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What’s the Difference Between “Fake News,” Opinion and Spin?

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So what is the difference between “Fake News,” opinion and spin?

When you ponder that thought a while, the first thing that pops out at you is the term “Fake News.” The take away the left wants you to believe is that Fake is the same as False. So why not use the term “False News?”

And are we really talking about news at all?

No. We are talking about opinion and sometimes spin that the left does not agree with.

For example, if I reported that the Dow Jones stands at 19,883.06, that is news. It is a fact as of this minute. However, if I add that the Dow is rising because of the “Trump Bump” then I have just added my opinion. Because there is no absolute proof the rise in the market is directly related to the election of Donald Trump. And if the self appointed fact checkers reviewed the statement I made, they would say it is false. Or mostly false.

So would it become “Fake News” on Facebook or other places that plan to censor what they consider fake news? Probably. But the truth is, it would not be fake or false news. It would be a fact and my opinion as to why the market is rising. So the news part would be true by any measure. What would be labeled false is the opinion portion.

More than likely the fact checkers would concentrate on my claim that Trump was responsible for the bull market and they would lay out their own “facts” as to why that is either not true or simply unknowable. Now had the claim been made that Obama was responsible for the rise in the market after the election I have no doubt that the fact checkers would toss in some blurb about Obama’s monetary policy and banking regulations and rate the claim as true.

But what this campaign to “out” fake news is really about is quashing opinions that the left does not agree with. And any opinion that disagrees with their spin is going to be called fake news.

But opinion is not news. The left has labeled Fox News as nothing but lies. To them, any opinion they disagree with is a lie. But the competitive world of 24 hour news has become nothing but opinion with a bit of hard news to spur discussions and then they all give their opinions.

Instead of using this fake news cover to censor opinions it would be more intellectually honest to label stories as News, Opinion or both. I wish I could say that the public was smart enough to know the difference, but that would be fact checked as false.

What the fact checkers are really doing is using their own spin and their own facts to discredit the spin and facts of those on the right. And all of the fact checkers are left wingers. The bias is easy to see. At Fact check dot Org, a group that has stayed busy analyzing every word out of Trump’s mouth for the last year and a half and finding creative ways to call him a liar, almost everything they write is dripping with bias, and their own opinion.

They recently wrote an article they called “Groundhog Friday” that is supposed to call out the lies Trump repeats over and over.

The December 9, 2016 article begins “On his so-called “victory tour,” President-elect Donald Trump has been repeating some inaccurate talking points that we’ve flagged before.

The first 6 words betray the disdain and vitriol they hold for Trump. They write “so-called “victory tour,” that sets the tone for the entire piece. It is obvious the writer is no fan of Trump. This was actually and truly a victory tour. Trump won. It was not “so-called” and why was victory tour placed in quotes? Obviously the writer and the publication believe Trump’s victory is not legitimate.

So with the first 6 words in the article, we can see that this is an opinion piece written by someone opposed to Trump. And they call the talking points in question “inaccurate” rather than false. And some of the inaccuracies are because Trump “rounded up” numbers.


But the left uses these fact checkers and they run with the spin as if the source were non biased and completely accurate. When all they are doing is substituting a perspective they disagree with with their own left wing perspective.

So “outing” fake news is nothing more than censorship and a left wing spin.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

4 Responses to “What’s the Difference Between “Fake News,” Opinion and Spin?”

  1. King and Queen Liberty Party says:

    Yeah this is so true.

    Virginia Right is the only political blog published in VA with intellectual opinion. THE BULL ELEPHANT published by Steve Albertson and his Christian Taliban and Jeanine Martin ( who knows what she is besides Stupid) is just FAKE made up news and with their ignorant opinion sprinkled in. Even their commenters are PAID STAFF. They actually block any commenters along with Bearing Drift who don’t agree with them. Cult like.

    Bearing Drift is bought and paid for by RPV run candidates to write “Hit Pieces” on conservative or grassroots opposition. Their insults and calling Congressman Dave Brat “the most useless Congressman in Washington” is wearing thin.

    It’s totally for sale these days.

    • Doc Winters says:

      Amen! Steve Albertson, a shill for Ken Cuccinelli and John Whitbeck at the RNC Cleveland Convention, posted this FAKE NEWS REPORT

      The Bull Elephant is FAKE NEWS Check this out:

      Well, we disappointed them. There were no fireworks, and Virginia’s vote was announced by Subba Kolla, the first Indian American to do so in the history of VA.


      Loudoun Times
      Loudoun County resident Subba Kolla, it turns out, is not the first Indian-America Republican National Convention delegate from Virginia. Kolla on Tuesday served as the ceremonial delegation chairman during the RNC’s formal nominating process. That night, multiple outlets — the Times-Mirror included – reported on word from the Republican Party of Virginia and Republican National Committee officials that Kolla was the Virginia GOP’s first Indian-American delegate to a convention.

  2. Trump Watcher says:

    Look, I hope Trump does most of what he said he will do.

    Fact is that he and Hillary both conducted a campaign that was nothing but a lie. Fact is Trump has to get congress to go along with whatever he wants to do. Ryan and McConnell are both controlled by money from Wall St. and special interest. Same as the Democrats. Wall St. and special interest will NEVER go along with most, if any, of what Trump said he will do.

    There is no way in hell that Trump will ever get much of what he promised through the congress, if anything. Except maybe to repeal Obamacare, but that too is a lie. A lie because congress will NEVER let healthcare be free market based in the replacement part. NEVER going to happen. The reason Obamacare is so screwed up is because of the healthcare lobby. So Trump making healthcare affordable and free market based will never happen, but he will lie and say he did.

    The disturbing thing is that you will not report the Trump lies. I don’t care about left or right, all I care about is results. Trump lied about the Carrier deal. He overstated the jobs not going to Mexico by over 25%, confirmed by both Fox News and Carrier. What about the Hillary prosecution? What about the 35% tariff?

    Instead of the left this, or the left that, how about writing about Trump results? Because you can’t, as so far it’s just been lies. Somehow, after the right bashing Obama like nobody before for 8 years, you think the left wing media should/ is now going to give Trump a mulligan???? That ain’t going to happen. They are just getting warmed up.

    Results Tom, that’s all that matters. Results.

  3. Trumpsters says:

    How about saving 1000 jobs at Carrier Corporation from going to Mexico.

    How about renegotiating Billion dollar F18 jet contracts for a lower price?

    How about keeping Ford from going to Mexico to build cars?

    Where’s Obama? Golfing in Hawaii for the 8th year in a row while the newly elected president is working 18 hours a day for the country. It’s as if Obama isn’t even President anymore and Trump was already inaugurated. Running the country from Mar Lago.

    What Boobs you #NeverTrumpers are. Blind to any reality.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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