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The Muck In Mississippi

Yesterday, June 24th, the Republican Establishment revealed just how far they were willing to go to accomplish Mitch McConnell’s dream of “crushing the TEA Party”.  If you’ve been checking Drudge and Breitbart, you already know the story. The subject matter of this article isn’t what happened, but rather what we are going to do about it.

Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians have now been assured that we have no place in the Republican Party and that the establishment will go to any length imaginable to prevent our influence from affecting the political realities in Washington D.C.. This morning, I’ve read and heard a great deal of talk about forming a third party, but forming a third party is a form of surrender that I am unwilling to support. We should not form a third party. We should set all of our focus and energy on destroying the Republican Establishment.

This mythology that winning the Senate in 2014 is crucial baffles me. We all remember how dysfunctional the Republican Leadership and Establishment were when they held power between 2001 and 2006. Is that type of dysfunction and failure a solution to the grave situation we find ourselves in today? Of course not. A Republican Majority in the Senate is only worthwhile, if it does not include John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Thad Cochran, and the rest of the liberal, corporatist, warmongering GOP Establishment.

The Anti-Liberty Republicans

I’m a registered voter in Virginia. I cannot do anything about the muck in Mississippi; but I can do something here. I can vote against Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell by voting for Robert Sarvis. I can pour my time and energy into supporting Dr. Dave Brat’s quest to bring some rationality and liberty to the House of Representatives. I can pressure Congressmen Wittman to distance himself from those who must eventually be defeated if America is ever to resume its pursuit of liberty and equal justice under the law.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a vote for the Republican Establishment is a vote for President Barrack Hussein Obama and Senator Harry Reid. These powderpuff Republicans have been the pathetic lapdogs begging scraps from Obama and Reid’s table long enough. I will not support a candidate that will encourage McConnell and McCain to continue their pursuit of Corporatism, War, and Compromise with the radical Socialists running the Democrat Party.

I’ve written and spoken often, that any great military mind will tell you that “your enemy defines the terms of war”. Mitch McConnell has threatened to crush the TEA Party, and so we must either surrender or crush McConnell ourselves. A third party is surrender. These Establishment Republicans must be defeated or there will never be a real opposition to the Marxists in the Democrat Party. The Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, and K-Street, the three primary constituents of Mitch McConnell and Johnny Boehner, believe they have found a way to prosper under a command and control economy. They know it will be terrible for you and I, but they don’t care about us. We’re powerless, they believe.

The Democrats march in lockstep. The only way to defeat them is to defeat the Republican Establishment and form a new Republican Party predicated upon reason, liberty, capitalism, and an appreciation for science, reality, and common sense. If yesterday’s events succeed in driving Constitutionalists, Conservatives, and Libertarians away from the Republican Party, then Mitch McConnell and Thad Cochran win. However, if it drives us toward an ever rising passion to destroy them, then their victory is not inevitable; and neither is the decline of our country.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

7 Responses to “The Muck In Mississippi”

  1. Mort Coleman says:

    I do believe that this is the approach that must be taken. We removed one, we will get the next one. I do not think we need Ed to get a full retirement package if he is going to go with the RINO pack in DC, might as well keep Mark, at least he meets with the people occasionally, and might develop some spine in the years ahead.

    I have not seen Ed come out and say anything other than what the DC RINO’s are telling him to say, which means he will simply suck us dry.

  2. robert shannon

    When my 3 children became adolescents and I had to measure my words much more carefully when cautioning them about the consequences of breaking curfew, not keeping their grades up, or ignoring their Mom’s request to clean their rooms. Absent consequences, a certainty that X follows Y , behavior is always predictable .

    Unless and until the conservatives collectively band together and make a comprehensive coordinated plan on just what X will be, then expect Y to be the ongoing outcome.

    The elitists within the establishment of the republicrat party hate us, disdain us, laugh and make jokes about us behind our back. The exception however is “when they need us” to staff the volunteer efforts every election cycle, man the phones, do the door knocking etc etc. It is truly pathetic to watch the last 5 years how they herd conservatives like sheep to do their bidding, and then as legislators act as if they don’t know us.

    Now call me a foreigner for suggesting that perhaps the school yard bully gets the bloody nose for a change. They have been spoiling for a fight with the TEA Party Patriots for 3 years now.

    Let me know when you want to really give it to them. Until then I just ignore all of the bluster and bravado you hear after what happened in Mississippi, as if bluster , bravado and complaining ever accomplished a damn thing.

    A ” Vote Strike” could be organized for Novembers general election asking those with a conscience, those with a sense of outrage at what the republicrat establishment did, the lengths they went to , just to hold onto power be PUNISHED, with real consequences, not the half hearted almost silly griping for the next 3 months, only to line up again like lemmings and cast a ballot for Cochran.

    I don’t recall the Japanese surrendering Iwo Jima because we complained about their occupying it.
    Bob Shannon

  3. Steveno Brodie Tucker

    If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get. No establishment candidate for any office will get my vote in the future. Choosing Corporatism over Marxism isn’t a choice. I choose liberty.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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