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What Women Want


Democracy or a Republic? Idealism or Objectivism? Good or Evil? Or….. the question we’ve all been asking long before politics or religion even entered into our little minds… What Do Women Want? I’ve listened as Rush Limbaugh described this video as a potential liberal ploy to make men look evil before an election, despite the fact that these men are almost all Hispanic or African… black. I’ve watched clips online where people are horrified that men would “objectify women” in such an offensive manner.

The Feminists are mad as hell that men who are disgusted with them would ogle them, distressed that beauty might peak the interests of the male mind more than the fantasy of the male compartmentalization between brilliance and stupidity. Democrats are mad. They are always mad. Apparently one of these “gentlemen” might have been Thad Cochran. I wouldn’t vote for him.

Republicans are scared. OMG. (14 year olds know what those 3 letters mean). Hispanics and Blacks are like totally harassing a woman. “That busty woman is like totally asking for it!” some might say -flaunting her large, supple…

America – sometimes I hate you. She’s (the character in the video) dressed in slimming black. Nothing shows off curves like flesh color, or better, white. You want to show off curves you don’t dress in black!

Just ask Rosie O’Donnell. She wouldn’t wear white to her own wedding. So what’s this video about? Is it political, as Limbaugh fears?  No.

Is it about sexual equality? Of course… NOT. If it was a picture of a male stud in a birthday suit and an animal reference were referenced, well, it wouldn’t be on YouTube, it’d be on pay-per-view. No, what is this? It’s a stupid video.

Why is it so popular? (Don’t think it is? You’re lying). Because, everyone has an opinion on this issue of men pursuing women dressing to taunt the pursuit of men.

(By the way, women, if you get dressed, and men can see your body – and I mean at all – then you are dressing for men) (Don’t like that? ISIS has an alternative plan).

What do women want? Men… They want to be beautiful, because they think that beauty is all your tiny brains can compartmentalize long enough to propose marriage.)

What do they really want? I’ll tell you. I’m going to publish this.

But the first rule of Virginia Right is that you cannot talk about Virginia Right. The second rule of Virginia Right is that you cannot talk about Virginia Right.

If you’ve seen Fight Club, then I know I can trust you, because you know how this story ends. BOOM!

A woman wants a man that likes/loves her for all the reasons that she loves herself. If this shocks you, then you are lost in the wilderness of love, trying to find a woman to love you for reasons other than the reasons that you love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then you are a crazy person to think that if you are someone that not even you can love, that you could possibly find another person to love you.

Rats. I have to die now. I know. I get it. I said it and now I have to go away, Mafia style.

If a beautiful woman is walking down the street, then she is going somewhere. Interested? Go ahead and stalk here. If she’s going to a library and you don’t read books. Well, you burned about 30 calories. Call it a win and go back to the bar. If she’s going to an Orioles game at Camden Yards and you can’t throw, catch, or sing the Nation Anthem, then hit Little Italy, or an Italian Sub shop, and look for someone more interested more in the sub than yourself and go for that.

I’m just saying this: yelling at a women is stupid. Any man that wants a woman that wants a man to yell at her, doesn’t understand the type of woman that would want a man to yell something at her in the first place.

Every woman wants a man to love her for the same reason she loves herself.

How do I know that? Because every man wants a woman that loves him for the same reason he loves himself.

If you don’t get this basic, primary principle of human nature, then the chances are you are fighting with someone of the opposite sex right now and are only “online” because its the only place where your significant other doesn’t yell at you.

Oh, and I’m giving her your “screen name”. Sorry. But love is war.

People want to be loved for the same reason they love themselves. If you think its how they dress, then you are an idiot. Get to know a person and you’ll discover why they like being who they are. If you like who they are, then pursue them for that reason, and you’ll find something much better than a big breasted “broad”. You’ll find Sarah, or Bob, or Carolyn, or Veronica, or Sam, or Dave.

What do women want? They want love. What is love? It’s knowledge. It’s understanding. It’s truth. Anyone who says otherwise is hiding something. And women, if you run into a man interested in you and you think he doesn’t like himself, then do not trust the thought that he might really like you, for you. A man that dislikes himself isn’t a man that is going to trust a woman who does like herself.

Lesson over. Good Night. (And remember, the first rule of Virginia Right is that you don’t talk about Virginia Right).










About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

One Response to “What Women Want”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    How does anyone know that film clip is not like the rest of reality TV, a fake, a set-up? I would bet money it was rehersed and is a product of the “media vomit”.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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