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The Death of Liberty and Reason

I have a deeply held resentment for skepticism, cynicism, and nihilism. The reason I hate these fundamental modes of thinking is because each of them opens up the poor souls that hold them to a myriad of truly psychotic beliefs, opinions, and ideas. Skepticism is an intellectual framework which seeks to undermine all faith in reason and logic. They have fallen in love with the paradox and have accepted as true that there is no truth. The cynic doesn’t even care what’s true or what’s false; the cynic has some “practical” measurement for what works or what doesn’t work and truth ought never enter into the discussion. The Nihilist, so severely deprived of reason, believes in nothing, except that to believe in anything is somehow foolish. That they hold a belief-less system predicated upon a belief, apparently doesn’t smack of extreme hypocrisy or, worse, psychosis in their own crippled minds.

I believe that this is precisely the dilemma we face today. We are facing a massive (and quickly growing) world population comprised of severely crippled minds.

The simple truths of math and science are discarded in favor of Socio-political ideology or a variety of specific utilitarian utopias.

Everyone knows that we cannot continue spending and accumulating debt at the pace and levels we see today without meeting face to face with an inevitable disaster. They rationalize away the math, and they talk about compassion and economic mysticism. That people are even capable of believing that we can continue our current reckless approach to government is a sign of a deeply crippled and hopeless people, incapable of, and utterly unwilling to deal with reality.

obama11I am lucky not to have cable news or MTV or Animal Planet. I am lucky not to have a television constantly poisoning my mind with liberal claptrap and Republican demagoguery aimed at making average working Americans believe that they ought to be funding wealthy national and multinational corporations. I read studies, so I know for a fact that the globe isn’t warming and that human activity has only a minuscule effect on the environment, relative to the Sun and Volcanic activity. I don’t watch FOX News, and am therefore not pummeled with a constant barrage of Corporatist propaganda, aimed at convincing you to support a Republican Party that serves, not you, but the Chamber of Commerce.

I am saddened when I think of how much damage our country has been forced to stomach over the last 18 years. Young people are completely screwed. They are paying their parents and grandparents benefits with absolutely no hope of ever availing themselves of those same entitlement programs.

People will believe anything or nothing, it doesn’t matter. What they end up supporting is government. Government is growing in every nation on earth. Violence is increasing. Prosperity and capital destroyed as its filtered through the most corrupt bureaucracies in the world.

Brave enough to speak out? Honest enough to scream STOP? Well, you’re the bad guy. You’re the problem. Coming soon to a community near you, you’ll be the victim. We live in a world that despises liberty and individuality. Politicians and Corporatists are centralizing power. Everyone is telling you to shut up and just go along to get along. If you do, you’ll lose everything. Your wealth and your liberty. It is what always happens when we give so much power over to governments, with no virtue to them, with no productivity to them. We all lose and the worse it gets, the more power these governments take.

You are watching the death of liberty and reason in America and across the world. There is no middle ground, no safe and acceptable belief structure to save you. Even the slightest capitulation is surrender. I wish there was some way to work with our governments, or reason to hope that our governments will return to responsible government before wrecking our whole society, but that seems far fetched at this point in time. All you can do is refuse to go along with this government. Don’t accept any of their premises. Don’t accept the idea that they have good intentions. Don’t accept a single lie they tell you. Fight them in every way you can. We need a real intellectual revolution in this country. We need a Republican Party which will be the Party of “No!”. No to illegal immigration and socialized medicine. No to tax increases and debt increases and spending increases. No to regulations and licenses and fees. No to a legal system which has produced the largest prison population in the history of the world. No to sweetheart deals for well connected corporations. No to foreign countries buying off our Secretary’s of State. No to Presidents and their executive and dictatorial actions. No to murdering babies. No to selling pieces of their tiny corpses. No to free stuff and no to the Welfare State. Just say no, because this government is doing way more harm than drugs. Just say no, and keep saying no. It’s the only positive thing left to do.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “The Death of Liberty and Reason”

  1. Jack Lee

    Great piece & Dude, u r so not kidding about the next generation being screwed!

    When’s the last time you’ve heard Obummer say one single word about the massive debt he’s running up on those Chinese credit cards he warned us about? Or one single word about dumping it on the backs of the next generation; all $18,000,000,000,000 +


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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