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On Victory and Defeat

While I am exhausted, and like many of you hardly slept a wink last night, I have poured over the countless articles declaring the reasons for Dr. Brats victory and Eric Cantor’s loss. Maybe this is just exhaustion rearing its ugly head, but I am annoyed with the analysis. It appears that the national opinion is that David Brat won because the TEA Party is alive and well. It appears that the national narrative is that Eric Cantor lost because he is pro-amnesty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Dave Brat is not a TEA Party candidate. He is being supported by most of the local TEA Party’s because most of the members of those TEA Party’s recognize Dr. Brat as a pro-constitution, pro-free-market, pro-limited-government candidate with an enormous intellect and a refreshing genuineness of character. Dr. Brat is not a libertarian and yet many libertarians like myself support him, because while we do not agree on everything, we agree on what is now most important. We agree that unsustainable spending is unsustainable. Dr. Brat is no novice to political philosophy and I’ve heard him demonstrate an understanding that A=A. Now you may laugh and say, “Duh”, but my friends, having our politicians and candidates accept reality is a rare blessing.

Eric Cantor didn’t just lose because of Amnesty. He lost because he doesn’t spend any time with his constituents, he lost most of his grassroots activists to Dave Brat, he altered the STOCK Act, and he is largely seen as another rubber stamp for the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street.

But those aren’t the only reasons Eric Cantor lost. Eric Cantor came up against some of the kindness, most intelligent, most passionate, most educated citizens in his district, who rallied around a positive, good candidate in Dr. Brat, and who worked together to accomplish the impossible. The 7th District just witnessed what our political process is supposed to look like! It wasn’t money that determined this election. It was people. As I’ve written over and over again: the Chamber of Commerce can pour millions of dollars into these campaigns, but they cannot cast a single vote.

Dr. Brat ran on the Republican Creed, he ran as a Republican who believes in the Republican philosophy. He was elected by Republicans because of that and he was joined by people belonging to TEA Party’s, by Libertarians, and by Independents who simply want some common sense back in Washington D.C.

We haven’t witnessed the rise of a national TEA Party. We’ve witnessed the rise of common sense. Common Sense is something we can all get behind and support. It’s why then Governor Palin was wildly popular in Alaska, why President Reagan won two landslide victories, and why McCain, Romney, Dole, and Ford failed on election day. People want sincerity, common sense, and responsible government; and they’ll vote for it. They will also vote against its’ absence.

I want to say thank you to everyone on the inner circle of Dr. Brats campaign. You guys are superstars in my book.

I want to say thank you to Dr. Brat for the energy and focus he put in to his campaign.

I want to thank everyone that showed up and supported Dr. Brat on Tuesday.

But to all of you, this also: Round 1 is over. Time for Round 2. Let’s Roll.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

8 Responses to “On Victory and Defeat”

  1. Smith III says:

    Local Domino Effects – Let the record show that Del. CHRIS PEACE,Del. BUDDY FOWLER, and HA BOS SEAN DAVIS just days ago threw a huge FUND Raiser picnic for ERIC CANTOR.

    AND of those 3 only Chris Peace was not proudly wearing a Cantor sticker at the 7th District Convention. Chris Peace has since gone on record to endorse Cantor even though he also went on record to admit that he knew he was lying.

    What does this say about the integrity of these elected officials?

  2. Robert Shannon

    In all of this analysis what is missing ? I read with interest the two articles on Bull Elephant , by Radtke (yesterday ) and Albertson this morning and Kudo’s went out to everyone deserving , lacking any recognition of what was certainly a major contributor to ramping up Cantor’s negatives from January to June—the TEA Party Signs spread all over the 7th district.

    Perhaps not having been out there in 95 degree heat, burning up in the sun constructing these valuable tools, some can’t fully appreciate what they represent. Or they are ignored for other purposes that have nothing to do with their effectiveness. The signs have engendered harsh criticism in certain circles and perhaps the authors are reluctant to alienate anyone ( by noting the signs contributions in Brats success ) they might need down the road for their own self serving purposes.

    When Cantor began the TV ad’s touting that Dave Brat was a “liberal college professor” what was he attempting to do ? He was driving (or trying to ) Brat’s negatives as high as they possibly could. This is a tried and true political strategy going back ages–it’s used because it works. In this specific case it was an obvious lie. In the case of the TEA Party signs Cantor had a 14 year record and the SIGNS drove home DAILY for the ten’s of thousands of people WHO DROVE PAST THEM for months

    1. what the national debt was in 2000 and what it was is 2014
    2. how many times Cantor voted for debt ceiling increases
    3. his support for the Prescription drug benefit, adding 1 trillion dollars to the back of an already drowning program
    4. his unwillingness to do anything about cutting spending
    5. his pro-amnesty position
    6. his lack of any meaningful action on Benghazi.
    and numerous other votes and positions he took during his 14 year tenure.

    Now, in a e-mail blast I sent out Tuesday night I was very careful, I Thanked all of the many who contributed in some way, the folks who did the phone banks, the door knocking and canvassing, worked the polls, manned the campaign office. I wanted to use this as a teaching moment for some of the other TEA Party groups , trying to encourage them to get busy with constructing SIGNS in their own areas around the State, illustrating the evidence , specifically on how these signs have made a major difference, citing the examples of Radtke’s best showings being in Hanover and King William Counties, how Catherine Crabill had her best showing in King William, the numerous elective wins in 2011 in both Hanover and King William. These signs not only work , but did much toward exposing the fatal flaws in Cantor’s record that for 6 previous election cycles voters paid little attention to.

    The SIGNS changed all of that, forcing his record and his lack of true conservative values out in the open.

    I have personally worked the door to door canvassing in past campaign efforts and it is indeed effective. But let’s do a little math ,shall we. Assuming a volunteer has 4 hours to walk neighborhoods and if he/she can visit 15 homes an hour they will have spoken to or made contact with 60 people. Often times you end up hanging something on a door , knowing someone might read it, or not. In the course of that same volunteer working 20 days and putting in 4 hours each time they walk neighborhoods they have contacted no more than 1200, that is assuming ( best case ) they made human contact in every instance at every home. This is a commendable effort—but lets look at what the SIGNS accomplish

    1 sign on the National Debt when Cantor was elected and what it is in 2014 from 3 trillion to some 17 trillion was initially on Studley road in Mechanicsville, rotated periodically from one location to another every 2-3 weeks. How many people did that SIGN reach ? 10,000, 50,000 ?? You could take a traffic count and come to some accuracy , but I think most will get the point , short of doing that.

    Volunteer ???? Yes indeed they are valuable, did most of the campaign work. Where did these volunteers come from ? The Mechanicsville TEA Party, the Henrico TEA Party, The Patrick Henry TEA Party, The Louisa TEA Party. Somehow they morphed into generic volunteers, with no specific mention in either article of these groups tremendous contributions, or the SIGNS.

    Perhaps it was just an oversight. Maybe even these SIGNS , which have been controversial to say the least were intentionally ignored because certain elements of local political factions don’t like them. Nonetheless, their impact should be recognized for the very valuable part they played in getting tens of thousands of voters in the 7th district to pay attention to some important facts. These SIGNS did this (after their initial costs of construction ) for nothing….didn’t cost a cent other than the cost of messaging after they are up.

    You gotta knock on a lot of doors to match those numbers. Then again, perhaps leaving out mention of the signs and specific recognition of these individual TEA Party groups was done so as to not offend some of those factions I mentioned earlier.
    One of the benefits of having done what I do for 5 years now is gaining the insight and perspective to understand often what is really going on. You might say I simply call “BULL” when I see it.
    Bob Shannon

    • The national and local debate over the TEA Party has become rather convoluted Bob. People need to understand that there truly is no national TEA Party, which means that candidates are not “TEA Party”. Does the King William TEA Party consult the King George TEA Party when determining what signs to put up and what those signs should say? Do you contact TEA Party Patriots? Of course not. I’ve tried to explain what the TEA Party is time and again, but the national media has a great deal more influence in the minds of Americans than I. Local TEA Party’s supported Dr. Brat, along with thousands of other volunteers and every got to celebrate together. This isn’t about one group or another, or one talk show host or another, or one campaign manager, or one blogger, or one anything… This is about a candidate who has embraced the facts, embraces the Constitution, embraced free-market economics, and the people rising up to support that candidate. Some local TEA Party’s do more than others. Some are better financed. Some focus on their own county, some on Richmond, some on Washington DC. All of them deserve credit. None of them are nationally orchestrated.

  3. Mark says:

    This article explains some of the reasons why Dave Brat won this election, except for one reason that was left out. God’s providence. Many people that were volunteers for this campaign can tell you how God gave them Bible verses about what was happening and God gave many of us the same prayers, almost word for word. We did not know this all during the campaign, but while we were talking at the celebration afterwards, is when we began to share how God and shown us a verse or shared what we prayed for. That is when it became more and more obvious that no matter how many people helped and how much negative attention and the lack of true media coverage, God brought this about.

  4. Integrity says:

    “In matters of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle stand like a rock \” Thomas Jefferson

  5. Karen Steger says:

    ~ 90% of Cantor’s “Worker Bee Volunteers” in past elections had come over for this election and are now the “Worker Bees” for Dave Brat.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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