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Tiny Victories Aren’t Enough

Growing conservative and libertarian influence in the United States Congress may have its second temporary victory in as many weeks, as Republican Leadership may allow the Export Import Bank to expire, unwilling to bring it to a vote. Be assured, however, that while Wall Street howls and the media bends over backwards to protect their corporate brethren, they know full well that the Republican Leadership won’t let them down.

I do take encouragement from these temporary victories regarding the Patriot Act and Export Import, but we have to be fully aware that these are only temporary, short-term victories, and that the Republicans will not back down from expanding the surveillance state and their corporate welfare programs.

Allowing Export Import Bank to expire isn’t enough. We need legislation specifically aimed at ending all practices related to export import and unconstitutional surveillance and spying on American citizens. So instead of celebrating these short term victories, we should be increasing our calls to our congressmen and senators in Congress, demanding decisive action which would ensure that corporatist boondoggles and bureaucratic intrusiveness become impossible in the future.

Tiny Victories aren’t enough.

The amount of pressure we’re putting on our Congressmen and women isn’t enough.

With the support of some of the most conservative congressmen in congress, the House just passed a Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Appropriations bill that, according to Heritage, “contains increasing spending levels for project-based rental assistance ($10.6 billion) and tenant-based rental programs ($19.9 billion) by $1.54 billion above current funding levels. The bill funds more than a dozen programs that deserve elimination, including $1.14 billion in subsidies to Amtrak.”

These spending increases while the United States spirals back into recession (and we had negative 1st Quarter growth!) are unacceptable! Now, I understand why conservative Congressmen and women like Dave Brat, Jim Jordon, and Mia Love would vote for this legislation. It is unreasonable to expect spending cuts to make it out of this congress, and it is irrational to shut down the government every time an appropriations bill comes to the floor. However, I am frustrated that Congressman Brat and Congressman Jordon and Congresswoman Love haven’t come out and dealt with their feelings on this vote (to my knowledge).

Maybe I would have voted for this bad bill too, but you can be damn sure I would have taken a picture of myself holding my nose as I cast my vote!

It’s merely an example of the situation we find ourselves in – that we’ve given the congress back to the Republicans and the irresponsible spending increases and debt accumulation continues.

We’ve become so accustomed to losing every battle that we allow tiny victories to send us into a celebratory coma, deadening our senses to the continued corruption spiraling around us.

I am not an idealist and I am not bringing this up to sour anyone’s feelings about their congressman. I am however using this as an example of just how bad things really are in Washington DC – that if you want to get anything done or do any good at all, you’ve got to sign on to some pretty awful pieces of legislation. This is why Ron Paul, Dr. No!, was so beloved by certain segments of the population. He opposed everything. Why? Because everything is worth opposing. The Capital is simply that corrupt.

Now, Congressman Paul didn’t have any give and take, and therefore never accomplished much in his time in Congress. There are plenty of Conservative Republicans in Congress who are fighting tooth and nail to do some good and they are going to sign on to some bad pieces of legislative garbage in the course of trying to solve some real problems. It’d be nice, however, if they’d come out and complain about the garbage they vote for. It would make me feel more confident in their conservative and constitutional bona fides if there was some preemptive honesty and disgust attached to some of their votes.

So while small victories are good, big victories are needed, and lots of bad stuff are making their way through this Republican Congress. We need to keep fighting and keep putting pressure on our elected Representatives. I know the TEA Party’s are on board (for the most part), but what about the rest of the grassroots?


About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

3 Responses to “Tiny Victories Aren’t Enough”

  1. Robert Shannon

    A bad bill is a bad bill, and no amount of rationalization excuses a vote. When one hears the term ” purist” one has a negative connotation associated with the word itself. It is as if core convictions or principles no longer matter, or worse , they are smeared with terms like ” far right”.

    Congressman Paul may not have accomplished much, but if and when the economic tent collapses no one will be able to suggest Paul had anything to do with it. Brat or anyone else that breaks ranks deserves the condemnation that come their way, not the party apologists lining up to smooth out ruffled feathers.

    The media alone promotes the false narrative that shutting down the government hurts republicans, when the evidence is quite to the contrary.

    Bob Shannon

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    My primary point is that if you do what Paul did, the leadership prevents you from getting anything positive done. Now, I’m not excusing a bad bill, I think what we’re seeing is awful, but I understand it. I understand why this happens. Overall, the purpose of this article is simply to redirect attention to the House of Representatives and demonstrate that the spending, debt, and regulation increases continue at a frightening pace.

  3. Robert Shannon

    Leadership…….you just hit the nail directly on the head. When the House had a chance to dump Boehner what did they do ?

    A bill has been introduced to amend the Constitution requiring term limits for members of Congress. As I have often said at the state level, referendum reform is paramount to getting term limits at the state, local level . If you forbid any member in the G.A or Congress from staying for more than 8-12 years they can not accrue the type of legislative power they have today. It is that very concentration of power that makes it so easy for lobbyists and PAC’s to corrupt one single individual. If no one stays in the Chair position for but a brief time you vastly diminish the corruption that currently takes place. As I told one man who runs a PAC when he asked me why I was so adamant about term limits ” I want you to have to buy new w______ every cycle” Crude yes, but it strikes at the very heart of what is wrong in the long tenures of anyone in public service. It was never meant to be a career or a stepping stone to K street.
    Bob Shannon

    It isn’t so much the individual effectiveness of a Ron Paul as it is the power that funnels to any member who stays that long and acquires these Chairs. A structural change is what is needed to halt that concentration of power in the hands of any one member.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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