shrunk local government ? Has Hanover spent less money or lowered taxes ? They re-elected the same people to the B.O.S that openly attended their meetings back in 2010-11 and lied through their collective teeth about what they intended to do. The M.T.P turned not one of them out of office.

I founded the Mechanicsville T.E.A Party some 8 years ago as a non-partisan grass roots civic organization to thwart the growth of local government, to drive out of office the good old boys who are simple stooges for the developers and the crony capitalists they have imbedded into Hanover government.  What is has become under this type of vacillating weak leadership saddens me more than anything. They have accomplished nothing of substance, unless of course you include carrying water for the very establishment network we started to dismantle 8 years ago.

Bob Shannon  Founder Mechanicsville T.E.A Party


16 Responses to “Mechanicsville T.E.A Party Leader is Clueless”

  1. S. Sopelack says:

    Mr. Shannon:

    You are a Patriot in every sense of the word. Thank you for your tireless service and bringing transparency to local governments in Hanover and King William Counties.

    In 2011 the Mechanicsville and Patrick Henry Tea Parties helped elect Wayne Hazzard, Sean Davis and Canova Peterson to the Hanover County Board of Supervisors. At that time, Davis was a realtor for developer RCI Builders and Hometown Realtors. Mistake number one by the voters was electing a supervisor WHO was employed by a DEVELOPER who owed millions in proffers taxes. Davis once elected then voted to eliminate millions in proffers taxes for his employer and then voted for a comprehensive plan which allowed tens of thousands of new high density housing units in Hanover County. The developers had help from the Chamber of Commerce led by developer Emma Lee Mitchell and Middle Resolution Pac donors and members who control the Board of Supervisors to control the Planning Commission and the supervisor appointed school board in Hanover County.

    Tea Party backed South Anna Supervisor Wayne Hazzard was a developer who ran for supervisor as a Christian, Tea Party Conservative who duped everyone with that campaign and defeated John Gordon in the biggest hoax of the decade. The second largest con job ever pulled off in Hanover County was Hazzard telling voters he was Tea Party. The first largest con job was the proposed failed outlet mall at Winding Brook near Hazzard’s commercial property.

    Hazzard owed proffers taxes on his undeveloped land as well. Hazzard ran for supervisor as a tag team under the radar with Canova Peterson led by developer Emma Lee Mitchell from the Hanover Chamber of Commerce as a campaign consultant for the two of them. Peterson had been whispering to developers for years about eliminating the proffers taxes but you didn’t hear that on the campaign trail. nope. not one word.

    Dale Hargrove Alderman, a developer, worked tirelessly to elect Hazzard with the goal of rezoning her property from agriculture to high density development in Elmont as her reward. She now sits on the Hanover Republican Committee as Vice Chair and fund raiser for these elected officials.

    Hazzard promised his constituents in 2011 that his first order of business was to cut the budget and fire acting Planning Director David Maloney, an Agenda 21 Urban Planner.

    In 2011 the Hanover County annual budget was little more than $370 million. After 6 years of “leadership” by the three amigos Hazzard, Peterson, and Davis, the proposed 2018 Hanover County budget is now $440.5 million dollars. For Lee Davis grads who can’t solve third grade math problems that is a $70.5 million dollar increase and David Maloney is now Director of Planning. The school budget has exploded with a projected declining enrollment . Save that analysis for another day.

    All the while the Tea Party sat idly by after your departure from the Mechanicsville Tea Party and SAID NOTHING about taxed enough already in Hanover County…….as municipal bond debt sky rocketed to $166 million to fund the $44 million dollar courthouse shrine to Hanover’s lawyers and judges which is significant public debt in a county with a population of roughly 100,000 citizens in 2011 following the 2010 census.

    The largest employer in Hanover is the COUNTY with a police state of more than 230 law enforcement officers in a county which does not operate a JAIL and unfunded pensions for teachers in 25 schools the taxes in Hanover can only be expected to sky rocket in the future.

    The Tea Party is dead in Hanover County. Killed by a circular firing squad. The so called leadership of the two tea parties now sit on the front row of the Hanover County Republican Party meetings each month cheering on their elected Republican politicians and leaders who don’t even show up for their own Republican meetings except once every four years to pick up their campaign donation.

    The developers who keep Congressman Rob Wittman in office are destroying Hanover County month
    by month while the Tea Party brags they are constructing Wittman signs for their Congressman who never cut any expense in Washington. Wittman believes he is now sitting safely in the most gerrymandered Congressional District in Virginia thanks to Republicans who removed Hanover and New Kent counties from Dave Brat’s 7th District and added them to Wittman’s 1st district to save him from his voting record.

    Keep the Faith Mr. Shannon…….The people who oppose you in King William for attempting to keep taxes down by eliminating wasteful spending need only to drive into Mechanicsville to see that the Hanover County Supervisors have ruined Hanover County with traffic and asphalt. But mark these words, their day is coming.

    Democrats fleeing the Sh*t Hole City of Richmond are moving into Hanover County’s high density housing built by the Republican developers who have pocketed millions. The Democrats are being registered to VOTE by their party machine the minute they arrive while the Mechanicsville and Patrick Henry Tea Party leaders erect Rob Wittman signs on Route 360 and Route 33.

  2. GeneThePopulist says:

    Bob, why are you telling us about Mechanicsville TEA? Why don’t you call Bob Bailey or Frank Bradley and kiss their asses? Maybe if you let their PAC hook up their puppet strings to you they would give Mech. TEA back to you?

    • Dennis C. says:

      Mr. Populist

      Bob Bailie and Frank Bradley at Middle Resolution Pac used their Political Director Nancy Smith to infiltrate the Tea Party in Virginia with their money and RINO candidates like Bill Stanley, Glenn Sturtevant, Sioban Dunnivant, and Tom Garrett to name a few. That’s how they took over the Tea Parties for their own political purposes- namely control of state central committee and Republican conventions and as a nomination process so elections for their crooked campaigns wouldn’t cost them so much.

      except for King William Tea Party

      Unlike the bumpkins who run the MTP and PHTP, Robert Shannon was too sharp to take that bait.

      All one has to do is spend some time looking at Hanover County finances and who profits from the county contracts and who keeps the 44 supervisor appointed boards and commissions humming along to see the Middle Resolution Pac at work.


  3. B. George says:

    rumor mill up in western Hanover in Buckeyville says South Anna Supervisor Wayne Hazzard plans to run for re-election to the Hanover Board of Supes next year in 2019. 3rd ungodly term for the serfs who live in Hazzard’s fiefdom. What happened to the campaign promise made by Hazzard of “one and done?”

    What voters should understand about that election is Senator Sioban Stolle Dunnivant (R-12) will be on the ballot in six of Hanover County’s western precincts on the same ballot with RINOs Buckey Stanley and Wayne Hazzard.

    for regular readers of VA Right you know that Sioban Stolle Dunnivant is a key member of the Cantor- Stolle VA Beach VCN political machine. Same folks that elected Scott Taylor to Congress in the 2nd. Taylor who takes VA Beach development campaign donations, supports DACA and Amnesty for Illegals and votes for LGBTQ platforms just like Stolle Dunnivant did . Biggest RINO in Virginia Republican politics.

    And guess who desperately wants LGBTQ advocate Sioban Stolle Dunnivant to be re-elected to the State Senate next year from the VERY BLUE HENRICO COUNTY? Why none other than Delegate Buddy Fowler’s Legislative director Dale Hargrove Alderman and South Anna Supervisor Wayne Hazzard. State Senator Stolle Dunnivant can’t win without Hanover County in 2019. Henrico just lost all three of its Republican delegate seats in the House of Delegates to Democrats in the November election- O’Bannon, Whitlock, and Loupassi. Don’t look for her to use her HIPPA Protected Patient LISTS to GOTV like she did in 2015. HHS sent her a letter saying no no no but no JAIL TIME or FINES for Dr. Stolle for her HIPPA violations. She’s using Hazzardous to get re-elected.

    So once again Hargrove-Alderman and Hazzardous are going to team up to use low information Hanover Republican voters from Rockville, Montpelier, South Anna, PHHS, and Farrington to keep a RINO Cantor-Stolle Republican in office in Blue Henrico County with the help of 6 Conservative Republican precincts in Hanover County and sweep Hazzardous back into office at the same time.

    If an Independent candidate from South Anna ran against Hazzard for Supervisor in 2019 they have a good shot at winning.

    When Doctor Sioban STOLLE Dunnavant drives 40 miles and shows up to the Patrick Henry Tea Party meetings in her hospital scrubs to see 12 people at their pathetic meetings you know she is desperate in 2019.

  4. Henrico GOP granny says:

    The Henrico GOP committee is DOA. RIP.
    as is the Henrico Tea Party. Nancy Smith from MR and janitor Mark Hile destroyed it. Both now sit on Republican State central committee- working to destroy it too.

    no help for Dunnevant in 2019. The HIPPA violator is toast without those Democratic Women voters who elected her in 2015. Now wearing pink hats for the Dems. They won’t be there in 2019. Dems want the state senate badly
    using the Colorado Blueprint to win Virginia.

  5. Harmony H. says:

    on the subject of Middle Resolution and the candidates it got elected in Virginia………

    Pastor Travis Witt, a proud vocal homophobe and Islamaphobe and his Salt and Light gang ( MR money with Frank and Bob on the front row ) are all behind Nick Freitas for US Senate. ABC Anybody but Corey. Now could VA Right explain to its faithful readers how the RPV Chairman Whitbeck and the likes of Babs Comstock, Scott Taylor, Tom Garrett and a long list of Republican followers in Loudon County like Delegate David Ramadan who pandered to the Mosque voters and Muslims and LGBTQ voters and apologized for Donald J. Trump winning the presidency at the Adams Center Mosque could possibly spread lies that Corey Stewart was “Single Handedly responsible” for approving the mosque in Nokesville in PW County and get away with it in a November General Election against Tim Kaine? These Republicans are the biggest liars. What a “fecalized environment” the REPUBLICAN PARTY OF VIRGINIA has devolved into with Whitbeck.

    RPV has EW Jackson the spoiler candidate for Freitas for US Senate spreading this lie as well.
    It’s as if Harvard educated attorney and Bishop Jackson doesn’t believe Muslims should be allowed to build mosques in Virginia. Freedom except for RELIGION from the Liberty Rising candidate?

    Freitas has his campaign surrogates like Witt at Salt and LIght meetings Blaming Corey Stewart for any Mosque built in Prince William County. Wait until that Mosque goes up in Culpeper County- Freitas’ backyard.

    Where is that tape VA Right published last year of Travis Witt screaming I AM A HOMOPHOBE AND AN ISLAMAPHOBE? That will shut down Nick Freitas’ campaign using Travis Witt and his “Black Robes” in a New York minute. NO ONE in Whitbeck’s office wants that to go public.

  6. mr green jeans

    To all six of the responders on this post.
    I don’t know what you are smoking but it sure can not be good for your mental health.
    Just chill…. till the “rednecks” catch on as they always do!
    O happy day when….

    • D. Milliken says:

      Mr. Green Jeans:

      We have a group of bill readers who read bills in the General Assembly each year and watch specifically for bills that come from senators and delegates who were elected by the Middle Resolution Pac. Very interesting what we have come up with over the years. This year is no exception. This year’s winner for the General Assemby’s Fecal Award is state senator Bill Stanley.

      Read this bill sponsored by Middle Resolution Pac’s State Senator Bill Stanley:
      For those who don’t know, Middle Resolution elected Bill Stanley. In fact MR Pac Board member Phil Rapp worked in the GA as Stanley’s legislative aid for their agendas.

      Senator Bill Stanley wants taxpayers to fund GROCERY STORES in Rural Virginia where people have access to gardens, hunting, fishing, farmers’ markets and CSAs, rabbits, goats, chickens, you name it.

      When Bill Stanley wants Virginia tax payers to fund grocery store development one must ask one’s red neck self who would ask Stanley to sponsor such a bill?

      Well MR PAC’s own Delegate Christopher Killian Peace from Hanover County who just happens to have his office in MR PAC founder Bob Bailie’s building on route 360 has a wife named Ashley Peace who works in site development for Lidl Grocery Stores- a German chain just like Aldi both of which are expanding in Virginia.

      Now ask yourself? Is Bill Stanley really for poor people living in rural Virginia having access to grocery stores? Or is his Middle Resolution Pac buddy looking for economic development money for Lidl Grocery Stores in Bill Stanley’s district?

      Bill Stanley has some ‘splainin’ to do” to his Republican voters regarding his fecal bill. Nothing these people do is without some economic impact for some donor’s bottom line. It’s like Chris Peace and his grape operation at his house on River Road in Hanover. Tax credits. Love those grapes.

      D. Milliken

      • Garry Ewald says:

        Middle Resolution Pac and Senator Bill Stanley leaders of Compassionate Capitalism. LOL

        • J. Kassum says:

          just read and noted text in Senator Bill Stanley’s grocery store bill- “forgiveable loans and grant money.”

          Looked up VPAP donations for 2015 elections and found that Middle Resolution Pac owns state senator Glenn Sturtevant who is a copatron for this outrageous use of tax funds.

          NO more public private partnership economic development money for MR Pac’s developers.

          When are people going to wake up to the Middle Resolution Pac. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      • Bernadette Barber

        Thanks so much for posting the information about the Grocery store bill. I guess I need to blog about that one.

  7. Bob Shannon

    Great conversation and valid points. I resisted any outside PAC influence, anyone who was involved in the 2010 time frame knows how hard the MTP went after local spending , including the schools and the Sheriff’s departments excesses.

    When I returned to Chair the group in 2012 I made it a special effort to try and untangle the unholy web that had been constructed with the local republicrat party and the PAC’s during my absence –all of them. My unwillingness to wrap my arms around the establishment types who only wanted to use our members for their own selfish purposes , fund raising & volunteers was met with a rather ferocious push back, culminating at the end of 2012 with my calling out the last budget McDonnell passed that opened the door for Medicaid expansion.

    Hanover county is a mess, look at the increased spending and the bloated schools for any reasonable evidence of how badly this Board of Supervisors has served the county. Their is no OPPOSITION in Hanover, and until that changes things will continue to worsen financially speaking.

    The same tax schemes exist in Hanover as in most localities, and given the increased debt and spending home owners in Hanover are in for a very ugly increase that is already on the horizon.

    As for ” kissing anyone’s ass” I simply ask that anyone refrain from using that kind of language referencing me, as I am prone to reach a point when someone is going to incur significant dental expense.

    Bob Shannon King William

    • G. Harris says:

      Unfortunately supervisors Sean Davis and Canova Peterson were recently elected by their board as Chair and Vice Chair of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors and Davis states Law Enforcement and Schools are his number one priorities in 2018.

      That is code for more tax dollars down the rat hole that is the Hanover County Government complex center.

      Hanover Citizens are living in a police state in that county. Citizens should ask themselves why the massive increase in law enforcement in recent years? The mall failed. Time to dial back on the salaried employees. Hell it’s like driving into a Soviet Block country to cross the county line- 3 deputy cruisers manned with 2 officers in each vehicle on every “border.” The county has no Jail? and why the deputy schedule went to 7 days on, 7 days off 12 hour shifts. Who is working two jobs here? Huge contract money to be spent on “construction projects” in new school budget according to Mechanicsville Local. How many times is the Patrick Henry High School gym going to be “rebuilt?” Do you smell a rat.

    • Louis L. says:

      “As for ” kissing anyone’s ass” I simply ask that anyone refrain from using that kind of language referencing me, as I am prone to reach a point when someone is going to incur significant dental expense.” —Bob Shannon

      I am impressed by the eloquent vernacular of a fellow crayon consumer. Never have I heard it said so gracefully.

  8. Old Redneck says:

    My take on the original article and the comments on the article is: Tea Parties are dead, dead, dead. You people were duped into believing you were part of a nationwide “grassroots” movement when, in fact, you were being manipulated by the Republican Party who saw a gullible gaggle of rubes who would fall for anything.

    Out here on the Northern Neck our Tea Parties are now defunct — and the rest of you are rapidly following them.

    You might want to check out what was once the 99th District Tea Party’s website:

  9. R. Stanton Scott

    Their (sic) is no OPPOSITION in Hanover, and until that changes things will continue to worsen financially speaking.

    Does this mean you folks would consider voting for a Democrat against Canova-Peterson?

    Just asking.


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