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NY Tea Party Perspective From Dr. John Press – President of the Brooklyn Tea Party

Editor’s Note: One of the greatest benefits to attending an event like CPAC is the wealth of people one meets. One of the more interesting people I met at the three day conference was Dr. John Press. We attended a blogger “meet and greet” on Friday sponsored by Campaign for Liberty. Dr. Press is a culturist and a History of Education Curriculum Designer at Empire State College SUNY and Adjunct Professor, Vaughn Aeronautics College. He has a blog on Culturism and is the author of  “Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.” has more information about culturism. I have published a few articles written by Dr. Press and he has been gracious enough to share another view of the Tea Party movement.

The Brooklyn Tea Party

I have great hopes for the Brooklyn Tea Party.  On April 15th, New York City had a very large Tea Party protest in Manhattan.  I got there early to participate as a Marshall.  The police had provided us two large block-long rectangular cages in which we were allowed to protest.  And, the front cage was only about 1/3rd full when the Staten Island Tea Party showed up.  Perhaps the rest of the story will be motivational to ya’ll.

Before teaching at Staten Island University I never realized how difficult transportation to Staten Island is.  And so the Staten Island group had rented their own buses.  And, they came, and they came, and they came in droves.  Overcoming the great distance from Staten Island to Manhattan, they filled the rest of the cage I was stationed in and a third of the other.   For the longest time my organizing plea fell short, “Are you from Brooklyn?  Take a flier, help form the Brooklyn Tea Party.”  “No.” they’d say proudly, ‘Staten Island!”

My reaction to my rejection was elation.  Staten Island had organized legions.  In trying to organize the Brooklyn Tea Party, I had spoken to their President. Frank Stantarpia, on the phone.  He told me that organizing the party was not so hard.  A website that could capture email addresses did most of the work.  They have 1200 members, they send out email announcements, and many subsequently come to meetings.  Give people a place, time and date, Frank Told me, and they will come.

Furthermore, Frank confirmed that he had had success doing what I was hoping the Brooklyn Tea Party would do.   They had held politicians accountable.  In local New York politics machines take voters for granted.  And, perhaps as a result, not that many people vote.  Being able to mobilize forty patriots on the weekend during the election cycle gets you a lot of play.  Politicians came to his group for endorsements and help and did not get either without good records and promises of better ones.   They had made great strides in taking the party back from the machine.

And, by sheer numbers, pounding keys, pounding pavement, and attending meetings, the Brooklyn Tea Party can and will influence politicians in Brooklyn.  We can give the Democratic majority a run for their money.  We can make them compromise with us for a change.  We can hold Republican’s feet to the fire.  And we, the people, can steal seats.  Frank told me his group had greatly changed the voting records and tone in Staten Island and that this had reverberated in State politics and above.  As I saw the relentless flow of Staten Island Tea Party members roll off the bus it confirmed that we can get our borough and nation back on track.  And so, dear reader, can you.

Dr. John  Kenneth Press is the President of the Brooklyn Tea Party and the author of Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. has more information about culturism.  Search for the Brooklyn Tea Party on facebook.  Join today!

About Dr. John Press

Dr. John Kenneth Press is the author of "Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future." He most recently designed curriculum for Empire State in the area of the History of Education. Dr. Press spent 8 years teaching history, psychology, and philosophy at the high school level. He has written four book-length manuscripts including culturism, and studied furiously his entire life.

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  1. Louis de la Guardia WEIN says:

    Dear Dr. Press: Many say I was the Tea Party 30 years ago. I am a life-long Republican who worked for President Nixon; was the only Republican (Mayoral Assistant and Director of Federal Relations) in the Abe Beame Administration. He fired me after 4 years for publishing The Mayor’s Final Report on Emergency Preparedness which stated that the City was unprepared to handle 18 specific emergencies including TERRORIST ATTACK. My 36 recommendations are now part of our city government.

    I ran for Governor in 1990 on the RTL line after being kicked off the Republican Primary on a bogus technicality. The NYTimes reported I received 157,000 votes. More amazingly, I spent less than $25k. I’ve managed more than 26 campaigns including being Area Coordinator for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and the 1st Bush. I also headed up Republicans for Jim Buckley in his successful bid for US Senate. I founded the NYC Independent Party in 1976 in my run for Mayor (Lou “Who”) and the NYS Constitution Party in 2000 in my nominal run against Hillary CLinton for US Senate.

    I’m seriously considering running for Congress in the 13th CD.

    Among my credentials are: Founding Trustee NY Chiropractic College (Vice Chairman/Chairman); Member, Advisory Board, Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Fine Arts; Visiting / Adjunct Professor at various colleges and grad schools (Business; Government; Political Science; and Business). I served 18 years in the United States Marine Corps (6 enlisted and 13 as a Special Ops Officer in the Reserves). My last 6 month active duty resulted in a near-death injury for which I now receive 100% VA Disability Compensation. I have five (5) NYPD Civilian Commendations (the highest award to a citizen for heroism). I am married to Mary Ann Funicello for the past 44 years. We have 6 children and 7 grandchildren. l am respected among the NYC and NYS press. If you can send me your email address I will forward both my CV and Detaild Resume (prepared for my Top Secret/SBI clearance). I am also the founder of more than 20 community organizations (Staten Island) many receiving government and corporate awards.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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