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President –Elect Trump hits just the right tone

I have marveled at the 24/7 news cycle and their often humorous efforts to “ make some news”, if they can’t find any, or when it’s a quiet 24 hour period.  This past week’s constant harping on how the Trump transition team was in meltdown is a case in point. One would think after the embarrassing humiliation the media suffered when their ordained coronation of Queen Hillary didn’t happen they would have learned their lesson. I suppose we must admire them , for in spite of the clock cleaning they took 10 days ago they keep trying.

The actual calm, collected and deliberate process Trump seems to have firmly in hand on sorting through whom will be selected to fill the cabinet posts and other high profile positions must drive the folks in the media simply crazy. The steady stream of notables already visiting the President-Elect are indeed a stellar line up of accomplished men & women who will help the new President get off to a smooth start.

What is particularly noteworthy is Trumps willingness to sit down even with the people who refused to support him, often times personally attacking him. It is a sign of a man who takes this responsibility very seriously, wanting to select only the best ,even if they may have behaved towards him in what might be described as disloyal or unseemly. Obviously he cares much more about the Nation’s welfare than to allow personal grudges or slights to get in the way of forming an effective government on behalf of all of its citizens.

If one had read “ The Art of the Deal” one would not at all be surprised by this, it is how Trump has operated throughout his professional life. The noted story described in detail in the book of what Trump did when he took over the project of the failed skating rink, a project that the city government of New York had squandered tens of millions of tax dollars and had drug out over multiple years with no completion in sight is a case story of how Trump thinks. The very first thing Trump did was to instruct his underlings to find the best and most successful builder of outdoor skating rinks in the world. Trump brought this person to New York met with him and then hired him to finish this project, under budget and on time. The book goes into great detail on many business projects where Trump consistently did the same thing, brought in the brightest and the best in whatever field of expertise that was needed. It is and stands in stark contrast with the folks in the political world who are always inclined to hand out jobs and appointments to their crony pals, competency and actual accomplishments aside.

Get set for a whirlwind that will set Trump clearly apart from most of his predecessors. He gets things done………………….even getting under the media and his detractors skin as an almost bonus for those of us watching.

Bob Shannon  King William

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  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Marvel at this. Instead of getting tough with companies that ship jobs to Mexico like he promised to over and over during his campaign, Trump seems to have jumped into bed with Carrier. The number of jobs that are staying at the Carrier plant seems to keep shrinking. However, one thing is consistent. One Carrier plant in Indiana is still shutting down and being replaced by a brand new plant in Mexico. And, more than one-half of the affected employees are STILL losing their jobs to Mexico. Ask the about 1300 who are STILL losing their job to Mexico if Trump has kept his promise to them.

    Where is the promised 35% tariff on goods imported by Carrier and Ford from Mexico? Wasn’t it promised by Trump over and over?


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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