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Who is Jeb Bush?

In today’s modern political climate, a political candidate is not a candidate unto himself (unless he’s Donald Trump). He, or she, is a brand, a conglomerate of special interests looking to influence national policy. As has become obvious to all, politics is no longer about principle, integrity, liberty, or vision. So what is politics about? Politics, if I had to define it today, is the for profit peddling of political pull, sold to the highest bidders and to those with an already established record of political pull themselves.

Jeb Bush is a god among men when it comes to this particular game of thrones. Think of all the men and women that worked for Jeb Bush’s father and brother, looking to re-sink their claws back into the federal bureaucracy and legislature, where the real money is to be made. Think about all the lobbyists for foreign countries and companies who know exactly what to expect from another Bush-Family Presidency, comforted that the risk to reward ratio is certain to fall in their favor. Wall Street and K-Street, familiar with Jeb Bush’s inner-circle of political operatives can be certain that no administration would be friendlier and cheaper to their interests than the Presidency of Jeb Bush.

635715770840119202-215324984_2016-candidate-jeb-bushSo, when I ask, who is Jeb Bush? I am not asking for answers such as, a former Governor of Florida, or the brother of George W. Bush. When asking who a candidate is, we are asking specifically whom is invested in this particular candidates brand or company. The vast majority of Jeb Bush’s campaign dollars have been raised by a Super PAC Right to Rise. The Jeb Bush candidacy and Right to Rise are the same. Lee Fang of The Intercept has published a detailed documentation of who Right To Rise really represents; though it is important to remember that the vast majority of donors do not have to be published. The interests that follow are only the ones we know about.

Agents for foreign governments fall under special transparency rules, meaning several have already had to disclose their donations in filings with the Justice Department. Ignacio Sanchez, a former trade official for President George W. Bush, is a lobbyist for Saudi Arabia. Sanchez gave $5,000 to Right to Rise on February 17, the same day that George Salem, another lobbyist retained by the Saudi government to influence American policy, gave the group $10,000. A day later, former Sen. Don Nickles, R-Ok., now a lobbyist for Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea, among other clients, gave $5,000 to Right to Rise.

Glenn Youngkin, managing director of the Carlyle Group, the investment firm that owns Booz Allen Hamilton, gave $10,000, according to a disclosure statement posted on the company’s website. Because Carlyle manages pension fund money, the company faces special campaign finance requirements.

Although Bush has not named the donors giving to his PACs, certain donors, including state-level PACs, are obligated to disclose on a different schedule. These disclosures show that Florida politicians have dipped into their own campaign funds to support Right to Rise. The Florida Conservative Leadership Fund, associated with state Rep. Dana Young, R-Tampa, gave $5,000 to Bush’s Super PAC in February. Among other Florida PACs, Growing Florida’s Future chipped in $25,000, Liberty Florida gave $5,000, and the Treasure Coast PAC gave $1,000.

Right to Rise donors also include longtime Republican moneymen in Florida like Mel Sembler, a real estate tycoon who fundraised for Jeb’s father and brother, and is also known for bankrolling anti-marijuana advocacy.

Right to Rise events provide another way of identifying Super PAC donors — through their hosts. Right to Rise has held fundraisers, with some asking for as much as $100,000 at the door, at a breakneck speed. In New York, private equity heavyweights Lewis Eisenberg and Henry Kravis sponsored a fundraising dinner for Bush. In the Bay Area, venture capitalists Bill Oberndorf and Bill Draper have hosted Right to Rise events. At the Right to Rise’s luncheon in San Francisco in early April, we identified Ron Conway, an investor to Twitter and Facebook, making his way into the event.

A major fundraiser in Washington, D.C., was hosted in part by a number of corporate lobbyists, including Microsoft’s Ed Ingle and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Tom Collamore, according to an invitation. The Sunlight Foundation hosts an invaluable database of such invitations.

Now we are getting a better idea of who Jeb Bush really is; but the brilliance of the Bush Campaign isn’t merely its’ ability to raise money. The real genius is in how they’ve begun to spend it, purchasing your local Republican Party leaderships and bosses.

Filings from the Federal Election Commission already point to an aggressive attempt by Bush to share the wealth with influential Republican politicians, some of whom are likely being courted for campaign endorsements. FEC disclosures show that the Right to Rise PAC has given at least $5,000 each to PACs supporting Reps. David Young, R-Iowa, Frank Guinta, R-N.H., Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y, , John Katko, R-N.Y., Martha McSally, R-Ariz., Barbara Comstock, R-Va., Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., Crescent Hardy, R-Nev., and Mike Simpson, R-Idaho. In February, Politico reported that Right to Rise also gave $120,000 to various GOP state committees, including state party funds for early primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

The Jeb Bush campaign is funding the GOP State committees in early primary states. Brilliant! My recommendation to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul is that they should pull their resources and start buying off Republican politicians and party bosses in Virginia as soon as humanly possible if they want to stand a chance in this State. We already know these party officials are for sale – in fact, that is the dirty little secret about modern government that we refuse to acknowledge. All these politicians are for sale. That’s why they are in politics in the first place – to sell their political pull to the highest bidders.

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has already received $10,000 from Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise.

That’s why it doesn’t matter whether a Democrat or a Republican is serving you in Richmond or Washington D.C., unless they are one of a handful of men like Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie, they are in politics to get rich. The more power the federal government has, the more these politicians have to sell! I hope, Virginia, that you are getting wise to the games these politicians are playing. It is not an accident that in 2010 you sent a wave of Republicans to represent you, and nothing happened. Then again, in 2014, yet another wave of reinforcements to make damn sure the Republicans had the power to act – still NOTHING.

The one thing we average Americans haven’t done, is to recognize that voting for a politician doesn’t gain us their loyalty or respect. We have to buy them; and damnit, if that is what we have to do, then that is what we ought to start doing. The problem is, that we will never outspend Tom Collamore and the Chamber of Commerce. We’ll never outspend the lobbyists for the Saudi Princes. We’ll never outspend Wall Street and K-Street and Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.


Jeb Bush is only as principled and conservative as his donors. Plain and simple. End of story. If we let a small group of elites all across the world and across America, purchase, through the Jeb Bush Candidacy, the White House, we will have failed horribly. But failure in the face of the kind of odds we’re up against isn’t something to be ashamed of. The only question we can ask ourselves, is how hard are we willing to fight and how much of our own money are we willing to spend?

One of Bush’s most successful fundraisers to date was the event he attended in New York on Wednesday hosted by billionaire Henry Kravis, the founder and co-CEO of KKR & Co. LP, a global investment firm with roots in private equity. The suggested contribution was $100,000.

On the donation side of the ledger, the Bush’s PAC contributed $5,200 each to Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative David Young of Iowa; Senator Kelly Ayotte and Representative Frank Guinta of New Hampshire; and Senator Tim Scott and Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. The states, whose Republican parties also each received $10,000, traditionally hold the earliest presidential nominating contests.

The PAC also donated $5,200 to Representative Mia Love of  Utah, who recently became the first black female Republican ever elected to Congress; Representatives Barbara Comstock of Virginia and Elise Stefanik of New York, both of whom have ties to former President George W. Bush’s administration; and Representative Martha McSally, a freshman member from Arizona who Bush supported during the 2014 election. Bloomberg

The Jeb Bush purchase of Babrara Comstock isn’t going to sit well with the Virginia Grassroots.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

11 Responses to “Who is Jeb Bush?”

  1. Descendent of the Mayflower immigrants says:

    George Herbert Walker Bush gave us 8 years of Bill Clinton.

    George W. Bush gave us 8 years of Barack Obama.

    George Bush also left America bankrupt from 2 unfunded wars for Oil that we didn’t need but it funded terrorism, No Child left behind, Medicare Part D unfunded, a near depression with Goldman Sachs Treasurer Hank Paulson asleep at the helm, The Patriot Act, Enough Wounded warriors to bankrupt the VA, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, an open border with Mexico and their drugs and crime and

    We aren’t stupid enough to vote for a Third Bush presidency.

    The grandfather Prescott Bush helped the Nazis in WW II- look it up.

  2. Patriot says:

    Prescott Bush indeed helped the Nazis in WWII— Jeb\’s fortune is dirty money. Industrial War Complex Tycoon doesn\’t begin to describe the grandfather.

  3. Hates the Bush Oligarchy says:

    Hey Barbara Comstock:

    Watch this YouTube Video: The Bushs funded the Nazi’s and your PAC money is dirty Auschwitz Money-

  4. Steven Brodie Tucker

    I’m really not looking into digging into Bush family history, but focusing on Bush money in Virginia.

  5. Glenda M. says:

    Does anybody in Richmond VA know any history other than Civil War history? just asking.

    I think the point the commenters were making is that Jeb inherited his fortune from his grandfather’s wealth derived from investment banking and investments made for Nazi Germany and Hitler. It’s undeniable. Prescott Bush made his fortune investing and laundering money for Nazi Germany.

    Barbara Comstock taking Jeb’s money is too rich. Literally.

    If people would only look at history and the Industrial War Complex patterns of this family, they would run screaming into the arms of Rand Paul. – Your guy. It’s all connected to winning.

  6. History Teacher says:

    Richmond Virginia is “Gone with the Wind on Meclazine.”
    Just walk down Monument Ave.
    or go to the Museum when the flaggers are out of their cages.

  7. Pharmacist says:


    it is spelled “Meclizine”
    Too funny though.

    You nailed it.

  8. SandyToes says:

    Focusing on the issues brought up in the article, follow the money and call out your representative when they receive donations from this and other similar organizations. Are they beholden to these organizations or their constituents? I think we learned a valuable lesson with the reign of Eric Cantor. Let’s not let the guard down.

  9. Robert Shannon

    It is over at the national/federal level. Nothing at this point we do can change that, too far gone. The donor class and oligarchs . We collectively allowed the sovereignty of the U.S to be sold for the making of some money. The sooner we come to terms with that the better, since we can then begin building the reforms that will come after the tent collapses, and no one with a basic understanding of math can any longer point to a credible way out, specifically the financial component. In just a decade we will be lucky to pay for entitlements and the interest on the debt. Politicians lie, the math doesn’t.

    I told one of our patriot friends Monday if we are to begin with some credible organized effort we must rein in our ambitions to what is “possible”, what can we accomplish. We have mastered chronicling the litany of outrages, yet after 6 years of hard back breaking work what have we accomplished ? Not much. The Ruling Class, through the ocean of money continues to rein over the country class. I suggested to my friend we pick 1-2 issues and focus razor like focus on getting those 1-2 things done. They could be local or State issues.

    I personally advocate for Referendum Reform , needing to understand how much good could be accomplished if this 1 issue could be pushed through the G.A

    From term limits to caps on local spending , caps on real estate tax increases, placing more control in the hands of citizens.

    Until then we just burn ourselves out on what my dear friend Sarge calls ” outrage fatigue”.

    Bob Shannon

  10. Heritage Sentinel says:

    Congressman Brat told a group of Heritage Foundation Sentinels Monday in Richmond there is only “One Party in Washington.”

    Meaning: All votes are tied to the money ( PACs and Donors). Keep printing the money and raise the debt ceiling again. $18 trillion dollar debt? Who cares. We can keep borrowing and printing to keep the house of cards standing.

    People who vote R because they think there is a two party system are clueless.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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