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‘When Mitt Romney Came to Town’ Hit Piece Video Changed My Opinion of Romney – For the Better!

I have made no bones about the fact that I do not believe Mitt Romney is the best man the Republicans could put forth to replace Barack Obama. Romney is a New England Republican, which in my book makes him a Liberal. A RINO if you prefer. But a Big Government proponent with a strong tendency to grow the welfare state as evidenced by his left leaning record as Governor of Massachusetts. I had seen no evidence that Mitt Romney could come in as President and fix the massive spending and entitlement mentality that exists in Washington DC. It had been my considered opinion that he will only make things worse.

Until I saw this video.

And the attacks that Romney is now facing about his time leading the Venture Capitalist firm Bain Capital have interested me only in seeing Candidate Romney’s ability to deal with the barrage he would face from Obama should he win the Republican nomination. And so far, he is not doing all that well fending off the attacks. But I have never had a problem with his record at Bain.

We were told by Newt Gingrich (who is the candidate I would most like to see debate Obama, but not necessarily the nominee) that once we look closely at the individual stories that people will see a different Mitt Romney and that people would be shocked. So, Gingrich had a video produced called “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” that you can view here if you have 28 minutes and 6 seconds you don’t plan to use constructively. (Well, Newt didn’t actually have anything to do with the video, some super PAC friends obliged. Wink. Wink.)

What you should know about it is that it is an attempt to cast Romney as a horrible person that destroyed lives and got rich in the process. And you are supposed to hate Mitt from this day on for his evil ways.

But it actually had the opposite effect on me, something I am sure the producers did not intend.

Romney was not made CEO of the group to “create jobs” – something he really needs to stop saying. He was placed in that position for one reason – to make money. I assume he understood the job description and set out to do the best he could and make as much money as he possibly could. This is something that comes with the territory with the free market and Capitalism. People don’t invest money and start businesses to create jobs. They do it to make a profit. Jobs are a byproduct of a good investment by someone else.

And Mitt Romney was successful at making money for the investors.

Were some individuals hurt? Of course. But the truth is, they may have been hurt worse without the investment from Bain. Romney didn’t go into healthy, profitable companies and drain them dry. He looked for the unsuccessful businesses that were poorly run. Companies that could, with enough financial backing and proper management, turn things around. And this often involved making the tough decisions that the old management failed to make, like letting people go and trimming costs, benefits and salaries to match what the company was able to sustain. If you make a product that can only be sold at a certain price to be competitive, then you have to make the item for less than the selling price. If you can’t do that, then you will be headed to bankruptcy court. Sometimes you have a good company with a good idea that is poorly executed. And it is destined to fail under those conditions.

When a group of investors like Bain buys a company, they believe they can turn it around, make it profitable, and then sell it for a profit and use that money to buy another. Sort of like the A&E Show “Flip this House” but with companies. “Flip this Company” if you will.

Sometimes, on the show, they buy a house, put a small investment in it and sell it for a huge profit. But other times, hidden damage and other realities make the investment a bust, so you salvage what you can and move on.

The examples they gave in the video about Romney were some of the “busts”. And there were no success stories in this production. It is like watching “Flip this House” where every house had major termite damage and cost far more than the market value of the place to fix.

And the people they found to disparage Romney were very real, as was their pain. These people suffered and I can see where they might want someone to blame. And it looks bad when you see the tears and the shaky voices and pained expressions to hear Bain actually made money while these people were “fired”.

For anyone that has ever owned a business and has been forced to let someone go because the company could no longer afford to pay them, this is never an easy thing. But if, by doing so, others can keep their jobs, it is something you have to do. And Bain knew there would be winners and losers. And for every sad story in this video, there must be countless others that kept their jobs and still have them because Bain came in and righted the ship. From most accounts, they had about a 70% success rate on turning around companies that were ready to shut the doors without intervention.

And a couple of the companies used as examples were, for me, problematic. DDI was a high tech company that went under shortly after the Tech Bubble burst. I really have my doubts that Bain had anything to do with their demise. Thousands of companies – some were top rated companies a few years earlier – shut down. Or downsized so much that there was little left. And another example was Ampad who was involved in a prolonged labor union dispute and the union refused to accept the offers from the new management. This was likely more to do with unsustainable union demands than big, bad Bain. And when they were unable to turn things around in a way that would leave the company viable, they cashed out. That’s how it works!

But what has given me pause to reconsider Mitt Romney at this point is his ability to make the tough choices with these companies to return them to profitability – or at least a sustainable level – or scrap them altogether. It might sound heartless, but that is exactly the approach we need with the entitlement programs that are bankrupting this country.

Jobs are not created by the government. They are a byproduct of good management. Everything about this country is poorly managed and unsustainable. What America needs now more than anything is someone with the experience to come in, assess the spending and entitlements, and actually lead us to the point where we can again make a profit. But the goals are not as lofty with America. We are not interested in making a profit, simply in breaking even – as in balancing the budget.

As heartbreaking as the stories in this video were, it seems that these people would have had Romney do exactly what Washington DC has been doing for far too long – kicking the can down the road and not making the necessary fiscal decisions – no matter how hard – to get things right again. The unions would have been fine demanding Romney invest more money in a money losing venture with no path to even break even. America has been on the same path for decades.

My earlier assessment of Romney may have been incomplete. Mitt Romney might have exactly the type of experience making the tough calls and decisions that America needs right now.

I am glad I watched the video with an open mind. Despite my preconceived bias against Romney, I came away with a totally different take on a Romney presidency. I am not ready to “fall in line” for Romney, but I see a possibility here. He actually has the strong experience we are looking for, the question is, will he be smart enough and able enough to convince voters that his Bain experience should actually be considered a positive thing? So far, he has not been able to do that.

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