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Rick Perry Has a Jeremiah Wright of his Very Own!

Update 10/11/2011

It should be noted that Robert Jeffress is not “officially” Rick Perry’s pastor. He is a Perry supporter and has partnered with Perry to introduce him and was a partner in an event named “The Response”.

According to the Washington Post:

Another partner was the Rev. C. Peter Wagner of “The New Apostolic Reformation, who told Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air this past week that a tsunami struck Japan because the emperor of Japan had sex with the sun goddess, a power of darkness belonging to the Kingdom of Satan. “The Sun Goddess wants natural disasters to come to Japan,” he said. “Sometimes the hand of God, which is more powerful will prevent them and when he decides to prevent them and when he doesn’t is far beyond anything  we can predict.”

While neither of these “pastors” are officially Perry’s pastor, it is clearly a cause for concern over the types of religious advisers with whom Perry is surrounding himself.

And while Perry’s campaign has made a statement as to Perry not sharing Jeffress view on Mormons, Perry has yet to address the issue himself. Perhaps he will be pressed on this at tonight’s debate.

#End Update

It seems that Rick Perry has a pastor problem. While the mostly secular Democrats and totally Godless Progressives only find religion useful when it garners favor, or votes, those on the right overwhelmingly value religion. Christian belief in particular. You remember those, right? The same beliefs upon which this country was founded?

Perry’s pastor, Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas seems to believe that there are varying degrees of Christians. And while this may be a philosophical argument among theologians, Jeffress statement that Mormons are not Christians and called the Mormon faith a “cult”.

The bottom line is, Mormons believe in Jesus Christ. And that makes them Christians.

A quick visit to the official Mormon Website confirms this:

Jesus Christ, Our Savior

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God. He is our Redeemer. The Holy Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ’s mother was Mary, His father on earth was Joseph, that He was born in Bethlehem and raised in Nazareth, and labored with Joseph as a carpenter. When he turned 30, He began a three-year ministry of teaching, blessing, and healing the people of the Holy Land. He also organized His Church and gave His apostles “power and authority” (Luke 9:1) to assist in His work.

Based on that statement alone, Pastor Jeffress is completely off his rocker.

And no, I am not a Mormon. In fact, I am a Baptist. Just not the type of Baptist that has no tolerance for others that do not share 100% of my beliefs.

And I had high hopes for Rick Perry right up until I found out that he advocates education illegal aliens above American Citizens. And while I appreciate Perry’s wish to educate all Texan’s – even illegals – in order to make them more productive workers, it is still illegal to hire them education or not! In essence, Perry also advocates hiring illegals over citizens and giving them opportunities that legal citizens outside of Texas do not enjoy. That alone has completely turned me off to Perry.

And thus far, I have not heard Perry renounce his Pastor for his intolerance.

That is not to say that I agree with everything Mormons believe. What I do know is that they are Christians and have excellent moral values.

Perhaps Pastor Jeffress should pull out his Bible and look up Luke 6 verse 37:

Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven

And why hasn’t Perry spoken up on this? Is he snake-bit?

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

13 Responses to “Rick Perry Has a Jeremiah Wright of his Very Own!”

  1. Brittanicus says:

    Company owners who still feel they have free reign and not subject to the law, will find themselves on the wrong end of sudden ICE audits, Hiring foreigners will be risking activity and their their company license could be canceled, then alternatively facing huge fines, confiscation of assets and even imprisonment. This is by far a very serious issue, because no matter which way you look at it, this is about obnoxious greed; profiting from the unfortunate 14 million U.S. Citizen and legal worker, who are being extricated in lieu of cheap labor. Even now Business that have illegal nationals in their employ, best be on their guard as the word in out to inform the ICE agencies, of suspicious incidents of employment irregularities. Here is the phone number to report unusual goings-on 1-866-DHS-2ICE (866-347-2423). SEE SOMETHING? DO SOMETHING?

    Obama’s main players like Eric Holder and the Dept of IN-Justice are resolute in secret situations as selectivity in deportations. Just because an illegal alien has no heinous criminal record, you could actually walk free? This is not how our immigration laws are written? You enter America in violation of the law, you should be deported. There are very few mitigating circumstances. This is particularly wrong when thousands of legitimate new immigrants must wait their turn, waiting patiently for years. His executive decisions just draw thousands of more foreigners, into our nation looking for free handouts. The–Instant–citizenship for babies, under the present 14th amendment is a twisted, expensive situation that is just part of the $113 billion a year paid out in welfare entitlements. Adding California’s ‘Dream Act” further is yet another windfall for the 20 million plus foreigners, who have settled here in the US. This is unacceptable to the ordinary American people, who seem to being placed secondary to these foreign nationals.

    The TEA PARTY is not defined by the GOP RINO’s that are the prominent politic of the party proper. The TEA PARTY is of a different breed that believes in a moderate government, with less intervention in our daily lives. The TEA PARTY is an overhaul of our political system, rampant with corruption and greed, that will overturn the tax code, that—only—47 percent of America pays, with far too many exceptions, loopholes and subsidies. Businessman Herman Cain’s plan of a 9-9-9 tax seems perfectly feasible where everybody pays. By now everybody has heard of Farmers complaints that their crops are dying in the fields, especial the tomato growers in Alabama? What hasn’t been passed on to the general public as admitted in farmers interviews with the Huntsville Times, that they couldn’t locate anybody to hire that was legally here. They the truth came out in the interviews, which they hadn’t even looked for workers at the employment office or advertised in the local press.

    One farmer was offered free advertising by a community radio station, but that individual refused. According to the source some farmers were only paying illegal aliens $2.00 a box, but sold their tomatoes for $10.00 a box. My guess it’s probably this same greedy profit margin across the United States? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Adding insult to injury the farmers were clearing over $200.000 in profit. Then incredulously the farmers and the big agricultural concerns give no benefits to their workers, so not only do the taxpayers have to pay for hospital visits, from the flue to a serious injury; for the whole family as well. Then the children have free education, thanks to the gullible American taxpayer. I am sure illegal aliens and taxpayers are exploited in any other state, in California for sure. The coastal state has one of the massive growing systems throughout this nation, and greedy farmers pay little for the work, placing the whole weight of their illegal aliens living here on the taxpayers. Internal ICE agents do not have the manpower to raid every despicable farm owners acreage, but this nefarious situation is sure to be prevalent everywhere.

    If you haven’t really noticed where ICE agents have raided businesses annually–from meat packing plants, carpet warehouses, restaurant chains, supermarkets, hotels, construction sites, companies have quickly advertised from new workers as the illegal aliens not apprehended, have fled. Within a few days there are new lines of potential lawful labor of black, white, Hispanic gender waiting for the chance of a job. A chicken processing plant in Albertville, Alabama hired 125 LEGAL employees this week, to replace the 125 illegal aliens that left their jobs and fled the state—this just informs you that ICE enforcement is working. Contact your own local Senator or Representative or federal politician at 202-224-3121 and insist on E-Verify, “LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” (H.R. 2885.) HELP THE WORKING AMERICAN AND STOP THESE TRAVESTIES OF OUR LAWS.

    One Old Vet saying, “Stand next to me and you’ll never stand alone.”


  2. Brittanicus says:

    When California has a $20 to 24 billion dollar deficit, amid the State suffocating under the millions of illegal immigrants that have invaded, that passing illegal immigrant ‘Dream Act’ defies any logic? California has now joined Texas and a few other states, giving taxpayers money for tuition, while legal Texas students are left out? Where does Liberal Governor Jerry Brown have the nerve to add another $23 million to $40 million annually for taxpayer backed tuition for illegal immigrant students? It’s estimated that 2,500 illegal alien students will qualify for taxpayer aid under the bill. This is the height of disgusting and incomprehensible when US citizens and legal resident, cannot get in-state tuition after their family brought them to America through legal means or the baby was born here. Brown may have past a Californians version of the unsuccessful policy, but those children and adult students have no citizenship standing? They cannot gain any citizen rights under the current system and can still be arrested under current law—unless President Obama has another cheap trick, like bypassing the “rule of Law.”

    Adverse politicians to this 'Dream Act' law stated, that it will further attract millions more foreign nationals, across the state border. California–A far left Liberal state and identified as a Sanctuary State, will soon be very much aware of not only more people pouring through the border or flying into LAX international air terminal. But hundreds of thousands, may be millions will skirt immigration laws and illegal alien families will further collapse any chance of California outgrowing their financial insolvency, as scatterings from the new enforcement policing laws enacted currently in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia and very soon arrive in that state. Jerry Brown will have to face the voters in the future, when the reckoning comes? But then Jerry Brown and his minions in the state capitol of Sacramento is immersed in Liberal doctrines, that's why the Golden State has massive welfare problems.

    There is a grading system for immigration records for each member of the GOP contenders for President and by reading this chart at NumbersUSA, you can judge for yourself, who clearly has the best evaluation of working for the American people and not the special interest lobbyists. Rick Perry, former Texas governor has poor results and the only personages who show great promise is Bachmann, Cain, Romney, with the rest of the pack trailing behind. Rick Perry however did try to pass a Voter ID law, but it was lost in a filibuster by the Democrats. The left will do anything to alter the direction of close elections—even to turning a blind eye to illegal aliens voting and destroying the integrity of citizens voting. When America is trying to overcome the 14 Trillion dollar federal deficit, we cannot afford to keep subsidizing the rest of the world’s poor. In fact the daily quota of illegal aliens who slip past our fence, just adds to the poverty already spreading here. Much of that poverty is brought into our nation, by these very individual, that ICE and the Border Patrol try to keep out.


    The agenda of the U.S. Government have cultivated this mess over thirty years, but the major dilemma came after the 1986 Immigration Control and reform Act. Now that Governor Brown has signed into law the state-only ’Dream Act' he has assured illegal immigrants will get–public money. Whether they get tuition money from Taxpayers, they are still illegal aliens and under the new Lamar Smith's E-Very bill, their illegal parents will have to self deported, once they find jobs are no longer available to them. This is because “LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT” (H.R. 2885) after passage, will be a mandatory deterrent, to rid foreigners taking jobs from Americans workers. Corporations, businesses–large or small, will be held accountable, specifically under the growing nationwide influence of the TEA PARTY.

    America always desires professional highly-skilled occupations, who will not become a taxpayers liability? But what is happening is greedy companies using less than honest attorneys to fill in the paperwork for second-rate workers, who definitely don’t fill the requirements of the law, but are in truth are fraudulent discount labor. However bucketing through our mostly open borders are—ECONOMIC—illegal aliens that is just more profit for thousands of undaunted companies that hire them and end up as public welfare charges.

  3. Mike Wilburt says:

    Tom, two things…..
    First, two of the comments appearing here are misplaced and should follow the article on the immigration summit.

    Second, your column leads readers to believe that Robert Jeffress is Rick Perry's pastor. Jeffress is not Rick Perry's pastor. Jeffress is a Perry friend and an outspoken conservative pastor who heads a megchurch in Dallas. Jefress has historically supported Perry during his political life.

    While this doesn't let Perry off the hook in his responsibility to distance himself from Jefress' comments, it is a very different scenario than Obama sitting in a pew for 17+ years listening to Jeremia Wright's hateful anti-American diatribes.

    I, too, heard the "guilt-by-association" slant in the media reporting and I jumped to the assumption that Jefress was the pastor at Perry's church.

    • Tom White says:

      Mike, on point one, the comments concerning immigration may well fit better under the Immigration Summit post, but I did open the door with my comments on Perry's immigration views that have turned off so many Conservatives to his candidacy. That is likely what prompted the comments.

      As to your second point, you are correct. Some of the earlier posts on the internet led me to believe that Jeffress was Perry's pastor. In fact, Jeffress church is in Dallas and Perry attends church in Austin. I have added an update with the correction and a bit more information on another pastor Perry is associated with – who is also not his personal pastor, but perhaps more "out there" than Jeffress. Perry needs to address this personally, but for me, he is done.

      • Mike Wilburt says:

        Thanks, Tom. I wasn't being critical of where the immigration posts ended up. I thought they might have been misplaced in error.

        What worries me most about the Perry – Pastor flap is that I, like you and many others, allowed ourselves to be rolled by the media into assuming that Jeffress was Perry's pastor. I know you follow the news very closely. I try my best to do the same. And while I didn't read anywhere that Jefress was Perry's pastor, the headlines, analysis and commentary drew us right to the spot that the media wanted us….."Perry attends a Wright-Like Intolerant church – film at eleven".

        I've been involved and consulted with campaigns for years. Hell, I've even written stuff that opens the door to "guilt by association" assumptions for candidates and causes. I'm embarrassed that I got caught in their well laid trap.

  4. Debbie says:

    It's not a new thing for some Christian pastors to believe that Mormanism is a cult. Whether Perry believes the same way this pastor does, or not, it is really too late. Perry has ruined himself with his views on illegal immigration already. I'm a life-long Southern Baptist, I have heard it preached and taught that Mormanism is a cult. I have also known a lot of Mormons and they are Christians. As someone with religious education / seminary background, I've studies most religions. I truly believe that many Mormons do not get deeply involved in the advanced teachings of the Mormon religion (the celestial families, on planets where Mormon men are gods of their own universes, etc.). They have some pretty far out beliefs when you dig deep.

    The general definition of what is a "cult" is any religion that "bases salvation on anything other than, or anything in addition to, belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior". Since I do not have the mind or understanding of God, I'll leave it up to Him to decide…

    Right Truth

    My recent post Political Contrail


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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