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On Trump: Women are much smarter than the media thinks

ladies photoEach of us have unique gifts that most people hone over their lifetimes. Intellect is something that can be acquired, so even for folks who might start out with a lower IQ they can acquire deeper knowledge & understanding by simply exerting some time and energy to learn. That said, it is clear that their remains a portion of society that finishes in the “ smarts department” about where they started out.  My observation is that some folks are intellectually lazy, and quite content to let others tell them what they should think. This has to be the segment the Media hopes is listening.

The allegations about Trump go back 10-15 years or so, which places most of these reported transgressions in the 2000—2005 time line. Legislation and social behavior evolved over the 70’s and 80’s continuing until the present that made , at least from a legal and employment vantage point very risky to do the things that Trump is alleged to have done, and certainly admitted to saying in the now infamous audio. Any woman who was verbally or physically accosted by Mr. Trump had every opportunity to come forward and report his transgressions. They had the law on their side, and larger majorities of society that would have been empathetic to what happened to them. I personally fired male employees for nothing more than making sexually suggestive remarks to female colleagues. By the 80’s  the EEOC and the possible civil costs in settling sexual harassment lawsuits made prevention a top priority.  Last but certainly not least is the timing of these women who have come forward. One must ask why they waited so long and if they are being manipulated and pushed to perhaps embellish in some instances.

The Media, and certainly Trumps opponents are hoping that the immediate and certain revulsion  most woman have when hearing Trumps very words are justification alone to not cast a ballot for him. I simply believe that portion of the electorate is nowhere near as large as some would have you believe.

Women have a moral compass , they also  have judgment,  they instinctively know that Hillary is a criminal at heart, she has long lost any claim to even basic human decency. When you skim money intended to assist Haitian children……when you lie repeatedly under oath, when you casually sacrifice America’s national security interest for either your personal convenience and or money grubbing self -interests, when your greatest achievement after 30 years in the public eye is getting a couple of Post Office’s re-named ,  it isn’t so hard to envision many women voters out there who recognize the vital interest of a Nation is at stake. These women voters recognize Hillary’s well documented character flaws , they also recognize her poor judgment as more troubling than anything Trump has said or done..  It isn’t lost on women the horrific treatment of the women who her husband has accosted ( some say actually raped) and the vicious attacks she herself directed at these women, as if her husband had no role in the matter. Hillary promotes herself as a champion of women’s issues when women of intellectual substance see right through her self- serving and false proclamations. Besides her daughter and mother, the only woman Hillary has ever cared about is Hillary.

I remain optimistic that my fellow sister citizens are more focused on our safety as a nation, and how Hillary has worsened that , our economic growth is non –existent and her open admission that she will raise taxes and spending will only worsen that , our dangerous Immigration nightmare must be addressed,  terrorism must be vigorously fought, and the staggering debt that jeopardizes our children & grandchildren’s very future must be addressed. Knowing the types of people she will appoint to the U.S Supreme Court alone is reason enough to never cast a ballot for her November 8th.

Trump may be a very poor example for how a man should behave , but he has built successful businesses, he had finished projects on time and often under budget, and he certainly isn’t concerned about political correctness, a social poison that hinders any  tangible progress on so many fronts. He will cut taxes, he will address the runaway immigration problem, and he will make some progress on numerous other vital fronts because he is someone who knows how to get things done.

Flawed , yes indeed Trump is, but no one who loves this country and cares about salvaging it can deny Trump is a superior choice, warts and all.

Bob Shannon   King William Virginia

12 Responses to “On Trump: Women are much smarter than the media thinks”

  1. robert shannon

    The most recent revelation concerning the evident corruption of the F.B.I should sadden any voter who has a modicum of understanding just what this represents. If the publics faith in the integrity of our justice system and the rule of law is in question…….read the history and the tragic consequences of what follows. It isn’t pretty. The notion that the well heeled and connected don’t have to obey the law has already in my judgment lent to the increasing lawlessness we see spreading throughout society at large. It only gets worse as examples like this make their way into the American mainstream.

    I fervently pray that on election day every voter quietly ponders the implications of just how deep the corruption now runs, and for the sake of having a chance of reversing this for our children, thinks long and hard about casting a vote for a woman who is in my lifetime the most corrupt person to ever seek the office of the Presidency.

    I take some comfort in knowing that should Hillary be elected she will be impeached before her first term runs it’s course. The growing evidence should provide the circumstances where someone facing prosecution and a long harsh sentence will cut the proverbial deal……and the truth will be exposed beyond any doubt what a horrible human being this woman is.

    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Patriots for Trump says:

    Phony Polls created by HRC’s John Podesta showing Hillary is ahead of Trump is MEDIA CORRUPTION. The XX Chromosome outrage over “Trump’s Billy Bush remarks” is FAKE.

    Who purchased 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Gray? Who listens to Howard Stern on Sirius Radio? Who listens to Rap and Hip Hop music? Who made George Carlin and Eddie Murphy mega millionaires listening to their vulgar comedy? Millions of Faux outraged women? Yeah right.

  3. Trumpette says:

    When Trump says the election is rigged this is what he is talking about: The Electoral College is CORRUPT- the party controls the state’s votes: 7 minute video

  4. James W. says:

    Madonna offers Oral Sex in exchange for Votes for Hillary- that’s the TRASH supporting HIllary Rodham Clinton for President and Michelle Obama has invited every Vulgar Rapper in America to perform at the White House.

  5. jacob wallace says:

    Thank you so much for this list. I will post it in our Seller’s Bootcamp at Any new business starting out can at least focus their resources elsewhere. Cheers, Christine

  6. John James says:

    What great information!

  7. G. Ford

    God you people are idiots. I’m so glad you are outnumbered by sane people.

  8. dedicated hosting says:

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  9. ethan moore says:

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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