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The Ends Justify The Means: An American Economy

Both Statists and Individualists desire a booming economy. Statists know that the larger our economy grows, the more money our governments take in taxes, giving them the power to do more. The more they can do, they more they can be lobbied to do, the more money flows into their campaign chests, which leads to their ultimate aim of retaining power and influence in government. Individualists know that a growing economy inevitability leads to more economic opportunity and prosperity for all. Therefore, anything that grows the economy, by whatever means, is considered a good thing.

However, I would argue that this is a mistake. There are many kinds of growing economies and not all of them are positive. For example, the US economy is growing at around 2% a year, creating millions of part time jobs with relatively no benefits, low wages, and no career stability. Black market immigrant labor has increased corporate profits across the board. Federal mandates on health insurance purchases has led to remarkable achievements in profit and stock prices for US Health Insurers and Pharmaceuticals, and has been a boon for health professionals. The nationalization of student loans has led to huge profits and growth for our universities and state colleges.

If we accept every argument that comes across the evening news related to economic growth, while ignoring negative associated and unintended consequences, then we’re missing the point.

A free economy is more important than a “good economy”. Real money should be preferable to artificially controlled federal currencies. A sustainable economy is more important than temporary economic growth and sector profits. We watch the news and see that the federal government added a net of X million jobs. What we aren’t seeing is that this net positive weighs evenly part time and full time jobs. If we lose 750,000 full time jobs and add 1,000,000 part time jobs, the federal government reports a net positive of 250,000 jobs created. This is the kind of economic growth we see today.

You’ll hear establishment Republicans say that, “immigration is hugely important to economic growth”. What they mean is, that driving down the price of labor is hugely important to corporate profits and the price of a companies stock. Is that really the kind of economic growth you want? You’ll hear Democrats argue that, “infrastructure is necessary for economic growth”, while spending $100 dollars for $10 dollars worth of infrastructure value at a waste-rate of 90%. Is that the kind of infrastructure we want in America?

bear-raid-global-economy_1312I would prefer a Republican Party that campaigned on free, sustainable economic policies, real jobs training (as opposed to an over-saturation of unemployable college graduates incapable of finding work in their fields, buried in debt from the start). We need real common sense economic agendas that rest upon intelligent and thoughtful policies, not easily marketable sound-bytes. We excuse heavy-handed regulations, obscene amounts of dollar printing, eminent domain, government-sponsored corporate monopolies, and illegal alien work forces, all in the name of a “good economy”. The Republican Party ought to set a higher standard and begin focusing on freeing up the economy to adjust to changes in technology and innovation, and invest in trade and labor training, and not just funneling billions of dollars to Statist Universities, which exist to essentially brainwash our children in a Marxist, globalist, multicultural, egalitarian, atheist, and authoritarian mindset.

I would be quite content and encouraged to hear a Republican Candidate for President address the real economy. I know that Rand Paul has touched on several of these issues, as well as Ted Cruz and Ben Carson. I just don’t hear anyone repeating them or endorsing them or celebrating them. The Republican Party must become the party of a free, sustainable economy, fighting waste, fraud, and abuse within our bureaucracies and departments, our universities, and our legislatures. Debt will destroy this country, if we let it. Debt is not sustainable economic policy.

When Congress comes back from break, they are going to increase the debt ceiling. Will you be putting up a fight? Will your Congressmen? Will your Senators?

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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  1. Robert Shannon

    Yesterday one of the newspapers ran an article entitled ” Obama works to restore workers rights” citing labor relations board rulings and measures introduced to strengthen overtime rules, stricter oversight on ” sub-contractor” relationships etc, etc.

    Someone wake me once again when they begin teaching economic history. Why is it today in 2015 that so many businesses have went to employment models stressing sub-contractors and part time workers ? Did they go in this direction the last 40 years because they wanted to give workers more independence ? Did they find that workers under a sub-contractor status were more productive ? No. They did this because of the ever increasing costs associated with having someone on their payroll as an employee and it’s impact on the bottom line.

    Government “loves us to death”, often with good intentions forcing/mandating additional employee benefits, paid leave, sick time, accrued vacation, overtime rules that are forced on business….little wonder business has decided to follow the French trend of staying just below the “50 employee” ceiling where they can avoid many of these more costly mandated benefits. The last 25 years in France the plurality of new business in France seem to hit a invisible ceiling and stop growing when they approach 50 employees. It has been well studied and documented, they are simply unwilling to have to contend with the costs associated after hitting employee #51, so they naturally do what is smart….and stay underneath it, restricting perhaps the real growth that would occur otherwise.

    Sitting aside the effects of global trade ( good and bad ) it was inevitable that wages and our standard of living would suffer, at least until their was a settling of these effects (probably a generation )This isn’t the 1950’s when America produced 70% of global GDP, that era is gone and it isn’t coming back.

    Real wage and living standards only increase (adjusted for inflation) when an economy reaches full employment. That is when as the late Dr. Milton Friedman pointed out that business has to now compete for a shrinking pool of available employees SUPPLY vs. DEMAND. If Company A wishes to grow and needs people they have to entice someone working at Company B to leave their job and come to work for Company A. How do they do that ? The way they have done it for hundreds of years……offer them better pay and or benefits, freely provided from a profitable business, not from some government mandate. Company B in turn begins to raise employee pay/benefits because of the talent drain they are experiencing. All employees win

    The problem with the approach advocated by the likes of a President who has never (aside from a brief teaching stint as a law professor ) ever made a damn thing or run even a sno-cone stand. These folks don’t understand economics, aside from their bankrupt philosophical convictions that a centrally planned economy , one run by government edicts is superior to a free market form of an economy. It is hard to believe in this day anyone still buys into that.

    Ask the people in the former Soviet system, the folks you meet on your next cruise to Cuba how well those systems worked. The more interference from government, the more these do gooders stick their noses into privately run enterprise—the worse it gets. Just go back and look at Singapore in the 1970’s , no regulations, no government mandates, just free people wanting to make a profit and raise their standard of living. In a decade they became the envy of the Asian-Pacific rim nations. Wages among it’s citizens rocketed , the standard of living as well. It took many of the others , including China another 3 decades until they begin to copy the free market model—because it works.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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