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The Antecedent to “The Crisis”

These are the times antecedent to the times that try mens’ souls. These are the days blamed for their promiscuity, resulting in the birth of the crisis.

Every generation experiences trepidation in the face of the dangers of its’ time, often overstating that danger, but experiencing them fully as a reality for the first time and for themselves. For my father’s generation it was the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation. For my grandfather’s generation it was the Great Wars. For my great-grandparents and their parents and their parents’ parents it began with the Civil War, followed by reconstruction, and followed by the Great Depression.

6214Today it is terrorism and the supremacy of global statism in the first, second, and third worlds. The future of freedom and prosperity seem tenuous at best. The dignity of our republic and the meaningfulness of our culture seem like a distant and suggested memory. Our young people are unskilled, entitled, naive, and idealistic. Virtue and philosophy are dead. Religion hangs but from a thread and, as a people, we increasingly ask ourselves, “Whats the point?”. Or as The Joker asked, “Hubba Hubba Hubba, Who do you trust?”. Nietzsche has demonstrated that Nihilism is the mother of tyranny. Nihilism is the state in which Man, out of fear, anger, or cynicism, believes in nothing.

The sins sown in the past are inevitably harvested at present and few Americans seem to enjoy the taste, so sour to our pallets and unsettled in our stomachs. What is it that we face?

Quite honestly, we are facing debt, recklessness, and the inevitable anxious grip of the federal fist, clutching for control as The State spirals out of it. We’re all aware that the government cannot be trusted. Democrat and Republican citizen alike seem to agree that we’re in trouble. Neither party is willing to make hard choices, nor do the citizens of our country, frankly, desire them to do so. However, the dangers of these realities remain, and the necessity of taking responsibility for them are our own – they cannot be shrugged off and they cannot be kicked further down the road.

I look to the grassroots of the Republican Party. After all, you are the activists that I know. I also look to the grassroots of the Democrat Party, to the Constitutionalists and Libertarians, to the independents (whatever they may be) et al. You know that we cannot continue acquiring debt at our present pace. You know that we cannot continue to grow government, which is unproductive and funded at the expense of our productive forces, forever. You know – deep down I know you know! – that our current habit of throwing money around to all, to the rich and to the poor, is an insanity that will drive this nation to disaster. I know you have economists who tell you that this will all be fine in the end, but I know that in your hearts you do not believe them. So let us admit, if only to ourselves and in secret, that something must be done. Let us also admit that those leading these powerful political parties of ours are not the ones’ capable of doing what needs be done!

I ask only that we, as a nation, concur, that we break the juggernaut of government here and now. Democrat and Republican, we ought to demand that if the ideals of our parties cannot be secured without reckless fiscal abandon, then they ought not be secured at all. Ideals are nice to have. They are like a warm fire on a frozen planet. We know, however, that when that fire burns out, our lives are at an end. This analogy, like our first reckoning with fear, is overstated – but it is not useless nor unwarranted. It should serve to warn us from the days when men, frozen and barefoot and charged with the last defense of liberty, require the words of Thomas Paine to carry on. We should not seek to deserve those days, for if they find us, they will most certainly be deserved!



About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

2 Responses to “The Antecedent to “The Crisis””

  1. Robert Shannon

    Politicians sold us on the idea of an entitlement society, it was however incumbent of a free people to recognize the unrealistic costs and the liberty that would ultimately be sacrificed. Somewhere along the way more questions needed asked, more scrutiny needed applied to the assumption that this was healthy and or sustainable over the long term. A Free Lunch, or an acceptance of simply passing the true costs onto the next generation is a National disgrace.

    Little wonder that elected officials are now loathe to take back the ridiculous programs that far too many Americans now feel entitled to. Anytime entitlement reform is suggested cries of ” but I paid into that program all of my life” fail to recognize the serious underfunding, regardless of how long someone paid into any program. Medicare alone is paying out around $2 in benefits for every $1 collected (including employers payments) so the math does not compute.

    The Baby Boomer generation, my generation, is leaving a horrible financial nightmare for the children and grandchildren we claim to love so much. We have no chance of getting out of this unless and until each of us recognize that we all must give something up, if we are to have a chance.

    That level of honest assessment and self discipline does not seem to exist in a large enough swath of the public, at least not yet. Sacrifice is the order of the day, and neither Congress or the public is yet ready to accept that cold hard truth. Blaming a political party misses the entire point
    Bob Shannon

  2. Mr Green Jeans

    Eric Cantor Is Back, And The Reformicons Are Coming With Him is the title to this post. The article with comments give further proof that the post \”The Antecedent to “The Crisis” that the Republic has a internal threat beyond any external threat. The Bearing Drift is a tough read with much political nuance.If you read this without gagging or feeling violated as a \”free person\” you need to check your pulse. The essence of this post exposes the deep dark sideof the elite in the nation. The Reformicons are out to subjugate the rest of the folks. They(Reformicons) are far more dangerous than the liberal elites. Under the guise of new policy and reform with more of the same is their goal. The overall thought process is the most repugnant imaginable and unveils the contempt the elite have for their fellow citizens.What I am trying to say, this political elite look like all of their brethren from the past like Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Clinton, Hitler, Perez,Sanger and Gruber. If you are prompt from righteous indignation to action. Join in the fight in your backyard with the local government for there is where real reform can come the quickest. See site Live Liberty


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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