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The Republican Party Limps Into November

I am still hearing rumors about a “wave election” and the Republican Party taking back the Senate. The story goes, that President Obama’s increasing unpopularity and America’s dissatisfaction with the immigration crisis, foreign policy blunderings, and steady economic insecurity spells doom for the Democrats in November. That’s a realistic narrative, assuming there was an opposition party running against the Democrats in November.

Is there?

Virginia Republicans saw fit to nominate Ed Gillespie to run against Mark Warner and Mark Warner currently enjoys a 19 point lead in an election cycle that is supposed to be unfavorable to Democrats. Why? Is there something special about Virginia that makes us immune to the germ of national unrest with the White House and the Senate? Or could it be that conservative, constitutional, and libertarian leaning Republicans simply will not continue voting for Republicans who do not stand for anything? I know that I am not voting for Ed Gillespie. I know that I am not voting for Rob Wittman. As far as I can tell, the only Republican running in Eastern Virginia worth voting for is Dr. Dave Brat, and unfortunately, I don’t live in his district.

What about the rest of the nation?

As many of you know, I moved back to Virginia from North Carolina, just after North Carolina Republicans retook the North Carolina Congress for the first time in over 100 years. I can tell you that Kay Hagan is extremely unpopular in North Carolina and that the only reason she is leading her race by 1.8 points, is because of a large number of conservative, constitutional, libertarian leaning Republicans simply will not vote for a liberal Republican like Thom Tillis. No one wants to send Mitch McConnell and John Boehner more sycophantic lieutenants. Tillis has snubbed the Tea Party and will find it extremely difficult to win in November.

The best visual evidence for America’s dissatisfaction with the Republican Party can be found in Kansas, where an Independent, Greg Orman, now leads the incumbent Republican and Democrat challenger, by 1 point, for the first time in the race. I am convinced that if Robert Sarvis were to run a more independent campaign, appealing not only to Libertarians like myself, that he could have made a more realistic run for Senate in Virginia. As unpopular as the Democrats are, the Republican Party cannot seem to gain traction among informed voters who do not vote for parties, but for ideas.

Bruce Braley leads Joni Ernst by a point in Iowa. How is that possible? Let’s look at who the Iowa Republicans actually are, shall we?

Evangelical Statist and Fox News institution Mike Huckabee, who believes that Libertarians are a greater threat to America than the Democrat Party, is the favorite Republican potential candidate going into 2016 in Iowa. I think it is safe to say that we can count Iowa out in the struggle to return the Republican Party to the philosophies of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, and Calvin Coolidge.

Will Colorado be a seat flipped by Republicans in November? At present, the Democrat in Colorado holds a 4 point lead.

No swing state Senator has gotten worse press than Mary Landrieu, who still enjoys a solid 5 point lead over the Republican challenger.

How in the world does this Republican Party expect to defeat the Democrats when they do not stand for anything, when they hold no political or economic philosophy, when they demonstrate time after time a greater loyalty to corporate welfare recipients than to their own constituents at home? The Republican Party isn’t running on anything,  so why should anyone vote for them?

Let me sum up Ed Gillespie’s campaign strategy: Obama Care Bad!

Gez, Ed. You think? You’ll have to do better than that if you want to represent the great State of Virginia in the United States Senate. Alas, this will never happen. You’ve run your campaign as poorly as your ran Mitt Romney’s campaign. You have been as inspiring as a bottomless pit, a shadowy reminder of the lack of philosophy, principle, intellect, and character of the Republican Party you represent.

So, no, I do not see an impending Republican “Wave Election”, and if such a thing should occur, it will have happened by virtue of the vivacity with which Liberalism has failed America, and upon no virtue held by this Republican Establishment.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

9 Responses to “The Republican Party Limps Into November”

  1. FRANK PAPCIN says:

    wave?–I would be glad to see a ripple coming from those out there that don’t think there is anything to vote for this year
    –to them I say–get rid of the democratic senate
    –unless of course you like what they let OBAMA do?
    go to the polls to elect local leaders that listen to your demands as well as all of those special interest groups that always get their voters out to vote for their ideas.
    WHAT ABOUT YOUR IDEAS?–don’t they count?–or don’t you care?

    work for something–do something–be a voice in your community
    let others know they are not alone with their hopes and dreams

  2. Gene Lefty says:

    To the poor, to the middle-class, I say, “save yourselves, vote Democrat”.

    You have all heard the sayings, “Remember the Alamo”, Remember Pearl Harbor”, well here’s a couple new ones for the poor and middle-class to think about come November, ” Remember George Bush 43″, and “Remember Eric Cantor”.

    Ask yourself this Reagan like question, are you better off now than you were in September 2008? It’s the same Republican pack that helped Bush 43′ destroy the middle-class lifestyle , that was there in 2008. You are mad at President Obama because he could not “snap” his fingers and clean up 8 years of Republicanism under Bush/Cheney.

    What Bush did not wreck and destroy, “they” will if you put them in charge again.

    Oh, and will now convicted former Republican Governor McDonnell be at the poles come November? Will he drive up in a Ferrari wearing an engraved Rolex?

    How many Women, African Americans, and other Minorities claim Republicanism? And just why do you think that is? Nothing has changed, it’s still the same ole’ bunch. Nothing.

    Do you want America to be the only civilized/industrialized country out of 33 on the planet that does not have Universal Healthcare? Yep, we are the only one!

    Do you want to know why a college education in Canada costs 25% of what it costs in USA? That’s right, you can go to college for four years in Canada for about the cost of one year in the United States.

    Put the Republicans in charge and somethings will never change.

  3. Bob Shannon

    As usual Steve Tucker has his finger on the electorate pulse and accurately nails down the reasons republicrats are having trouble getting any traction.

    I do however take exception with his comment on Sarvis running a more “independent campaign” Not sure what Steve means by that. I have endorsed and supported Sarvis last year and again in this Senate race and have spent a fair amount of time listening to him, speaking with him and his positions are his own, he isn’t shelling for anyone. A more pertinent question is why some of the TEA Party groups, you know the ” independent non-partisan” groups refuse to even invite Sarvis in to speak. Why a guy who was Enron’s front door man in Washington is welcome, the consummate insider Gillespie is welcome, but someone like Sarvis isn’t ?

    The problem isn’t Sarvis or his campaign Steve, it is the closed minded hypocrites who constitute the road block to real solutions by remaining loyal to a party label. It is beyond just stupid, it is dangerously stupid. The question could be framed to these so called leaders ” Are you an American first, or a republican/democrat ”

    The same blinders that Lefty Gene is wearing must be a matching pair that his republicrat dunces have on. They both pretend their party has had nothing to do with the mess we now have on our hands.

    Gene believes the cost of an education is so bloated because of……….. He must have forgotten who feeds the education beast, and in fairness to Gene, even the republicrats have jumped on board The free money crowd parented that problem, and subsidizing anything only makes it worse, including health care.

    I left the republicrat party because of Bush signing the Prescription Drug act which added a Trillion dollars onto the back of a Medicare program already drowning, but to listen to anyone blame one or the other party for our woes is getting a little bit stale. All the more reason to support someone like Sarvis in November.
    Bob Shannon

  4. Steveno Brodie Tucker

    Bob, I’m voting for Sarvis; however I don’t believe he is running the kind of campaign that will appeal to the majority of disenfranchised republicans. Politically, that would be necessary to really compete. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sarvis, but I don’t just want him to run. I want him to win.

  5. Mort Coleman says:

    I am ready to vote for Ed, when he will actually proclaim his position on the following:
    1. His position on immigration, especially those workers who disenfranchise Americans.
    2. His position on the 10th amendment, limited federal government, constitutional limits.
    3. His position on auditing the FED, and balancing the Federal Budget.
    4. His position on a FAIR tax, FAIRER tax, or FLAT tax, and reigning in the IRS.
    5. His position on amnesty for illegal aliens.
    6. His position on securing the southern border.
    7. His position on the Patriot Act, and the NSA spying on Americans.
    The only principle he seems to stand on is that obamacare is bad. I want to know that Ed is not a RINO otherwise I do have another option.

  6. Gene Lefty says:

    Let’s ask a couple questions about Virginia Government???

    1) Is one reason the Virginia General Assembly is meeting this week because Democratic Gov. McAuliffe wants to cut spending in the recently passed “Pork Barrel” Republican budget with it’s almost $11 Billion increase over the previous “pork barrel” Republican Budget?

    Isn’t what we have here the Republican’s not wanting to cut spending? And you call them Conservatives? Did the Tea Party also support the $11 Billion increase in the current budget, and ALL the massive budget increases in the budgets of “their” now convicted Gov.

    Didn’t former Gov. Kaine leave office with a proposed budget of about $75 Billion? Which political party pumped the Democrats proposed $75 Billion budget up to the now almost $96 Billion in four short years? What does the Tea Party say about silence on their signage?

    How much has your paycheck increased in the last four years? The Republicans say that raising minimum-wage would cost us jobs. Can somebody tell me why raising minimum-wage will cost us jobs, but raising wages for state workers, or any other income category does not cost us jobs?

    So let’s see, the Republicans telling us that raising minimum wages for the poor and middle class costs us jobs? But raising wages for state workers, schools teachers, and practically anybody else, does not cost us jobs? Interesting philosophy.

    Nobody has told me why we are the only country out of the 33 industrialized countries in the world that does not have Universal Healthcare? The ONLY one! Which political party is doing everything it can to stop us from having Universal Healthcare? Why does anyone want to keep paying the annual double digit increases in healthcare before ObamaCare? Could it be that they are profiting from theses annual increases? Say it ain’t so!

    Market based healthcare? Do you really believe that the healthcare lobby is going to let the people in America shop the price of healthcare? Just pick up your telephone and call different doctors offices and try to price the cost of an office visit or a procedure. Just try it, see what happens. I’m telling you it’s not going to happen. Big-money runs Virginia and they’re not about to give it up.

    How much of your money does the healthcare industry want? Very simple, ALL OF IT?

    The poor and middle-class people of Virginia have an elephant standing on their big toe. And it hurts like hell. That elephant is called the Republican Party. The only way to move that elephant back to it’s cage at the zoo is to vote Democrat in November.

    Put the Elephant in it’s cage at the zoo this November! Vote Democrat!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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