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VA-07 Candidate Floyd Bayne Has Some ‘Splaining To Do

Yesterday, we examined the details of the Health Care plan that Candidate Floyd Bayne of the Independent Green Party plans to implement, if elected. Since then, Baynes supporters have attacked me personally, and not on the issues on our Facebook page. Some claim that this is not Floyd Bayne’s plan, but that of his adviser, Dr. John Lanzalotti.

Bayne has adopted and plans to implement the plan, thereby making it Bayne’s plan. This statement is from Bayne’s campaign website:

I will advocate for and seek to have implemented The American Health Care Plan as authored by Dr. John Lanzalotti, which can be seen at –

This makes it the Bayne plan and it is only fair that he be called upon to explain and/or defend the plan he wants to thrust upon the country.

This plan calls for subsidies for the “working poor”. The plan will confiscate the earnings of one to pay the personal expenses of another. How can Bayne support this scheme and claim of the income tax system:

The Congress once again went beyond the intent of the founding fathers and the Spirit of the Constitution when they created a tax on our labor. The founders were against what they would have called theft of man’s labor. This quote is found here on Bayne’s website.

I received an email from Bayne saying “I thought you were a patriot who was more concerned with the Constitution than a party“. Yet Bayne somehow sees taking the fruits of a man’s labor as taxes is wrong, but advocates a plan that does exactly the same, but uses the confiscated fruits of a man’s labor to pay the personal expenses of another.

No, Mr. Bayne. I am not unpatriotic for holding your feet to the fire on this issue. You are very inconsistent here.

In my email reply to Bayne, I called on him to drop his support of this plan, and I call on him publicly to do so.

Need more details on what is in this plan?

The plan uses Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) as well as fixed payments for illnesses paid according to the complications involved (if any) and set formulas.

For instance, say you have $10,000 in your HSA and you have a great deal of knee pain and want to get it looked at. The doctor recommends an MRI, but the Health Plan will only pay for an X-Ray. This plan gives you the option to accept the smaller payment for the X-Ray and dip into your HSA for the balance, or just have the X-Ray and hope for the best.

Lets say you also have kids. Do you really want to use the limited funds for your knee, or save the HSA money in case your kids get sick. Most of us would just buy a cane and limp, saving the HSA for our kids. Or for a future health event for you or a family member.

Limiting payments to force frugality is a horrible thought. Sure, in theory you have the option to make your own decision by taking the least expensive route, or dip into your savings, but do we really need to be worrying about these types of decisions when we are sick or injured?

I don’t mind making these types of decisions when I am repairing a dent in my car, but I really don’t want to be burdened with this concerning my health.

It is a shame that Bayne and his supporters feel the need to question my patriotism and use personal attacks in this matter. Bayne is a newcomer and has no record to examine. All we have to go on is his website and various debates and speeches. It is both fair and necessary to examine not just his words, but the programs he advocates and promises to implement, if elected. That is how we must vet newcomers to the political arena. The programs they advocate are one clue as to how well they will represent us.

I have not, nor will I attack Bayne or his supporters personally.The link to the plan is here. It clearly calls for subsidies for health insurance premiums for the “working poor”.

Bayne needs to either reconcile these subsidies to his platform, change his platform or drop support for the plan. He simply cannot support subsidies and be a Constitutional Conservative.

And personal attacks and name calling by Bayne or his supporters are not helping his cause. I am not running for Congress. Bayne is.

Bayne wants Eric Cantor to explain his votes, we also need Floyd Bayne to explain his support and intention to implement this plan to the voters. And tell me why my hard earned money must go to pay personal expenses for others.

If Bayne Can’t or won’t explain this, his calls for Cantor to explain his votes ring hollow and hypocritical.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

20 Responses to “VA-07 Candidate Floyd Bayne Has Some ‘Splaining To Do”

  1. P. Henry Saddleburr says:

    Yeah, I get the same treatment from the BayneBots. If you don’t agree with them they start attacking you and questioning your conservative props. Attack, rather than debate is their modus operandi.

    Sorry, we’ve already got a cult in DC. We don’t need another one.

    • jking says:

      I’ve not had the same experience. “Baynebots” sounds like name calling to me. Cantor will not debate, Bayne will.

      Your post seems to be advocating either the Republican cult or the Democratic cult in DC. Which one would you like to perpetuate ? Many of us think it doesn’t matter, that they are both the same.

    • jking says:

      Whoops, sorry I shouldn’t have posted this. In perusing this site further I see wonderful stuff about Cantor and disparaging things about others. I thought it was a “right” site, not a republican site. Patriot Act, Tarp, Light Bulb bill, I don’t see any comments about Cantor on these…I do see texts of his speeches et. als.

      And this article states how hypocritical Bayne is for expecting Cantor to explain his positions, when he won’t explain his. The central issue about this article only recently surfaced, but he’s expected to respond immediately…Cantor refuses to explain years of RINO type votes…I see now this is not a conservative site, but a pro-establishment republican site. I understand.

      • Tom White says:

        Matt London, Lisa Jackson, Cooldude2know, jeking55 and Mike Wallace are the same juvenile person posting from ip address using different names. The jeking55 would be Joseph E. King of Chesterfield.

        Joe, do you still hang out at Bailey’s Pub?

        Please tell the readers why you are posting under fake names and what your position is with the Bayne campaign. Full disclosure please.

        Stop the fake posts or your IP address will be banned.

  2. LaurajAlcorn says:

    Floyd called the Richmond Patriots ‘unpatriotic’ when we did not list his name as a candidate in the 7th District. Name calling is not participating in politics.

    • Tom White says:

      I know. He and his followers are a major disappointment. I have a real problem with the health care plan he supports and he has refused to explain how he can possibly support taxpayer subsidized premium payments for the working poor and still support the Constitution.

      Now, his supporters have taken to posting under different names multiple times to give the appearance there are more than one or two attacking me.

      One guy has posted 7 comments from different names, all with the same IP address. Another has posted with 3 names. I have found it necessary to ban these IP addresses. I really hate to do something like that, but they are being dishonest by using multiple names.

      I don’t care what people post and welcome all opinions, but that level of dishonesty can’t be permitted.

      Perhaps I should take a camera to a Bayne appearance and ask him why he CANTor Won’t explain his support for a “sharing the wealth” health care plan.

      • Joe Cacciotti says:

        Tom, you just don’t get it do you. How is Dr. John Lanzalotti, plan that you have distorted to your liking, become Floyd Bayne’s plan. Sorry pal, but your cheap tactic won’t work in this game of yours.

        And since your such a web sleuth, call others dishonest when in fact your summary of Dr. John Lanzalotti health care plan is total dishonesty to those few who may read your post.

        I thought highly of you when I first met you thinking here is a honest man, who cares about America, who researches for the truth. And now I find, I was wrong.

        • Tom White says:

          Joe, there is simply no way to distort taxpayer’s subsidizing health premiums for the poor. I do not need to speak to Lanzalotti because that is written as a basic truth on his web site. Perhaps you need to call him and he will confirm as much.

          And Joe, you have never thought highly of me, nor I of you. You toss around wild accusations with no foundation and insult anyone and everyone that does not agree with you.

          You argue and disparage every Conservative group around and have no credibility with any of them. You are one of the few people that is not welcomed in TEA Party OR Patriot circles.

          It is impossible to have a meaningful dialog with you because you do not respect anyone else’ opinion. When confronted with absolute facts like taxpayer subsidies of the poor, in this case, it is like talking to a stone wall. The problem is not my understanding of the plan, it is yours.

          In your world, Floyd Bayne adopts the plan and it is 100% perfect and no amount of reasoning will ever convince you otherwise.

    • Joe Cacciotti says:

      Grow up Laura, call the Richmond Patriots ‘unpatriotic’ is not name calling. It’s the truth when you have 32 candidates who have met the qualification of the VA. Election Board running for office and RP only wants to list Republican and Democrat is unpatriotic and is showing RP’s true GOP colors.

      • cole413 says:


        Thank you. Bayne ran as a “true conservative” and thats all. Propaganda without any specific back up.

        Joe- you sound political only, with no real convictions in sight. You are too old for me to tell you to grow up, but I can tell you to open your eyes. Leaching onto power does not give you any real pull.

  3. jking says:

    Hey Tom!

    Where’s that slanderous post you put up on me? Looks like you took it down. You know the one misidentifying me? Accusing me of hanging out at Bailey’s Pub whatever that is. Are you insinuating I’m a drunk or something? Sounds like slander, I am not a public figure. You called my posts “juvenile”. Say I am using screen names. (I don’t have the time or inclination for screen names like some kind of internet nerd, I have a life). And you’re gonna kick me off your website! Only because I questioned the motivation of the article against one person without the same objectivity applied to the other side. Sounds like the response you’d expect from the left, intellectually shallow, just name call and insult. Then you deleted it without an apology. I’d never say it was cowardly, I don’t name call, but it sure looks that way.

    You actually accused me of working for Bayne. I don’t even know the man except he said something nice to a friend on facebook. Oh, yeah, I saw him at the Convention and said “Hi.” That was it. I don’t even live in his district. Tom, I read that article to actually learn something, and boy did I. Not from the article, it seems, but from your attacking response. I answered your question, I don’t work for Bayne. Who do YOU work for? Perhaps I answered that in my short response to saddleburr and you didn’t like it.

    It is unfortunate that I will always measure the validity of your efforts by that post. Perhaps that is unfair, or perhaps that post is an accurate micrcosm of your motivation and intellect. I will say it is no less unfair than the manner in you responded to me. No answers, name calling and accusations. Wow did I hit a nerve or what?

    Well, this elephant ain’t no RINO and never forgets. You can erase the string, ban me, whatever, I won’t be back anyway…but I do have the complete string, including your erased response, on my hard drive. Just so I can remind myself of the establishment republican mindset. Same as the left from where I sit, and, Tom, it’s over 100 miles from Chesterfield.

    • Tom White says:

      JKING – I removed the post because my log file seems to have had a glitch and reported your IP address the same as a poster that posted a number of comments using different names and email addresses. When I refreshed the screen, your IP changed. The comment was in error and I deleted it.

      It was a case of mistaken internet identity and I apologize for the error. You saw the message because (I assume) you received an email. As soon as I sent it, the screen refreshed and the IP changed. I immediately deleted the comment.

      Again, sorry.

  4. John Lanzalotti, MD says:

    You have seriously misrepresented The American Health Care Plan in your blog. You then refute your misrepresentation trying to give the appearance that Mr. Bayne’s political position has been refuted. Your straw man argument won’t work.You also have engaged in quote mining and quoting portions of the American Health Care Plan out of context so that the quotations you chose misrepresent Mr. Baynes’s actual intentions. After engaging in this form of sophistry, you then engage in argumentum ad ignorantiam by saying that if Mr. Bayne doesn’t explain your misinterpretation of the Plan, his political position “rings hollow and hypocritical”. It is impossible for him to distance himself from your false description of the ACHP because he supports something very different, the real AHCP. Your description of the American Health Care Plan is incorrect and misrepresented and you are personally responsible for that libel. My plan does not recommend subsidies or mandates. The American Health Care Plan is an economic plan designed to only produce efficiency and cost effectiveness and not be a political agenda. It is the current health care system designed by and supported by the progressives of both parties that uses federal government subsidies to cover the full medical care of the the elderly, the poor, and those considered uninsurable with preexisting conditions and shifting the cost to the American taxpayer. This is extremely inefficient and the least cost effective way to solve this vexing problem. What I wrote about on my web site was that if the economic reforms of the AHCP were used in the current subsidy system that is already being used by our government it would reduce costs dramatically and be much more efficient. The AHCP does not dictate political Policy. Let me state now that the AHCP will create a free market in health care. That will give us an economic system that will provide the best care at the lowest price and an atmosphere where many new non-government solutions to our problems will arise. Nothing more. It will take political policy to determine how we deal with the elderly, the poor, and those with pre-existing conditions. There is no way to predict what new and innovative ideas will arise after we have a free market. These new ideas will help shape future political policy. Right now in this country there is an atmosphere that is completely hostile to the free market and any new or innovative ideas that will produce efficiency and cost effectiveness. This has been mediated by the progressive, establishment members of Congress and their companion stakeholders of the current paradigm in the private sector because they are all making too much money off the current system, a system you defend. By using your blog to discredit a candidate who is serious about fighting this powerful system in Washington you join these stakeholders of the current system. The bio on your blog states that you are involved in politics at every level. Does include bottom feeding? I hope that all the readers of your blog will see your true intention to discredit Mr. Bayne with your transparent sophistry and use of worn out political tricks and incorrect reasoning in argumentation in an attempt to manipulate the electorate’s perception and emotions.

    • Tom White says:

      Dr. Lanzalotti. You seriously misrepresent my argument and my premise. I understand your defensiveness in favor of a plan you have done so much work on, but you need to understand it is not the plan I am criticizing here, it is Bayne’s hypocrisy. In a debate a few days ago, Bayne was asked his position on repeal of the ObamaCare plan. He stated that involvement in Health Care by the federal government is not one of the enumerated powers of the Constitution, therefore the ObamaCare legislation is unconstitutional. A position with which I completely concur.

      The problem I have is with reconciling Bayne’s position that the federal government’s involvement with health care is unconstitutional and this plan you and Bayne advocate.

      The plan DOES INDEED call for subsidization of premium for the poor. If it is your contention that it does not, you will need to edit this out of your plan, because the portions I cut and pasted come directly from your website.

      If you do not plan to expand worker’s comp to include 24 hour coverage, then you need to take that out as well.

      I am simply stating the federal government plays a pretty significant role in this plan, a role Bayne has said is unconstitutional. I make no claims on the merits of the plan, nor the implementation of the plan itself other than to ask Bayne how he can believe the federal government’s involvement in health care can be unconstitutional, yet advocate for a plan that still depends on the federal government’s involvement to make this plan work.

      You cannot state that the federal government plays no role in your plan. You also cannot state that you do not call for subsidizing the premiums of the poor, nor can you deny your position on expanding worker’s comp to cover employees outside of the workplace when off duty.

      Now I will state that there are intriguing aspects to this plan, and a number things that would actually make our system more efficient. A great number of things, in fact. And there are also some areas I do not like, And others still that need some tweaking in my opinion.

      If your goal is to come up with a pragmatic, workable solution to the inefficient system we now have, save a lot of money and encourage frugal use of health care dollars, as I believe it was, you have done a good job.

      But federal involvement in health care is not an enumerated power and you simply cannot deny your plan requires such federal involvement. Which Bayne believes to be unconstitutional.

      It’s not the plan, its the Bayne platform. Your plan is a less egregious usurpation of our Constitutional rights than the current law, but still a usurpation.

      How can your plan and Bayne’s platform coexist in a coherent constitutional argument? Simple. Remove the federal government from the equation and place the governmental involvement necessary at the state level. Under the commerce clause, the federal government would be required to ensure the states play nice with each other, but the federal government needs to stay out of the way. Subsidizing premiums at the state level is not unconstitutional, perhaps distasteful to some, but would be permissible.

      I hope this helps you understand my issue with this a bit better.

  5. P. Henry Saddleburr says:

    Well said, Tom. There is a complete disconnect between those who claim to be anti-statist but embrace national “solutions” on this issue. The solution to this issue is less government, not a ‘new and improved’ federal approach.

    Look. Eric Cantor has his flaws and I’m not a fan. He’s not a ‘Young Gun’ as he proclaims, he’s an establishment squish. I have and will continue to bird dog him on the issues. He also has to realize that this election is his last free pass, only because he’s voted the right way for the most part in 2009 and 2010, in my opinion. But I have also taken him to task for his weakness on Obamacare because his first response was to say that even if Republicans have a majority in Congress they’d use defunding and parliamentary procedures to keep it from moving forward. That’s fine. But that’s a fallback position, not the mandate from the voters.

    Pass a bill that states that Obamacare is hereby REPEALED. Make this d’bag prezzy veto it. Take the battle to the enemy. Kick him in the nether regions.

    We’ll know soon enough if Cantor is serious about confrontation and repeal. If he’s not, we’ll scrounge up a candidate for the Republican primary leading up to 2012. If we are stymied in that primary process and we don’t get satisfaction, then, and ONLY then, will a third party candidacy be entertained by me.

    I still think that the right solution is to capture the majority in Congress, then we’ll ‘upgrade’ in 2012, as Doc puts it.

    Folks, we can all agree that the country is under direct assault. Pragamatism dictates that we still work within and try to reform the major political parties to bring about the change we need. We’re going to need to reform the two party system by seizing the Republican Party. It’s already happening in some counties, It’s already happening in some states. Sharron Angle. Marco Rubio. Joe Miller. Rand Paul. Christine O’Donnell.

    That’s the model. That’s not 3rd Party. That’s taking the castle by siege.

    Floyd, dude, I appreciate your efforts, but now is not your time. No offense. I apologize for my ‘bot comment, but I was exasperated by the ad hominem at the time that I wrote that.

    We need to coalesce to defeat the enemy. The enemy is Obama, Reid and Pelosi. We can start on a strategy to ensure accountability and punish recalcritrance on November 3rd.

  6. cole413 says:

    Flyod Bayne was inexperienced and unprepared to be any kind of candidate.

  7. Hilbner says:

    Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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