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Why Our Government Always Wins

There is an insidious relationship between the insanity and greed of our nations powerful rulers and the insanity and need of our nations lowest cultural class. Power is the ability to do work, to set agendas and to see them accomplished. The agenda’s of our idealistic rulers, of their greedy and anti-capitalist corporate sponsors, and the agenda’s of our nations’ dependent, unproductive, lower class, meld together to form a broad system of corruption which feeds upon one specific group of victims and serves only the corrupt. Their ability (their power) to sustain the system requires a victim – and what is worse – it requires a willing victim.

Within the psychological fabric of the productive, independent, self-reliant citizen, is a powerful disinclination toward meddling in the lives and affairs of others. Their every day is a day predicated upon work, intended to produce wealth, intended to secure prosperity and liberty for themselves and for those they choose to care for (their family, church, community, and, yes, the poor). This sort of citizen makes up the majority of Americans living and working in our country. They are not interested in governing others, in setting agendas for others, in taking anything from others, in serving those outside of their chosen spheres of influence. This is what makes them great! This is also what makes them victims.

In Western Civilization, our government is intended to possess a monopoly on the use of force, for the purpose of punishing acts of force, fraud, and theft. This monopoly on force was intended to be an instrument of justice and peace, for the preservation of a civil society. Yet, when these Western Governments began to pass law after law, regulation after regulation, conditions, stipulations, requirements, fines, fees, and taxes, the reach of our governments monopoly on the use force quickly and quietly reached into our lives, into our homes, and into our places of business.

These laws, regulations, conditions, stipulations, requirements, fines, fees, and taxes require bureaucrats and officials, offices, vehicles, paper, fuel, and salaries etc. This government overreach costs a great deal of money. Who pays? Well, certainly it shall not be the masterminds behind the agendas, nor the unproductive and uneducated (pawns used to give muscle to our rulers). No, the people chosen to pay for these agendas they do not want, the laws they do not require, the regulations that harm their interests, instead of helping, and the costs they would gladly cut if they could, are the productive, independent, and self-reliant citizens.

Alas, the self-reliant class, lacking the stomach for controlling and meddling in the affairs of others, simply puts up with each new infringement – adapts to them as to any natural obstacle, and attempts to thrive and prosper anyway. Year after year, our most important and valuable citizens pay for their own torment and torture. They pay for a government that punishes them, that makes their lives harder, that forces them to work more, to invest more, in order to achieve their individual goals. Yes, they may complain, but they never interfere. They never come together to defend themselves. Coming together is not in their nature.

It is only in the nature of the corrupt, to gather together in mobs in order to assert their muscle and will – to inflict agendas upon those who do not support them. The self-reliant individual intends to manipulate no one, and therefore does not require a mob around him. He does not intend to take and therefore does not require fellow thieves. He does not intend to force, and so does not surround himself with fighters. He is self-reliant. He doesn’t need mobs. He abhors them.

Sadly, I must say, this psychology is a sickness. It is the mindset of men willing to shackle themselves, with shackles they purchased, and accept being forced to spend vast portions of their lives in the service of interests that do not interest them! And so, the majority is cowed into submission, into continuing to work harder and harder, for less and less prosperity and surrounded by less and less freedom. They just do what it is they do, according to their own code, frustrated, but helpless to defend themselves against the power of mobs and rulers and parasites; that is, those human beings a moral man simply cannot empathize with or understand. The consequence is a form of self slavery and suffering, but it depends upon the consent of the victims.

You pay the politicians who pass the laws which harm your pay. You pay the regulators and bureaucrats that hassle you. You pay for every liberty you give up. You are the ones who make it possible. You are the ones who pay for the lives of the corrupt. You are the ones who make corruption possible.

We have two choices – each requiring us to act outside of our own sense of reality and character. We can form a mob of our own, take our government back, and reduce it to something which would perform only the duties required of it by our Constitution. Or, we can stop working – at least, stop working in jobs that produce the wealth which fund the government which deprive us of our property and liberty. There is no third option. Every other option ends with the politicians and parasites, and every creepy crawly thing that squirms around them, taking your wealth to pay for their corruption and injustice. Yet, these two choices are the very choices which productive, self-reliant people seem incapable of doing – and if so, there is no way out. There is no hope.

About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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