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There is an interesting race in Colorado.  The Senate primary is June 22 and it pits tea party insurgent Ken Buck versus Lt. Gov. Jane Norton.  Normally Norton would be the prohibitive favorite but in the tea party year of 2010, it is Buck with a double digit lead

I am conflicted here a bit.  Norton is too much of a national security conservative for me.  Try this from Norton’s website:

  • Our first priority is to keep our nation safe from terrorists.
  • Colorado’s military assets are an important part of the success of this mission and we need to support our troops, not cut Defense spending at a time when we are asking our troops to do more.

We need to have a strong defense but not to intervene in nations around the world.  I sense this neo-con vision of the world is Norton’s and I have strong misgivings about intervention.  For example in Afghanistan, several Christian sites reported recently a leading member of parliament called for the execution of those converting to Christianity.  I think evangelicals ought to consider whether mothers and fathers ought to be sent to fight for a government who has leaders that think like this.  We should of course chase bin Laden and his followers.  But let’s use the marque and reprisal constitutional method to get him.  Norton sounds creepy on Gitmo and related issues:

Norton, however, is clearly on defense in the race as she tries to shore up her conservative flank from the encroachment of Buck. Witness her latest web video ad in which Norton slams President Barack Obama for his handling of Guantanamo Bay and other terror-related issues; “Liberals in Washington seem to have forgotten,” she says as the screen goes black and the sound of a plane is heard. “But we haven’t. Let’s win the war on terror.”

I would support Buck by a nose.  He may be someone who will listen to non-interventionists.  He calls for substantial cuts in the Department of Education and also two other unconstitutional agencies:  NEA and NEH

For example, Buck supports the elimination of certain federal agencies; he said that the Department of Education should be “immediately reduced,” and that completely eliminating the department is “something we have to consider.”

Buck added that there are a number of other agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities — two longtime sore spots for conservatives — that could be cut completely. “There are things that I think the federal government shouldn’t be involved in in those agencies,” Buck said.

Norton tried to say she called for abolishing the Department of Ed last December:

“I stand by the version that I wrote the day after the event,” he [Randall Smith, a Alamosa County tea party blogger] said. “She was talking about [education] as not a federal responsibility, but as a state responsibility.”

This is hopeful, too.  But the potential for another interventionist in the Senate is too much IN THIS CASE.  It’s Buck by a nose.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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