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Run Peter Greenwald, Run? More Like ‘Run Along, Peter. Run Along.’

I am hearing from numerous attendees that were present at the Mechanicsville TEA Party meeting last December when Peter Greenwald tried and failed to make a case for his candidacy. Most were appalled and shocked by his “God made me run” mantra. And he repeated the line over and over giving the impression that he was somewhat delusional.

Look, I’m a Christian and it made me cringe. Many of the people I heard from feel the same.

Peter Greenwald, I believe, is a good man. But there is no way on this earth that he is even remotely qualified let alone capable of being a US Congressman. He is a complete political neophyte and his MTP appearance proved it. The people in attendance were looking for answers to hard questions.

“How will you counter the Eric Cantor machine?”

He had no clue.

“It will take hundreds of thousands of dollars at least to counter Cantor’s millions. What organization do you have in place to gather such financial support?”

He had no answer. Maybe God.

Here are some of the comments I have been getting via email:

  • December meeting of Mechanicsville TP.   I was there and heard Greenwald’s comments.     Greenwald announced as a Republican candidate, but did not join the Chesterfield Republican Committee until January 2014.   He posted the good news on his Facebook.
  • There was a standing room only crowd  at the Mechanicsville Tea Party that night and everyone in that room heard Pete Greenwald state (in front of his wife and GOD) that if a better known candidate with name recognition, funding, and electability got into the Republican primary that he would drop out  because “it wasn’t about him” it was about “winning-” meaning he wanted to defeat Cantor.
  • HE told me then that IF there was a better Candidate he would – the objective was to beat Cantor.  Pete, apparently YOU lied to ME then, and to the MTP

And they go on and on.

With all due respect, Peter Greenwald is not a viable candidate and time is just too short to pretend otherwise. Politics is a brutal contact sport. And as we approach deadlines and the Primary, it is time to either fish or cut bait. The problem is, Pete Greenwald appears to be in the “head” powdering his nose. He came in like a lamb and fizzled. His best day so far was the day he announced his candidacy. And it has been downhill from there.

So when a Pete supporter calls me a liar for ignoring his guy as a serious candidate, I will tell him I am in good company. While Pete has one surrogate who is so cowardly he fails to even divulge his name, apparently willing to anonymously assess charges but too cowardly to reveal his name, Dave Brat has been making headlines, waves and striking fear into the hearts of the Eric Cantor Zombie voters.

While Peter Greenwald has been AWOL, Dave Brat has not:

Dave was featured in New York Times:
G.O.P. Leaders Draw Re-election Challenges From the Right

Congressional Candidates Slam Investor-Visa ‘Boondoggle’

Breitbart interview: Tea Party Professor in ‘Epic’ Fight to Unseat Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Dave Brat Endorsed For Opposing Illegal Alien Amnesty Supporter Eric Cantor
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Why I Want to Replace Eric Cantor
The Daily Caller

Laura Ingraham Radio Interview: 02/12/2014

Rick Amato Show/One America News Interview: 02/11/2014

Highlighted on the Glenn Beck Show: 2/18/2014

Cantor faces primary challenge over ‘big business agenda,’ immigration…
Drudge Report

Dave Brat Comments on Eric Cantor’s Vote to Increase the Debt (AGAIN!)
Before It’s News

Virginia Right! Endorses Dave Brat for Va 7th District Congressional Seat in Primary vs. Eric Cantor
Before It’s News

Eric Cantor Earns an Opponent – Dave Brat
Conservative HQ

Brat Addresses Tea Party Gathering
Goochland Gazette

Our View: Cantor ‘primaried,’ from the right
Winchester Star

Seventh District congressional candidate: Washington is broken
The Daily Progress

GOP Challenger rips ‘crony’ Cantor on immigration Virginia Bureau

A Health Care Conversation with Dr. David Brat
Part 1
Part 2

NRO Article “Eric Cantor’s Challenger from the Right”
National Review

Picked Up by 51 Other Outlets including:
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
Huffington Post
The Hill
Washington Post

Interview with Doc Thompson of the Blaze Radio Network

Interview starts at 1:39:00

Soundcloud Location

Dave Brat on NBC 12

Dave Brat Louisa Announcement Speech Jan 10, 2014

Two challengers will ensure a victory for Eric Cantor. Peter Greenwald said he wanted to defeat Cantor and it was not about him.

Has narcissism set in for Peter Greenwald? Is he smart enough to know when it is time to drop out?

Songwriter Don Schlitz has some words of wisdom in his hit song “The Gambler” popularized by Kenny Rogers that Peter Greenwald needs to heed.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.

Methinks that perhaps Peter has misinterpreted the answer to his prayer. And perhaps “Run Peter Run” was actually more in line with the second line of the lyrics above.

Run Along, Peter. Run Along.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

7 Responses to “Run Peter Greenwald, Run? More Like ‘Run Along, Peter. Run Along.’”

  1. John savarese says:

    Politics being a contact sport, as you put it, is not how Christians are supposed to “play the game”. If you would want Peter Greenwald and his supporters as allies against Cantor, I suggest you tone down the personal attacks and political rhetoric. A wise person would propose a sit down between the two men and come to terms. The last thing you want it to make enemies of people that are on the same side as you (against Cantor), in all reality. By the way I was on the receiving end of a vulgarity laced tirade from a Brat supporter, with money, that touched 5 of the “8 Simple rules Liberals use For Arguments”.

    • Tom White says:

      John – until the personal attacks against me from Greenwald supporters surfaced, I had no plans to seek Pete’s withdrawal from the race. I was hoping he would have already seen the writing on the wall and closed down shop, but when his supporters and surrogates see fit to call me out, and come out looking for a verbal fight, that pushed my hand. It needed saying and I said it. We have a hell of a battle going on in order to defeat Cantor. Pete and I are both former Navy. And I know Pete knows military strategy. When you charge the enemy with rocks and spears and you have a stronger, faster unit join the battle from behind, you either get out of the way or join the stronger unit. If you are going to continue to stand in front and demand homage before you yield, well, there3 simply isn’t time to play nice with bruised egos. Pete needs to stand down and urge his supporters to join in with Brat. As a Military man, he understands this concept.

      Now I don’t consult with Dave Brat and my guess would be he would prefer not to create friction and discord. Me, I am not so diplomatic. Our backs are up against the wall with Cantor. He will push through amnesty and refuse to repeal Obamacare. How do I know this? Because Cantor works for John Boehner and does as he is told. And that is what Boehner said he plans to do. Read this post by a blogger friend of mine and you will see why we don’t have time for the normal niceties.

      The primary is fast approaching. Brat’s credentials alone blow everyone else out of the water. He is a once in a lifetime candidate. Especially in the 7th District. And the choice is clearly obvious.

      I stopped looking at the petty details long ago. There is no room in the fight to take back our country for egos and hurt feelings. In battle, there is no need to say “please” when you call for more ammo because everyone’s life is at stake and we all have the same enemy and the same goal.

      And I agree that in more genteel times a wise person would sit down, talk, stroke egos and play protocol but not during a battle for survival.

      And we are in a battle.

      So if it pleases you and yours, just pretend that when I say “get the hell out the way and pass me more ammo” what I would be saying if we were not in the heat of battle would be “Peter, please consider allowing Dave Brat to carry the banner and it would be so nice if you would work with him to defeat Eric Cantor so we can all live happily ever after. I appreciate your offer to take on Cantor, but Brat stands a far better chance. And that chance increases with your help. The only way Cantor is defeated will be in a 1 on 1 primary. Splitting the Cantor vote ensures a Cantor win.”

      I think it is a given that we have no chance of defeating Cantor if we split the vote. Taking a serious look at the two challengers, knowing one must leave the race for the good of the District, can you honestly say Greenwald is a stronger candidate and advise Brat to step aside?

      John, it’s not even close.

      So Dude, pass the damn ammo. We got a war to win.
      Tom White recently posted…Mechanicsville TEA Party Meeting Night Changed – Meet Shak Hill 5-14-2014My Profile

  2. James Hevener says:

    I do not know who Dave Brat is. I do not know a lot about Pete Greenwald. I am praying for Pete and his family.
    To say he has no experience – well, guess that is what some think today of our Military Vets, but not my family or those I know.

    First question I asked Pete was how he expected me to believe if elected he would not become the next Cantor. After all, we all liked Cantor at one time – did we not? Without missing a beat, he said because of over the last 20 years he has sought the counsel of God fearing men with whom he seeks counsel today.
    Answers like that set Pete apart.

    So, if that is too much for you to handle – so be it. I say, I will let God sort em out. And, I am praying and supporting Pete.

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