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The Economic and Spiritual Desert: “Donald Trump is the dangerous candidate? Really?”

By Michael Giere

Years ago I traveled out of Salt Lake City by car headed to Laramie, Wyoming. To make this trip, you first have to cross over the imposing and rugged 11,000 foot Wasatch Mountain Range that broods over the city.

Coming down the other side of the mountains and crossing into Wyoming, you come to the Great Divide Basin, and into the Red Desert, among the most remote and barren landscapes in the United States. You could travel miles and hours without seeing a single living thing or a passing car.

It was stark, hard, and foreboding.

I was thinking about that trip as I pondered an apt description of the last eight years of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, and the promised presidency of his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to be his third term.

Both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton and their fellow ultra-left wing radicals have brought a great nation and the “American experiment” into a remote and barren place.    

It’s not simply the economy, marooned in shallow, fetid waters for eight long years; or that they have set half the world on fire through their thoughtless and reckless foreign policy and their infatuation with Muslim extremism. But they have also been at the helm of the great ship of state cheerleading while the nation’s spiritual strength depletes like air from a beach ball. Can one of these be vibrant without the other?

The economy – that center of it that keeps the nation moving – is in complete shambles. Barack Obama will be the first president in history that has not presided over one single quarter with at least a 3% growth rate. Astoundingly, it appears that he will leave office with only an average yearly growth of 1.55% in the economy, not even close to that needed just to keep pace with population growth.

At 1.55% average GDP growth, Mr. Obama will have the third worst record of any modern president since 1900.

The human toll of the President’s policies are incalculable, however, and Mrs. Clinton wants to double down on the pain.

Childhood poverty has increased from 18% to 22%. Twenty million children out of America’s 50 million school aged children receive free school lunches, up 27%.

Almost 50 million Americans are on food stamps, and its cost has doubled since 2008.

Instead of an average family saving $2,500 dollars on health care payments as the President promised, the average family is paying $4,500 more, and Obamacare is imploding.

Average family income has decreased $2,400. Americans self-identifying as middle class has dropped from 53% to 44%.

More than 95 million working age Americans are out of the workforce, making the participation rate of 62.8%, one of the lowest in fifty years.

“Official” Hispanic-American unemployment is at 7.7 percent and teen unemployment is over 18%; African-American unemployment is at 8.4% while teen unemployment is at a staggering 33%.

Homeownership is declining and large numbers of young, adult Americans live with their parents out of economic necessity.

This week the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that wages for the first quarter of 2016 actually dropped by.04%, instead of increasing 4.2 % as previously reported, while worker productivity has dropped for three quarters in a row, forecasting further downward wage pressure.

This is the new America ushered in by the radicals.   

For her part as a candidate, the scandal encased Mrs. Clinton, has proposed to raise taxes by over $1 trillion in the next ten years, and to pay not only college tuitions for anyone from a family making less than $250,000 per year, but to forgive outstanding student debt as well. Day care, job training, infrastructure; there is hardly a discredited spending boondoggle that she hasn’t proposed throwing borrowed money at.

Like her 2008 vanquisher, Hillary Clinton looks at America’s power, and its indispensable role in providing world stability in the post WW11 world, like the Orkin exterminator looks at termites. American power cannot be ended fast enough; the sooner the U.S. is simply another country, one among many, the better.

And while the world burns, and the Russians and Chinese rattle around unconstrained and become more dangerous daily, the U.S. military is shrinking faster than anytime in generations. Mrs. Clinton has said that under her Administration, little would change.

Following Mr. Obama’s lead, she is cagy but clear enough about her intention to continue the war on traditional America, and traditional American values; especially undermining the First Amendment; freedom of speech, religion, press and petition. The battle against the vestiges of Judeo-Christian heritage and orthodox Christianity in particular, will continue unabated.

Embedded in her public dialogue is her intention to dramatically increase Muslim refugees flowing into the country by over 500%, in spite of the obvious social turmoil the planting of an incompatible ideology has had on the Western World, and the massive security issues involved.

In addition, she has pledged to keep the open border policy of the Obama Administration, regardless of the demonstrably disastrous effect that millions of illegal aliens specifically have had on public safety, and of course, their contribution to falling wages and soaring welfare costs.

Against this backdrop, the personal corruption of Mrs. Clinton, and the corruption of the justice system and the national media that protects her, barely even makes the news.

She has endangered national security, ignored her duty to protect Americans, flagrantly broken the law, sold access to foreign nationals and facilitated breathtakingly obviously cronyism that she and her family have personally profited from. She is a total stranger to the truth.

None of this seems to matter.

We’re told that our long national sojourn through the remote and barren wasteland that always follows radicals like flies follow trash, isn’t caused by those who have been in charge.

Instead, Donald Trump is now the danger. The “ruling class” and uniparty structure of Washington is in a full scale panic at the thought of Mr. Trump succeeding in his “America First” campaign.

The question for the American voter is simple now: Is Donald Trump really the dangerous candidate? Really?



Michael Giere Bio:

Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a novelist (The White River Series); a former candidate for the U.S. House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 76 & 80; and served in both the Reagan and Bush (41) Administrations.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

3 Responses to “The Economic and Spiritual Desert: “Donald Trump is the dangerous candidate? Really?””

  1. lawrence wood says:

    Mr. Giere has been valiantly attempting to lay out in the clearest and most forth right terms the realities of where a Clinton enthronement in the WH for the next two terms will leave us and the Republic. His voice along with a few others have placed the decision within the context of the most unambiguous of decisions. I believe, much like myself, Mr. Giere was not a primary supporter of Mr Trump having selected or in my case worked for other individual(s) in a wide and diverse candidate field. But once the nominee was clearly and overwhelming selected by the base preference vote of the primary process we fully realized that any wavering or other nonsense regarding complete and total support for the only candidate selected by party and voter acclimation to oppose Hillary Clinton would result directly in the continuation of the policies and resultant national decay that Mr. Giere details above.

    Indeed he may be understating the degree of further decline into chaos, corruption and left wing fascist turmoil we might well be plunged into under a frail and erratic Hillary Clinton administration. Does anyone really believe if Hillary fails to survive or is so debilitated as to not be capable to function in the chief executive role a political equivocating, non entity like Tim Kaine (who we all know so well here in Virginia) well serve as anything more then a figurehead stooge. We might as well go ahead and disband the DOJ and State Dept. and replace them with the Clinton Foundation upfront and as for our Supreme Court, why bother with a judiciary when a simple speed call to George Soros is so much quicker and effective to resolve constitutional issues and policy questions depending on the international globalist portfolio requirements of the moment. This is the world that at least 20 plus percent of Republican Party leadership and a even larger portion of the national Conservative movement’s think tank, PAC and media pundit collective view as preferable rather then fighting to see Donald Trump deny the Clinton machine control of the executive branch of our government.

    This group of individuals and their rationalizations for putting their personal financial and political self interests directly in front of any need of the country and it’s much put upon citizens frankly evoke in me a reassessment of the Tories of the American Revolution, who stood aside as American patriots fought and died for the freedoms we so nonchalantly take for granted today. The Tories at least held the belief that the British Crown was the rightful guarantor of their interests and well being. The Republican groups working to deprive Donald Trump of national election have no such motivations, once you scrape away the self righteousness and outright lies, their personal economic and class interests remain in clear detail. We are at a crossroads here with a near 100% progressive compliant national print and electronic media and a growing number of citizens that have been so thoroughly indoctrinated in left wing socialist jargon that the question of our national future is in real and undeniable question.

    Once again, as a few times in our nation’s past where our leaders have totally and completely failed us, we will be in the hands of the American voter to chart our future of recovery or our continuing decline and eventual collapse as a Republic. In these times of crisis in the past the voter and average citizen has always stepped forward and been up to the task at hand. This time the deck has been VERY heavily stacked against them and political party leadership, it not actually assisting the enemies of freedom, are setting on the sidelines preaching at those carrying the load. If we make it through this the one thing that we can’t do again, which occurred during the early Reagan years, is just forgive and forget these transgressions and the willingness to thwart the Republic’s future for personal ends. We know who they are, we know what to expect from them in the future, the die has been cast. Win or lose a political state and national culling process must be part of any rebuilding effort and party or movement labels should provide no rocks to crawl back under for those that were willing to sell our freedoms away.

  2. robert shannon

    In all of the analysis of Trump , what is often overlooked is the quality we may need the most in a President who will have to have a spine of steel if any progress is to be made on unseating the elitist class from their vaunted perch.

    Trump almost relishes the fight, he seems in some ways to reveal that quality when he often times needlessly picks fights ,even when it runs contrary to his own interests. Nonetheless it is a admirable and necessary quality if any headway is to be made in deconstructing the ruling political class.

    It is about the money and power, and those that have it are trembling with the thought that their little piggy is about to get stuck. Nice guys in business often get bowled over, Trump knows this, has finely honed his skill set over decades in the ruthless world of business. He understands DC is in many ways different from the business world he comes from, but you have to have a tough guy with thick hide to survive in either one, let alone get anything noteworthy done. Their was not another single competitor in the primary as tough as he is, which he why he is the one left standing.

    Cut the nonsense over his temperament, over his 4 bankruptcies ( out of the hundreds of businesses he has started/ran ) Trump understands how to go over the head of obstructionists ( read ” The Art of the Deal” ) , if Congress attempts to block a President Trump on a major policy initiative Trump will do what he has done countless times, he will go straight to the people. Reagan did it , both as Governor and President ( Tip O’Neill was flummoxed by this brazen new guy in DC ) Nothing gets done in DC, no progress has a chance of being made with a soft spoken nice guy in a town of cutthroats. Trump intricately understands this and has the street fighter mindset needed.

    Bob Shannon

  3. Virginia Sweet Tea says:

    So many Republican voters still operate under the false assumption that there are 2 parties in Washington: a Republican Party and a Democratic Party and that voting matters. There is only one party in Washington: MONEY brought to you by the K Street Lobbyists who own every vote.

    Trump is a Nationalist. Washington is run and owned by New World Order Globalists who have destroyed our nation with open borders, cheap illegal labor, trade deals that destroyed industries and millions of jobs. Meanwhile they all leave Washington worth millions and head for Wall Street.

    Turn off Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levine, and Bill O’Reilly and AFR and get your daily news from

    Jones has been explaining the New World Order for years and it is hysterical that the Grand Old Party and its 16 losing candidates never saw the Populism of Trump and his electability. People understand the RINOS and the Clintons destroyed their country and they are taking it back.

    Trump is the last hope to save our Sovereign Nation. Not voting for Trump is electing Hillary Clinton.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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