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Our “Hokie Pokie” Foreign Policy

Republicans are now in an extremely difficult political position, as they are forced to respond to the foreign policy failures of the Bush and Obama Administrations with regard to the Near East and Persia, and with regard to our Southern border.

Let’s look first at the chaos in the Near East. President Obama has effectively ended all official US Foreign policies in the Near East. The resulting vacuum has invited chaos. In many cases this chaos is the inevitable consequence of historical sectarian hatred and violence. The Iraqi Government under Shi’ite rule has abused its Sunni population, making Sunni objections to Sunni Islamist Rebels out of Northern Iraq and Syria less than cohesive. Sunni’s have no national identity or national pride in “Iraq”. They may not want Sharia Law and they may not want an ISIS-Baathist Coelition, but they know that Shi’ite control of Iraq will never bring them any security.

So what are we supposed to do now? Send in ground forces to slow an inevitable and regional civil war? Of course not. However, we have hundreds of American contractors and oil interests in the region. How is it possible that we have continued to depend on the Near East and Persia for our energy needs? Is sectarian violence a surprise? No. What are we doing about it? Well, apparently nothing.

President Reagan understood that the best way to win a Cold War was to build a powerful economy and military and force a less flexible Soviet regime to bankrupt itself in a race that they never could have sustained. In the case of the Near East and Persia, why are we not cultivating our own independent energy resources, giving us truly no national security reason for interaction with these barbaric and backwards Islamist Nations? Instead, we are reducing our domestic energy capacities.

However, with our nation dependent on foreign energy, Republicans in Congress are forced to call for some sort of action to provide stability in the Near East. Europe is far more dependent on Russian natural gas than Near Eastern oil, so Europe will follow whatever policy Putin puts in place. What about us? Will we take our marching orders from the Saudi princes?

And on the Domestic Front:

President Bush and President Obama have been pushing for the legalization of illegal immigration for over a decade. The result is a catastrophic refugee situation on the border. Cantor and Pelosi, Rubio and Reid, have focused primarily on amnesty for “kids”, so kids are what the third world has sent us. Now Republicans have to articulate an immigration policy to deal with this situation; and no matter what they do, they will suffer politically. Let the kids stay and “the right” will throw these Republicans out of office. Send the kids back, and responsible republicans will play right into the narrative the GOP Leadership and Democrat Party have carefully crafted over the last decade.

And Persia?

Finally, with regard to Persia and the Iranian Nuclear Option. Presidents Bush and Obama have done nothing to stem the rise of a nuclear Iran. How will Republican Legislators (or a future Republican President) deal with Iran once they have nukes? Boots on the ground? Nuke them first? Let Iran nuke Israel? Let Israel nuke Iran?

Our last two administrations have created a future of lose/lose situations for future legislators and leaders. I’m exhausted hearing the question, “Well, what do you want to do in the Ukraine, send in troops?”. “Well, what do you want to do in Iraq, send in troops?” “Well, what do you want to do with Iran, send in troops”. NO! That’s NOT WHAT I WANT. What I wanted for the last fourteen years was intelligent foreign policies that would have prevented the chaos and capture we’re face to face with today. Now, deciding what to do is an awful prospect.

We can abandon Israel and all our interests in the Near East and Persia, forcing Russia and China and Europe to deal with the Sunni-Shi’ite civil war to come. This would allow us to spend our resources generating our own energy capabilities and invest in our own infrastructure. To do this, however, would require us to begin drilling for oil everywhere, building more refineries, building that damn XL pipeline, abolishing the federal EPA, and renewing novel alliances (UK, India, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia). We’ll have to close our border and put our troops there. We won’t become isolationist, per se, but we’d essentially be focused on preserving Japan and Taiwan’s access to the South China Sea, UK independence from the EU, and India security from Pakistan.

But, Israel would fall. World War would brake out throughout Africa, Persia, and the Near East. A hundred million people would die. Life on Earth would change.

That’s the price for leaving the Near East. Can we pay it?

Otherwise, I don’t know what to do. Preserving order in the Near East and Persia will require an eternal military presence and trillions of dollars. If Obama wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal, maybe we should give forty or fifty nukes to Israel and say, “Good Luck”. If we aren’t going to abandon Israel and the Near East, then we better put every penny we have into our military, and we better start taking control of these governments. If we’re going to stay involved, then we need to destroy the Islamists wherever we find them, until all that is left in the Near East are pro-business, religious moderates looking to create wealthy nations. We might even have to redraw the map from time to time if sectarian memories prove impossible to erase. But we better start being honest with ourselves about the price of either option.

Chaos and War is the future of the Near East. We need to decide once and for all, whether we are going to engage or disengage. This hokie pokie, put one foot in, pull one foot out, strategy is a disaster.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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