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The Washington Post Owes Me an Apology. I Correctly Called the Poll Bias While They Scoffed

Truth photoA couple of weeks before the election this past November, the Washington Post ran a column written by ironically titled “When the facts don’t matter, how can democracy survive?

And in her column Rampell went on a rant against those of us who insist on accuracy in numbers. Government numbers and especially polling numbers. She went so far as to link to a post I wrote that same day. In my post I called a Fox News poll that over-sampled Democrats by 9 points biased. To a far left wing Hillary supporter like Rampell, she can’t imagine anything being more right wing than Fox News. In her little liberal mind, Fox News pegs the needle all the way to the right. So how could someone on the right (apparently I am an even more right-wing media outlet than Fox) question Fox New’s right wing orthodoxy?

Rampell’s problem is that she believes the left wing hype that Fox is a far right news outlet. But her perspective is so far left that from her perch she can’t see past the liberal horizon. To her, the center looks like the far right end of the spectrum.

Here is what she said about my article and her link to my site:

Today, some of these same message-bearers are the victims of their own success. The most prominent right-wing media outlet, Fox News, has been attacked by even more right-wing media outlets for supposedly conspiring against Trump. Fox News’s own polls, for example, stand accused of pro-Clinton skewing.

How ironic that she had just written a condemnation of those who don’t trust the numbers put out by the Hillary campaign.

Offered sober-minded, nonpartisan analyses that Trump’s fiscal plans would add trillions to deficits and jeopardize the economy, his supporters claim these assessments must be lies because (A) the analysts are biased against him, and (B) Trump would obviously never let bad things happen to the economy, duh.

In other words, ignore the experts, ignore the math, trust the message.

So who were these “sober-minded, nonpartisan” creatures she is talking about? They are a group called “Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget” led by former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff and Obama’s CIA Director and Secretary of State Leon Panetta. You don’t find them more fair minded and nonpartisan than Leon, right?

And then there is Democrat Timothy Penny who’s nonpartisan credentials consist only of an appointment by George W Bush to a bipartisan committee to study Social Security. Penny represented the Democrat side on this.

And the token Republican co-chair is Mitch Daniels, former head of the Office of Budget and Management under George W Bush.

And the President is a former Editor for the Washington Post, Maya MacGuineas.

So the nonpartisan group that wrote the budget analysis that Rampell says is sober-minded and nonpartisan consists of three co-chairs, a hyper-partisan Leon Panetta, a Democrat who once served on a bipartisan committee (as a Democrat) under GW Bush and a Republican who was a GW Bush appointee. And a President who is a former WaPo editor.

George W Bush supported Hillary. And despises Donald Trump. How can anyone trust this group to do a nonpartisan analysis of Trump’s budget plans?

So, I’m sorry if I take exception to your position that this budget analysis is a “sober-minded, nonpartisan” product Ms Rampell. It was produced by Democrats and #NeverTrump folks. So I think it is appropriate to “ignore the experts” in this case. Or at least meet it with a good dose of skepticism. For one thing, they completely ignored the economic growth Trump’s tax cuts will bring and subtracted the cuts as a net loss. A glaring partisan mistake.

So after criticizing those of us who are not inclined to believe Hillary pal Leon Panetta’s analysis of the Trump economic plan, Rampell proceeds to rip my analysis of the Fox News poll that skewed to Hillary with a +9 Democrat lean.

Here is what I wrote on October 13, 2016.

So, the news that Fox wants you to hear is that last week in their poll, Clinton was up by just 2 points. But what they don’t report and you have to dig to find (here are the poll internal numbers) is that while Clinton was up by 2 points a week ago and is now up by 7 points is the real story.

Last week Fox polled 2% more Democrats than Republicans (41% to 39%) and this week, they polled 9% more Democrats than Republicans (45% Democrats to 36% Republicans).

Imagine that.

So what this poll tells us is that if you ask more Democrats than last week who they are voting for, Hillary gets more votes.

So between the two polls, Hillary benefited from Fox News asking 7% more Democrats who they were going to vote for than last week.

You know what this poll really says? Hillary only gained 5 points in spite of adding 7% more Democrats. She actually has gone down in the polls, if they were apples to apples.

She actually has gone down in the polls, if they were apples to apples.”

And a couple of weeks later, my analysis was proven right. Hillary was in decline and headed for a loss. She was not rising in the polls, she was sinking. And my analysis is based not on a sober-minded, nonpartisan analysis, which is another way to say “feelings”. No, my analysis was based on hard cold facts and actual numbers. And during the election, I lauded the LA Times poll several times because their polls were based on consistent samples and they reported all of their responses.

I particularly like Ms Rampell’s closing lines.

The problem with elevating yourself by tearing down the existing authoritative institutions is that once you succeed, you’ve established a road map for others to tear you down, too. There will always be someone waiting in the wings with an even juicier conspiracy theory, an even zanier hidden truth, an even more intricate data-unskewing method — and there’s no longer any authority left to debunk any of it.

This is how a democracy crumbles: not with a bang, but with data trutherism.

Except that my analysis of the poll skewing was dead on.

And it proves that people like me that practice “data trutherism” are far more accurate than those that practice “data liar-ism”.

The facts DO matter Ms. Rampell.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

6 Responses to “The Washington Post Owes Me an Apology. I Correctly Called the Poll Bias While They Scoffed”

  1. Joseph Greenlee says:

    Where is the outrage from the Liberal Left over the fake polls put out by MSM during 2016? They blame “Russia” when they should be blaming their very own MSM news outlets for Fake Poll data which probably suppressed Hillary Clinton voter turn out.

    The Left’s focus now on efforts to shut down Drudge and Alex Jones and other Alt Media? What happened to the ACLU under 8 years of Obama?

  2. Gerry Anne says:

    More Fake News today from WAPO

    At this point we should all just read The Enquirer

  3. robert shannon

    Quite a few observations have come forth since the election trumpeting the salvation of ideals that we hold dear having been spared as a result of the election outcome. Bear in mind however the forces haven’t gone away, they are simply stymied for the moment.

    Quite troubling prior to the election has been this effort at very high levels of government ( President Obama’s own words) that are attempting to define what can be permitted or officially sanctioned as the truth, as defined of course by some nefarious federal agency or commission that would be the final arbiter of what is deemed the truth.

    If Hillary had won she had already made specific mention of this in a number of public pronouncements that information mast be factual or truthful to be allowed in the public discourse . Factual or truthful according to just whom ?

    What better way to control the narrative than to shut down any entity or voice where there is disagreement. Makes it much easier to win any debate if your opponent suddenly falls mute.

    Countless examples can be cited as to the effect this has already had on broad public opinion being manipulated by carefully crafted and controlled sources of information. One glaring example is the subject highlighted last year of police misconduct.

    Majorities , certainly in urban corridors falsely believe the narrative that in many/most of the examples of police shootings, the cops acted irresponsibly or recklessly, when the facts clearly indicate in most of these instances the opposite is true. The media, academia, even the Administration led many in the public to believe the law enforcement has a systemic prejudice towards minorities when the facts bear nothing or the sort out.

    The notion that progressives are advancing the idea that information needs some sort of ” government clearance” is dangerous in that it has even reached these high levels of open discussion, further strengthening Tom’s central point in this article.

    We’ve ample venues out there for the left to pitch their version of events, and by the Grace of God we still have a resistance willing to do the work required to get the other side out. Electing Trump or anyone for that matter does not assure us of anything, beyond having additional time to set in place safeguards to halt the efforts at shutting out voices of dissent.

    Bob Shannon King William

  4. Bill V. Honeycutt says:

    As a Libertarian Leaning Blog, VA Right should warn its many readers to the Fascism coming to Amerika under the Establishment Republicans and the Left of Communist Democratic Party. The government’s attempt to shut down DRUDGE in the story above should shake every freedom loving American to its very core. Drudge, Alex Jones, Breitbart, Zero Hedge and many other conservative sites are labelled FAKE NEWS by the MSM and its Leftist readers when in fact they now supass 100 million readers per month and are more accurate and reliable in their news reporting than the Dinasaur News at the LA Times, New York Times, and WAPO.

    People need to wake up to the Censorship going on in this country. Thank God for Tom White and his staff of writers who kept the possibility of a Trump Election ALIVE in 2016 and gave American’s HOPE.

    Now is not the time to rest on our laurels of victory. We must be vigilant to prevent Alt Media sites from censorship. The News Nazis have already begun their “exterminations.”


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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