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Why You Should Be Ashamed of Your Morals

Every person arrogant enough to hold morals shares the same intellectually dishonest position and are therefore a significant threat to society. What do they have in common? In order to hold moral beliefs a person must first accept that there is an objective difference between right and wrong. Understandably then, society has an obligation to ensure that the government counters these egoist philosophies and principles, by demanding that all behavior is treated equally and protected by the law. The worse our society sees a particular behavior, the more our government MUST ensure that these behaviors are protected, subsidized, and spoken up for. This is the formula for positive societal change.



Now that I’ve taken a scolding hot shower and shaken off the dirt of egalitarian nihilism, I can continue

Many people are wondering why we are celebrating gay marriage and transgendering, abortion, poverty and rioting. The reason we are being encouraged to celebrate these things, is because if Man can be convinced to accept these, they can be forced to accept just about anything the government tells them to accept. If the populace is allowed to have moral codes that differ from the sovereign state, then the state cannot truly rule the most important environment of a society – that environment being the mind of Man. The State must take contrary positions to the public, use their power to discourage the populace, and institute themselves as the primary source for all beliefs referencing right and wrong.

If the study of philosophy has taught me anything, it is that reality is an absolute, unwavering, and unforgiving thing. Reality does not change just because we wish it would and the unintended consequences of our trying to change it are often painful, caustic disasters accumulating obscene levels of pain, suffering, and death.

I know many of you hold different morals than I do, but I am not threatened by this fact. If you are at least trying to acquire your morality through your experience of reality, I do not fear that your beliefs will contradict too terribly with my own.

Do not give The State control over your heart and mind. For those who do, it is their final surrender and the death of liberty in their lives.




About Steven Brodie Tucker

Graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Also studied economics and political science at George Mason.

6 Responses to “Why You Should Be Ashamed of Your Morals”

  1. Gary Porter

    Nicely said. However, both Left and Right seem to now agree that government can rightfully impose a moral code on the population. The Left used to deny this should be so (“You can’t legislate morality”), while the Right recognized it as a necessity (“All law is an expression of morality”). Now that Left has embraced, with a slobbering wet kiss, the idea of imposing morality (“You must bake that cake”) the race is on to see who will control the government which will do the imposing. The Left is winning.

    • They are, and as a Libertarian, I reject the idea that anyone has the right to impose their morality on the people. See, reality, as I said is unforgiving, and a bad moral code will inevitably cause a great deal of suffering to the person that holds it. America is supposed to be the land where we are allowed to live according to our own moral code, so long as we do not inflict force or fraud against others in the pursuit of that code. We’ve lost this integrity in our thinking, as of late, and yes, both sides of aisle aspire to the thrown of sovereign, over God and Man.

      • Gary Porter

        As I said, all law is a reflection of morality; every law recognizes a “right” and “wrong” state of action. The question then becomes whose morality will undergird the law: God’s immutable morality or man’s transitory morality. Living “according to our own moral code” sounds nice, but what if my self-derived moral code conflicts with a pesky “law” someone got passed? What prevails, my self-derived moral code or society’s laws?

        Right now we have a very confused situation: some laws are based on God’s moral code (ex: sanctions against murder) and other laws are based on completely arbitrary and capricious decisions of man (ex: many zoning laws)

        In a state of nature would I have the moral authority to tell you how high you can build a fence around your property? Certainly not. Yet we don’t seem to blink when county governments, who theoretically derive all their power from the people, enforce under the color of “law” actions that we individually could never insist upon.

        What a confused mess we are in.

  2. Suzy says:

    Who says which morals are correct? I say my own are.

    I support rights of all people. That includes the right to be: married if gay, transgender, decide your own reproductive fate, etc.

    It is the right who, repeatedly, states that only their morals are correct. That we must all be Christians and agree with that dogma.

  3. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Redefining marriage isn’t a right. Killing babies isn’t a right. Free sex changes aren’t a right. I don’t care what you do, so long as you don’t use force, fraud, or The State to do it.

  4. Kenneth Hawk says:

    God’s law = Natural law

    Natural law is what The Declaration of Independence & the U.S. Constitution are based on.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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