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Thank You Mr. Haley! Thank You Speaker Gingrich!

In the Kenrick Ward piece, Gingrich Protégé Taps Voter Unrest with Tax-Killer Strategy, Gingrich touches upon something near and dear to my heart: Eliminating taxes.

Vince Haley will indeed win over hundreds of voters like myself with a campaign that includes a proposal to eliminate Virginia’s State Income Tax.

There are three irrefutable truths with regard to our state and federal governments. We are spending too much, taxing too much, and regulating too much. While we may still have the freedom to vote and the freedom to bare arms and the freedom to attend the church of our choosing, we do not have real ownership over our lifes’ work nor over the treasures we’ve earned from the profits of that work.

We work hard to earn our salaries. Apparently we have no right to our salaries until the Federal and State governments have gotten “their share”. Then, when we go to spend whatever our governments allow us to keep, we’re taxed again. God forbid we purchase a home or a car, because in order to keep them, we are required to pay an annual tax, or else the government takes what is rightfully ours. If you invest your money, anything you make on those investments are taxed as well. If you sell something that you’ve purchased, you are taxed on that money too. How insane is it that every single economic act in America is taxed?

I want to see more politicians out there addressing our spending, our taxes, our regulations, and our debt! What could be more important?

Most of the federal departments have mirror departments within each of the State Governments. Why not just eliminate the federal duplicates? This country of ours cannot afford its’ government, plain and simple.

So, thank you Mr. Haley and thank you Speaker Gingrich! You are giving a voice to the millions of Americans who feel oppressed by this meddling governments’ role in our lives.



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

2 Responses to “Thank You Mr. Haley! Thank You Speaker Gingrich!”

  1. George Mansour says:

    Mr. Haley will represent his constituents of the 12th District – not the Lobbyists and the Donor class that Senator Walter Stosch has done for the last 32 years. If you need to talk to your state senator- Haley will take your call.

    When Henrico went Blue and Stosch needed to hold on to Power, the Senate ANNEXED Western Hanover County into Stosch’s District to help him keep his seat. Western Hanover is rich with precious Republican voters.

    The citizens of Hanover County haven’t had a representative in years. Stosch’s office doesn’t return phone calls or answer emails. Most Repubilcan Voters in the 12th District in Hanover County probably didn’t even know the identity of their state senator.

    If there was ever a reason for TERM LIMITS in the General Assembly Walter Stosch is that reason.
    32 years in the State Senate- representing his voters in Western Hanover with his tax and spend RINO policies. Using redistricting to stay in power for the Lobbyists like the medicaid expansion interests.

    He and Ken Stolle ( R- VA Beach- former State Senator and now Sheriff of VA Beach) ran the Senate for years, racking up debt for all Virginians.

    IT was Stosch who encouraged Dr. Stolle- Dunnavant to run for his seat. WHY? Is it payback to the lobbyists and Donors who kept Stosch flush with campaign funds all those years? Is he protecting their investments with a candidate who will continue his legacy for them?

    Stosch didn’t want Establishment Republican ( Eric Cantor’s Soldier) Bill Janis to have his seat- that’s now very apparent. He doesn’t want a conservative to have it either. HE wants to give it and the money that comes with it to someone in the FAMILY- the Stolle Political Dynasty.

  2. Angie Smithson says:

    Please encourage your friends and family to vote for Vince Haley Tuesday June 9th.

    The Crony Capitalist MONEY in the VA General Assembly has to be defeated. Stosch actually told the voters in a town hall meeting in Rockville several years ago that the Lobbyists played a vital role in the General Assembly. He didn’t even understand after decades of being in the senate that his statements about Lobby MONEY and its role in the legislative process were obscene to voters.

    Vote Vince Tuesday June 9th


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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