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I was ambling through the Richmond Times-Dispatch not looking for anything in particular when I discovered this headline:  CITIES ACT TOGETHER TO ATTACK CLIMATE CHANGE under a heading of “Global collaboration”.   It is exactly what I feared:  The leading major cities of the world, most notably New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, were agreeing to work together to accomplish what they would call meaningful climate change action.  The large cities, confederated into a organization called c40, just agreed to terms with the Clinton Climate Initiative Cities Program (Clinton is not a misprint – former President Bill Clinton helped start this foundation) to provide staff and support top their efforts to fight so-called climate change.  Even the World Bank President was there (no, not Hillary Clinton but the present incumbent, Robert Zoellick) to state that he was ready to directly deal with cities to fight climate change.

And not to be outdone, Bloomberg signed an agreement with my favorite organization, ICLEI!  The article reports that there will now be a baseline measurement for emissions controls that will enable all the ICLEI members to access the World Bank funds.  Isn’t that great?  Now the American taxpayer will bail out what few ICLEI members are left (Seven or eight are already gone thanks to dedicated patriots and sovereignty activists like the readers of this blog!) and the money will surely be used to “influence” other cities and towns to enforce liberty and property rights killing ideas within the United States of America.

There’s only one small problem with all this:  It’s patently unconstitutional.  Cities and towns in the USA are simply not allowed to engage in foreign policy goals or confederate with foreign municipalities or the World Bank, or UN “partners” like ICLEI.  Article I, Section 10 is clear:

“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation…”

That means the mayor of New York City, too!  (The other cities in USA who are members of this craziness include Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia!)  The meeting is not just a junket for big city mayors; they agreed to:

Key Points/Elements
During the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development, we ask for the following considerations:
• Megacities must be recognized as having an increasingly important voice in the global climate and sustainable development debate;
• National governments and international treaties should empower the leadership of their cities, to have the authority to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote green industry development;
• Cities must be resourced to drive delivery on national and international targets, including:
o Opportunities via Multilateral Development Banks to finance measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and urban sustainable development;
o Development of an effective agenda with well-defined goals to support city action plans to combat climate change and promote urban green growth.

• C40 looks forward to future collaboration with the Rio+20 CSD organizers, including planning and delivering an official side-event to highlight the critical role that cities must play in the global climate protection conversation;
• C40 should be recognized as an official voice of the world’s megacities that are committed to real, measurable climate action.

This little gem is from the C40 fact sheet:

Goals and Objectives:

2.  Bring the world’s megacities together in meaningful exchanges to speed up the global adoption of climate policies and programs that have been demonstrated to work in one or more member cities.

How about this statement from ICLEI from the website yet another UN agency called UNFCCC (United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change):

ICLEI has Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council and
coordinates local government representation in several UN processes related to
Agenda 21 and the Habitat Agenda. ICLEI is the only local government network with
observer status at all three Rio Conventions (UNFCCC-climate change, UNCCDdesertification,
UNCBD-biodiversity) as well as being an observer to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
9. ICLEI was accredited at the UNFCCC Secretariat as an observer organization in 1995
and has been the focal point for Local Governments and Municipal Authorities
Constituency (LGMA) ever since. In parallel to the conferences of the Parties, ICLEI
hosted Municipal Leaders Summits on Climate Change in 1995, 1997 and 2005 and,
organized Local Government Climate Sessions in 2007 and 2008, and a Local
Government Climate Lounge in 2009. Throughout these processes, ICLEI attracted
thousands of local government delegations to the COP sessions, contributed to
negotiations through submissions and interventions and facilitated effective
involvement of the LGMA Constituency. The Constituency steadily increased to a
membership of 14 active organizations as of 2010. ICLEI is also the first local
government network to partner with the Nairobi Work Programme of the UNFCCC on
impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change.

Cities and towns in the USA simply cannot constitutionally be a member of any organization that will speak for those members before UN agencies!  It’s time for our brave and courageous Attorney General Cuccinelli to investigate this ICLEI and related organizations and agreements and issue the needed order:  Virginia cities, towns and counties CANNOT be a part of this!  Richmond should GET OUT of ICLEI!

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