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Republicans Warn “Robert Sarvis Will Govern Just Like Bob McDonnell” as a Democrat!

Four years ado, Bob McDonnell ran as a Conservative. Both fiscally and socially. I looked into his record as a Legislator and as Attorney General and found nothing that would tend to run counter to his claim that he was Conservative.

I campaigned hard and tirelessly for McDonnell and gave up a lot of time I could have spent with my family to get him elected.

McDonnell said his opponent would raise the gas tax, general taxes, destroy the family, expand welfare, and tax and spend just like his predecessor.

Bob McDonnell promised to balance the budget by cutting waste, cut taxes, solve the transportation crisis without raising taxes  and by privatizing the ABC business.

Instead, Bob McDonnell raised taxes including the gas tax to pay for transportation. He simply moved the tax from the pump where consumers could see it and hid the taxes on the supply side. Gas prices did not fall. (See this report.)

Bob McDonnell raised taxes.

Bob McDonnell also paved the way for Medicaid Expansion, appointed an activist gay judge and abandoned efforts to fix the Senate Redistricting Plan that the Democrats gerrymandered to protect their jobs and their power.

Now had Bob McDonnell campaigned on higher taxes, appointing activist gay judges, expanding Medicare and allowing Democrats to keep their unfairly drawn lines, restoring voting rights for convicts who vote Democrat overwhelmingly, I wouldn’t have made the first phone call on his behalf or knocked on a single door. And if you told me that Bob McDonnell would convince 42 Republicans to go along with his tax and spend anti-family agenda, I would not have believed you.

Now let’s add to the Republican deceivers Congressman Eric Cantor who has run on a balanced budget, repealing Obamacare, stopping the spending, bla, bla, bla, only to vote in favor of Obamacare and increases in the debt ceiling every time where his vote was needed by Boehner, you begin to see a pattern of deception.

And while we are at it, let’s consider a couple of the Hanover BOS members who pretended to be Conservatives and are now plotting to raise taxes and spend more money and you may begin to see why I refuse to blindly support a Republican.

Bob McDonnell convinced me that I cannot trust Republicans to hold true to their word and I must look for “tells” that show their true intent.

Boy, the gloves have come off now.

All of the Republicans supporting Ken Cuccinelli have become desperate. When I endorsed Robert Sarvis, Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Virginia, I expected some flack. And of you read the post, you will see that there are some areas in which Sarvis and I disagree.

And I also stated my reasons for abandoning Ken Cuccinelli. Basically, it was his dealings with Star Scientific where he accepted about $18,000 in gifts.

Strike 1.

Now if he had reported the gifts I would say all is well. But he did not.

Strike 2.

And he tried to justify taking the gifts by saying he only makes $150K and has 7 children. And besides, he didn’t break the law.

Strikes 3 and 4.

When I enlisted in the Navy in the 1970’s, I was selected for the Navy Nuclear Power Program. This is one of the top programs offered by the Navy and is exceedingly difficult to qualify for this field. Admiral Hyman G. Rickover was my boss and he set the highest standards possible for entry into the program. My friends, neighbors and family were interviewed and questioned about me and my life was examined with a fine toothed comb. No stone was left unturned.

One thing that stuck with me all these decades since that time was those high standards for acceptance. Admiral Rickover believed that your past behavior was a good indicator of your future behavior. And the smallest flaw would make you ineligible for the program. The academic tests to qualify were exhausting and the least little thing could disqualify you. You were required to have at least a “B” on Algebra 1 in High School to qualify.

And two speeding tickets would keep you out of the program.

Rickover considered this “Demonstrated Unreliability”. The Navy boasted of never having a Nuclear accident or incident.

High standards indeed.

And I have always felt that we should hold our political leaders to the same high standards. Terry McAuliffe fails before ever starting the test.

Ken Cuccinelli had my vote and my fierce support right up until the revelations about his accepting gifts were made public.

At that point, Ken Cuccinelli had exhibited the “demonstrated unreliability” that Rickover found so predicting of future behavior. Or perhaps what is in your heart.

Either way, I could no longer support Ken Cuccinelli no matter how much I approved of his actions as Attorney General. He has demonstrated himself to be unreliable to me.

My fellow blogger Sandy just published a post on this same topic prompted by the same email that I received that spurred MY post. See Sandy’s post here. I will skip the duplication of thoughts we have on the subject. Suffice it to say I just stipulate Sandy’s entire post as included in this post.

This “Smear Campaign” against Sarvis (as Sandy put) includes the following:

Sarvis FAVORS higher taxes, including

  • higher gas taxes and
  • a new “miles-driven” tax and
  • opposing any tax cuts, including the Cuccinelli Tax Cut Plan 

Sarvis FAVORS expanding Obamacare 

  • Through massive Medicaid expansion in VA
  • Adding 400,000 new permanent enrollees to this social program
  • Price-tag to taxpayers: $3B per year. 

Sandy documents quite well why this is a smear campaign conducted by Cuccinelli surrogates. And I am not sure this has Cuccinelli’s approval. And it is blatantly false. More Republican lies. It is getting harder and harder to tell Republicans from Democrats.

Terry McAuliffe has spent millions in ads claiming Cuccinelli wants to deny women contraceptives. He is a liar. That’s never going to happen. Cuccinelli has never advocated such.

But now Cuccinelli or at least his surrogates, are doing the same thing to Sarvis that McAuliffe is doing to Cuccinelli.

This gives me even more confirmation that my Sarvis Endorsement was the right call.

If you want my endorsement, vote, time, money and enthusiasm –

  • Don’t lie. To me, about your opponent, about your plans if elected.
  • Don’t raise my taxes without first convincing me that there is no waste in government. (Hint – that will never happen.)
  • Don’t take money or gifts from someone that can be seen as a potential bribe. And if you do, at least report it. Even if there is no quid pro quo that can be proven and even if no laws were broken, know that you have broken my trust.

Ken Cuccinelli has run the worst campaign I have seen in recent memory. The Republican Party of Virginia has done him no favors and with the current crop presiding over the RPV, Virginia will indeed be completely blue shortly. Most would argue that it already is. With “conservatives” like Bob McDonnell.

Ken’s campaign message is “Vote for Cuccinelli because I suck Less than McAuliffe” is an embarrassment. McAuliffe has successfully branded Cuccinelli as a far right wing extremist while Cuccinelli is trying to run as a moderate because his campaign managers and the RPV tell him that is the way to win.

It is the way to win second place. Cuccinelli is running on the same tactics that Mitt Romney tried. And the result will be the same.

We are now up to part 7 on Terry McAuliffe’s “baggage” emails from the Cuccinelli campaign.

Republicans will never learn that if it won’t fit on a bumper sticker nobody will listen. 7 freaking parts on why Terry McAuliffe has baggage sent out to the people that support him is not going to win elections.

Republicans seem unable to pull their heads out of their asses unless they are in a minority.

Well, we will begin hearing the giant popping sound of heads coming up for air as the polls close in just over a week. We all know what is going to happen.

And pompous, arrogant, narcissistic asses like Bill Bolling are going to blame the TEA Party and Conservatives for the losses, Cuccinelli will point to the defectors that voted for Sarvis and as Democrats regain control of the Senate, the Governorship and make a several seat gain in the House, Virginians will be the losers as the least qualified person in the history of the Commonwealth to be Governor will be sworn in in January.

But the truth is, 2009 was not a “Win” for Republicans. It was the beginning of the end.

Bob McDonnell presided over the destruction of the Republican Party in Virginia and his betrayal is the real reason Republicans will lose in November.

And sadly, at the Republican “Advance” the GOP will lick it’s wounds and prop one another up and long for the good old days of 2009 when life as a Republican was grand, completely oblivious to the painfully obvious truth. Bob McDonnell and Eric Cantor will deliver rousing speeches about Conservative ideas winning the day and then they will go back to work being indistinguishable from the Democrats they mock.

Here’s a hint. The Conservative message is the winning message. It is just a shame that Republicans run away from it at election time and want to be Democrat lite.

But still, I look forward to Republicans going back to pretending to be Conservative, fighting Terry McAuliffe’s tax increases and left wing extremist policies. And like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, these same Republicans will promise to play right next time.

It is time to start a Conservative third party in Virginia. And in the Nation.

The Republican Party is completely lost.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

2 Responses to “Republicans Warn “Robert Sarvis Will Govern Just Like Bob McDonnell” as a Democrat!”

  1. Bow says:

    I am of the opinion you are absolutely correct in your assessment of Bob McDonnell, the RPV and all or least a vast majority of our republican representatives who campaigned and won election as Conservatives or least not part of the lunatic liberal/progressive ideology that is best known as the democrat party.

    I, like you worked hard to get Bob McDonnell elected,(albeit with some serious concerns) but by the time he had gotten his next shave and hair styled, I knew I had made yet another mistake.
    I predicted to all who would listen that the republicans would lose the next election to the democrats at the state and national level.

    America is no longer a nation with two separate political parties, both parties are of the same ideology and both have abandoned even their feigned support of “The Declaration of Independence, The Bill Of Rights ,the Constitution and even America’s heritage and culture as a democratic Republic” now they openly disavow it as being out of touch with modern world affairs.

    The republican leaders need to be ousted and history has shown that can only happen when the party itself is relegated to the ash heap of lies and broken promises. All of us who laid claim to being republicans should be surprised to learn that the party of Lincoln is no better than the democrat party for Lincoln was no friend of the Constitution or of the founding fathers, he was a tyrant.

  2. Christopher Sullivan says:

    Solid analysis and a good read, sir. For many of the reasons you’ve laid out in this article, I abandoned the Republican Party in the summer of 2012. I believe we can glean much about those of any party affiliation (both those in office and candidates for office) through a careful examination of their ethical (or unethical) behavior. For those already in office, we also need to examine the extent to which they have truly honored their oaths to the Constitution (the same one I took as a Marine Corps officer and managed to uphold just fine) or how well they abide by the Republican Creed. I’d say most if not all are lacking in both departments, so why continue to blindly support them by voting (R)? I sure won’t.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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