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The Revolution You Never Knew You Needed and Never Wanted

I hate Hillary Clinton. A cold, empty vestige of late 60s liberalism – risen to the heights of power and embraced by the ever puissant arms of a 1990s rendition of classical political corruption. As the dormant leader of a pitiful collaboration of corporatism and Alinsky-style totalitarianism, Secretary Clinton is a sour reminder of just how disingenuous the liberals of the 90s really were.

The immaculation of Obama reminded us all that there are worse things than Clintons out there in Washington D.C.

Strangely, the Democrats may have decided that President Obama was too conservative and too cautious for them; and while Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley would both serve brilliantly as the next guardians of the socialist galaxy, we must not overlook the waning specter that is Senator Bernie Sanders.

bernieThe Washington Times just published a piece, “A Political Revolution is Coming“.

“A political revolution is coming,” he says. “We are at a moment of truth. We need to face up to the reality of where we are as a nation, and we need a mass movement of people to fight for change. I believe America is ready for a new path to the future.”

He is the busiest of all the presidential hopefuls this week. He’ll introduce his presidential intention in a waterfront park while a Zydeco band plays and fans enjoy free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; the company’s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield will be by his side, incidentally.

“Don’t underestimate me. We’re going to do better than people think. And I think we’ve got a shot to win this thing,” Mr. Sanders told CNBC

Get ready. Don’t get ready for his victory. That won’t happen. I still believe Martin O’Malley, the Bill Clinton protégé, is posed to retake the party for White Democrats everywhere. No, get ready for the second time in US history that Socialism in America will be accepted as a viable option to the mongrel politics of our past.

Get ready for communists and socialists to pour out of solid rocks as if Moses himself had struck them with his stick!

It’s coming. These mini-revolutions aren’t as simple to put down as you might imagine. You better know why you hate socialism, marxism, communism, authoritarianism; because a Bernie Sanders campaign will have the kids wondering if such a government might not be better. Are you ready? Can you argue against Socialism? If the answer is no, then we’re in trouble. Educate yourselves on Marxist and Socialist doctrine. In less than a year you’ll need to know what it is you are arguing against!


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “The Revolution You Never Knew You Needed and Never Wanted”

  1. Robert Shannon

    Who was it that said ” what one generation accepts, the next generation expects, what that generation expects, the next generation will demand”

    Historians and Philosophers have warned us for hundreds of years. Recently I have been collecting signatures for a petition ballot ( to get a candidate on the ballot ) and the number of folks not registered to vote and the stupid statements citizens make ……no great shock we are in this terribly frightening position at this point in time.

    One man said to me on his front porch ” I don’t vote but I got my opinions”
    Fortunately I saw no evidence of any offspring.

    Bob Shannon


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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