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The Liberty Strategy

As I speak with Virginia’s Republicans, I find that there are a significant number of them who feel that they have no choice but to vote for Ed Gillespie as the lesser of two evils. I am also hearing that should the Republicans nominate a candidate for President in 2016, such as Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, or Mitt Romney, that we would also have to vote for them, against whichever Marxist demagogue the Democrat Party nominates.

Their reasoning is as such: If we don’t elect Ed Gillespie, then the Democrats keep the Senate. If the Democrats keep the Senate, then Congress will never have standing to sue the President, nor the capacity to impeach him. Therefore, winning the Senate is necessary in order to put an end to the wave of calamity caused by Democrat Party Policies. The same reasoning is used when discussing the 2016 Presidential contest.

Here is the problem with this argument: Turning the Senate over to Mitch McConnell does not necessarily mean impeachment of the President. There are many powerful members of the Republican Leadership in the House and the Senate who talk a big game about fighting this President, except when it actually matters. The GOP has demonstrated that it believes actually opposing this President hurts their polling numbers nationally. While it may help them in their districts or even in their States, the Republicans have their eye on once again holding total power in Washington D.C., and if you’ll remember 2001-2006, there is nothing fiscally conservative about such a scenario.

The Republican Establishment has continuously raised the debt ceiling under the last three Presidents. They have actively fought for amnesty and have an equal share in the Refugee Crisis on our Southern Border. They do not represent, nor even consider, the pillars of America’s economic health. Ladies and Gentlemen, look at our economy. The American People are in more debt than at any other time in their history. Our Government is in more debt than at any other time in its’ history. The Student Loan bubble is one economic glitch from bursting. The economy actually contracted 2.9% in the first fiscal quarter. The Dubai Stock Market is in the process of imploding. Wages aren’t increasing and the cost of living is increasing quickly (primarily under high health care and energy costs).

Neither the Republican or Democrat Establishments are willing to address these issues. Switching from one to the other may serve to temporarily delay catastrophe, but it will not prevent it. It would be a miracle, regardless who takes control of the Senate, that the United States survives the next two years without some kind of serious economic disaster. Debt is a real thing and a real problem with real consequences. Pretending it isn’t there isn’t going to save us.

With a narrow majority in the Senate, the Republican Party will not have the ability to override Presidential Vetoes and the President has no intention of following any laws passed by the Congress anyway. Therefore, our eyes must be set, not on 2014, but on 2016, when we must nominate an Constitutionalist, Free-Market, limited-government conservative, who distances themselves from Bush’s Democracy Project. With an economy in shambles, a refugee disaster on the Southern Border, a world in turmoil,  victory in 2016 will be assured. We must ensure that our candidate is the right man or woman for the job.

The GOP Establishment must have the failure of 2014 to look back on when deciding how to proceed in 2016. We must not elect Corporatist, K-Street, Wall-Street, Karl Rove Republicans to the House or Senate, regardless how awful their Democrat Challengers may be. We’ll call this The Liberty Strategy.

My friends, government is not a game of thrones as some would have you believe. We will not survive another decade depending upon the same principle actors within the Democrat and Republican establishments. We must show the courage required of a people when faced with certain disaster. I will tell you something else, this anti-Wall Street, anti-K-street, anti-economic-suicide strain of populist thought will not be limited to the Republican Party and the Liberty Movement. The seeds have already been sown on the left, for such a movement there, and I’m not talking about the Occupy Wall Street Crowd. I’m talking about millions of Democrats disgusted by the Corporatism within the Democrat Party.

There are a lot of Democrats wondering why they still don’t have jobs and why their kids graduating from college can’t make more than $10 an hour, while Wall Street is experiencing the biggest bull market of all time. There are a lot of Democrats wondering why friends of the President within the “Green Movement” are getting massive Corporate Welfare and why folks they know who are capable of working, but choosing not to, are receiving more in welfare, disability, and food stamps than they can earn legitimately. These are Reagan Democrats and we can win them to our side if we stay principled and resolute.

We cannot win converts with hypocrisy and compromise. We will not inspire those that have opposed us if we project a posture of weakness and short-shortsightedness. We must be principled. We must be resolute. We must stand up to the Republican Establishment as they sing that Siren’s Song of “vote for us, or suffer destruction”. This country has withstood a great deal and can withstand a little more. Turning this government over to Boehner and McConnell, to the Karl Rove’s and Ed Gillespie’s (American Crossroads) of the Republican Party will ensure that the air upon which the Liberty Movement breathes is extinguished. People don’t follow political tactics. They follow courage. Now is a time for courage. Now is a time for liberty. Hypocrisy and Compromise will destroy any hope we have of seeing real change in Washington D.C., and we’re running out of time.


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

19 Responses to “The Liberty Strategy”

  1. Dinah says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. For instance, Mitch McConnell thinks he is untouchable in Kentucky and has come out with an “internal poll” of 7% over Grimes. I think when they come out with “internal polls” they are losing and their positive spin is a ploy. If I lived in Kentucky, I would vote for Grimes just to get McConnell OUT. Cantor had an internal poll that showed him enjoying a landslide victory over Brat, but we all know how that worked out. The Mississippi treachery was an unethical, despicable orchestration by Barbour, McConnell, the Bush machine/Rove, the Chamber of Commerce and top democrat consultants. The sleazy, filthy dirty tactics used by these sleazy, filthy dirty people is UNFORGIVEABLE. People are FURIOUS over what happened there and I think there is a chance that the democrat over Cochran just might win the election. I hope so. Such corruption and unethical behavior is why I will not support any GOPe. Boehner, McConnell, Cornyn, and all entrenched RINOs must be taken out. It’s just corrupt and criminal what happened in MS – but I’m not surprised given the Barbour connection. I would bet that Barbour is owed a lot of favors and he called for a fair amount of payback. So, yes, if we lose the potential majority in the Senate, then so be it. The GOPe need a wake up call (or blast) because it is clear Cantor’s loss didn’t do it. They want status quo and their base wants new leadership – and, them is fightin’ words to the old guard GOP. I enjoy your articles. Actually found you when I was getting heated up over Cantor being such a jerk. The first article I read was the Henrico victory over Cantor’s slating tactic. I’m not a Virginian, but your articles are often mirror views of my own, so, thank you for your insight and hard work. Bravo!

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      I think the Establishment has erred. They are going to be dependent on Democrats for votes now, and I think eventually, more Establishment Republicans will simply take their Corporatism across party lines, becoming Democrats.

      The Democrat Party is already steeped in Corporatism and so could easily accept them, as it did with Charlie Crist.

  2. Mort Coleman says:

    Amen to both the article and the comment from Dinah.

    IF Ed repudiates the slating and lying used by Cantor, AND commits to following the 6 points of the Rebublican Creed, THEN I will consider voting for him, although I do not expect any of my if statement to end up true.

  3. Steve says:

    Brave New Charity: The Hillary Clinton Fund for Broke Politicians:

    ps… Link Exchange?

  4. Keith Drake says:

    Great points, agree 100%. But note impeachment occurs in the House, not the Senate. And congrats on “Graducating” from VaTech–I hope no animals were harmed! 🙂 Wahoowa.

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      Impeachment does occur in the House, but when most people use the word impeachment, they are implying the removal of the President. The term ought to be “impeachment and removal”, but removal happens in the Senate where the President would be tried. Impeachment without removal isn’t a popular idea among House Leadership (memories of Bill Clinton haunt them). 🙂

      And thank you. lol

  5. robert shannon

    Several years ago at w Voter Registration drive I was working a passing woman stopped to chat. I asked her if she was registered to vote, which she replied , No that she wasn’t. I listened to her patiently explain that she wasn’t because ” it didn’t matter” in her opinion.

    I became visibly agitated and voiced in clear terms how she was just intellectually lazy and was trying to make an excuse for abdicating her civic responsibility.

    Here I am now in 2014 recognizing that in the greater scheme of things perhaps that woman was correct, given the experience of the last 20 years, and the comments this week by Rush Limbaugh that we don’t have 2 parties any longer, just 1 big elitist party “the governing class” if you will.

    We need and I believe in the 2 party system. I endeavor to reform the republicrat party. I just differ with many who believe no matter what we have to support a candidate with an R next to their name. Anyone still believing that probably still puts their lost tooth under a pillow.
    Bob Shannon

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      We can reform the Republican Party with a Constitutional, Libertarian, Conservative blend of populism predicated upon both the rejection of Statism and Corporatism. Right now, we are getting killed by the big donors dependent upon Government for their power and edge over Main Street, and getting crushed by run away bureaucracies and executives. This is going to be a long fight. I know everyone feels like we have to win now, that we won’t survive much longer, and are therefore willing to compromise; but we cannot compromise our way to victory. Compromise slows progress, it doesn’t speed it. We must stand on principle and make our arguments, and as the Statists and Corporatists continue destroying our country, we’ll win more and more converts.

  6. FRANK PAPCIN says:

    this is about a senator from VIRGINIA
    will it be a democrat or republican?
    if a democrat is elected, he WILL continue doing what he has been doing, SAYING YES TO EVERYTHING

    if we put a republican in,–WE MIGHT GET A CHANGE TO SOME NO’S.
    for a change
    the first thing a child learns is to open it’s eyes–it’s time we opened ours.–grow up

    • Steven Brodie Tucker

      I understand Frank. Many of us have struggled with this dilemma for years. Until you actually get involved and dig into the nature of these parties and these politicians, until you actually understand what’s going on within our economy and the bureaucracy, and appreciate the danger we’re in, it is easy to be a cheerleader for anyone with an R next to their name.

      These couple of “no’s” you’re mentioning aren’t going to be the difference between a return to progress and our continued decline. They may slow our decline by days or weeks or months, but not years. We need real change Frank.

      All this sacrifice of principle and compromise with this Republican Establishment since 1990 has delivered the kind of country we see today: a country dominated by Statists and Corporatists. Freedoms are disappearing. The economy is shrinking. Mitch McConnell has done nothing. Giving him the Senate will accomplish nothing in the long run.

  7. Liz says:

    Wholeheartedly agree. On a related note, if we cannot hold “our own” to principles and standards, we cannot criticize the other side. Heck, lately it’s been difficult to tell the difference between the Democrats and Republicans…. to the extent that when a candidate runs on “The Republican Creed” people call him an extremist. The paradigm is shifting… may it happen in time before we’re too far off-course to set things right.

    • We have the all the problems of time. We don’t have a lot of time, which the Republican Establishment uses to convince us that we have to vote for them NOW, we can’t wait for a better leadership. We citizens are also struggling and we want to fix things quickly, but there are no quick fixes. We must fix the Republican Party first, so that we have a virtuous Party with which to take on the Democrat Establishment. Without a virtuous Party, we don’t stand a chance of fixing anything.

  8. Dalton Luffey says:

    Thats why I am backing Brad Froman (Independent) for U.S Senate ’14, however he is running as a write in but I think a lot of us looking for an alternate to Ed Gillespie would like Brad, I think he’s a guy worth helping out and voting for. We need this option, yes it would be better if he was on the ballot but proves we don’t live in a perfect world.

  9. Gene Lefty says:

    The worse thing that can happen is for either party to get control of all 3 branches. A return to basic Biblical principles is the only answer. I believe that would be calling for America to repent! Before it is to late!

  10. FRANK PAPCIN says:

    every time you turn around, you hear it’s someone else’s fault and there is nothing that can be done because they are all the same.

    BULL–keep in mind that those people still HAVE TO BE VOTED INTO OFFICE by the people that vote

    the people that bother to vote are those that chose who sits in those seats of power.
    –no one can say that this country is better off today than it was when the democrats took over the house and senate

    OUR POVERTY HAS GROWN, THE NEEDY ARE WORSE OFF–the work participation rate is worse that it’s been in 30 years
    we have open borders with illegals getting taxpayers paid benefits that our homeless don’t get
    our veterans are being treaded as garbage by our government that is too busy worrying about the illegals than our own
    –the national debt has grown by over 7 trillion dollars in 5 years with only the rich getting any benefits

    ALL UNDER THE DEMOCRATIC CONTROL –or should it be domination and still people blame the republicans?–blames BUSH for everything?

    what ever happened to that LOOK AT HOW GREAT I AM, OBAMA?
    the same person the rest of the world looks at, AS A JOKE WITH POWEER.
    –and yet some of you tell me–WHAT’S THE USE?–get off of your ass and do something, besides cry.

  11. David Graham says:

    I for one am guilty of the “lesser of two evils” bromide that seemed to offer us conservatives what little hope we could muster over the last two decades, however I for one will no longer accept this as a “solution”. Having taken the base for granted for far too long , I intend to write-in a candidate of my choice, knowing full well that it will be a meaningless “protest vote” and not effect the larger outcome of returning / and or putting another “Big Govenment” corporatist into the Senate, but both major party candidates wear the adjective “evil” and I cannot be a party to evil anymore.

    • FRANK PAPCIN says:

      people can write in any person they want–It’s their right
      but the question is can that person win?–if not?–if you know that that person can not win,–you are wasting a vote that might make the difference between someone else winning or losing.

      but I don’t like either of the other choices?–that’s the tough decision everyone has to make.–not everyone is a prime candidate for any position–people have to compromise–like it or not

      you like someone, support that person, but when it’s time to cast your only vote–and only one person can win–PICK A WINNER
      then work with that person and try and make that person come around to what you want–when you pick a loser–you are out of the game.

      way to many republicans in Virginia wanted to lose to a democrat to prove a point–the same point OBAMA uses–“IT’S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY “–and that’s the wrong way–look at what we have because of it


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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